Storage in the city



Living in the city, like many things in life, can be exciting and stressful at the same time. It’s great to be near cool restaurants and to have a night life but what if you’ve had to compromise on the amount of living space you have.
If you need to combat the clutter to make the most of your space, try Safestore’s amazing Five Box Technique to ensure that you’re only organising and keeping the items that you actually need.
If your style is more cool, trendy and minimalist, you can retain that look and feel without things looking cramped and awkward.
Check out these storage ideas to free up the space in your home.

High heels indeed
Well who doesn’t need high heels… and lots of them! This simple idea uses curtain rods mounted to the wall to act as a shoe rack, plus you can show off all your lovely shoes too!

Photo Booth Birthday Party for 11 years old girl


Last friday I made a birthday party for my 11 years old daughter, the party theme was photo booth and the color scheme were pink and yellow.

I made a pink and yellow backdrop from a crepe streamers that I bought in Target and add  pink and yellow balloons to it.

The kids took pictures of themselves using  Fuji instax mini camera adding props and accessories each picture.  After they had the picture they put it inside a fuji instax mini photo albums while at the end , they all had a cute mini album with party memories to take home.

Importance of a Good Floor


The importance of a good floor cannot be emphasized enough. Whether looking at home flooring or options for your office, it’s important to select floors that offer the most benefits for the space. Let’s go over what to consider when purchasing new flooring:


How easy is your flooring option to clean? Will it take lots of expensive products, not to mention time out of your day, to make it “like new” again? Think about how much time you want to devote to cleaning floors and go from there–for example, hardwood flooring is simple and easy to clean in addition to looking gorgeous.