a new twist on gift Ideas for teens


What do you get for a 12 years old who has everything ? How about art as a gift? My daughter is in that age and I already had enough from getting her or her friends: gift cards, fashion accessories, books or clothes as a gifts. I wanted to find something more creative and inspiring, which is why I was so pleased to stumble upon where one can  find a great selection of art at an affordable price. The art comes with or without frames ( we all know that custom frames are very expensive) and can fit in every room for every age.

Minted’s collection includes gorgeous original works of art, personalized foil-pressed designs, unique photo gifts and even fabrics, all sourced from their global community of independent artists.

I love how Minted curates design genius from all over the world through ongoing design competitions in which the Minted community votes on what to sell. Minted is sharing a portion of every art purchase with the artist who created the piece.

So the next time you find yourself challenged with what to get your teenage child or his friends, give Minted a try, you will be glad you did.


Prahran Townhouse by Doherty Design Studio


This cute two-storey single-fronted townhouse in Prahran, Melbourne, has been designed by  Doherty Design Studio.  Doherty Design have successfully re-configured the interior to bring the courtyard into the new decade while also incorporating new furnishings and artwork to modernise the home.
Re-orientatating the kitchen, revamping the bathrooms and adding a new staircase were the main priorities for the owners. With the internal courtyard providing natural light to the kitchen and meal area while also creating an outlook for the first floor bedrooms, it was important that the courtyard compliment the interior scheme as well as provide an enticing slice of outdoor living in the built up urban landscape.

SOLVINDEN – No Cords or Plugs Floor Lamps by IKEA


Those cute apple and pear lamps with no cords or plugs are made by Ikea. Helps you save energy and reduce your environmental impact because it is powered by a solar panel that converts sunlight into electricity.
Includes 1 rechargeable battery (AA 1.2V) that stores energy from the sun. The battery can be replaced and last about 2 years.
Position the solar panel for maximum exposure to sunlight.
Recharging time is 9-12 hours in sunlight, but over 12 hours on a cloudy day.
When the battery is fully charged, the product will give full light for approx. 12 hours – so cool!

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Feng Shui by Pun Yin


To celebrate the Chinese new year (year of the sheep) we invited Feng Shui master Pun Yin to talk to ChicTip about authentic Feng Shui

1. What make a good feng shui house?
There are many criteria to consider a home good Feng Shui. The most important thing is sunlight, it should be able to penetrate into the home to release the (mental, emotional & energetic) stress of the occupant(s). The sunny spot should be in the gathering place like the family/living room area as well as the master bedroom.

The home should be decorated with the Five Elements representations through colors, themes & material that the energy flow of the home & the occupants calls for.

Dreamy Double-Sink Bathroom Vanities


One of the most simple ways to update any bathroom is to install a new vanity. Many times the old ones need to be ripped out, but the installation process for a new vanity can be both quick and economical as a package deal. Many luxury bathroom and kitchen design home stores offer a plethora of designs, models and varieties. Double-sink styles are hands-down the most ideal, especially for master bathrooms. Most of these outlets offer both showrooms and easy online shopping, such as Decor Planet.

The true beauty of installing a new vanity is that it’s offered in a pretty, one-stop-shop package. Choose from vanity cabinets, marble countertops, porcelain sink styles, mirrors and faucet design to round out your sophisticated selection. Whether your personal preference is clean-lined classic or more contemporary, these luxe double-sink vanity additions are a perfect match for your modern home interiors.