Essentials For Creating A Modern Office In The Living Room


Whether it’s beside an elegant bookshelf or set in the corner of the living room, the home office is a place where ideas come to fruition–if the décor is done right.
According to a report published by World at Work, there are above 33 million individuals (employees, small business owners and contractors) in the United States who spend a portion of their time operating professionally from home. With that number, why wouldn’t you want to set up a home office conforming to your style?
There’s no need to have a spare room or a huge master bedroom to accommodate a workspace, as a brilliant home office can be set up right in your living room. Here are the top décor ideas for creating a modern home office utilizing this space:
Space colors
It is a good idea to select bright colors. The living room ceiling, floor and wall that creates a strong contrast with décor accessories can energize the space; cheerful office designs can help you work longer. Contrasting color shades are the key to create a dynamic office design.
If you want to use the room for in-person discussions and meetings, use cool colors for decorating the space. The contrast should include softer background colors as they simulate creativity, and the combination of soft and cool shades will be ideal for modern office decorating.
Window treatment
Treating living room windows is an opportunity to revamp an old living space and enhance the appeal of the room, while creating space for natural light to hit the workplace. Window blinds also give control over the amount of light; you can choose from styles such as modern, Asian, industrial, craftsman and tropical.
Window blinds can be shut at night or after working hours. For the living room, the recommended option is the long drapes that come from floor-to-the-ceiling. This is because they can be customized with contemporary hues to create a modern appearance, and they also offer a sophisticated feel (which would work in your favor when clients visit).
Office essentials
Piano lights, desk lamps and other lighting accessories will define your modern office. In the case of piano lamps, they can be used as a general purpose desk lamp, a night light, a reading lamp, or a piano lamp. Also, they can be adjusted to the desired height and are portable, so they offer a better option for the home office than traditional desk and wall-fitted lights.
Other essentials will include letter openers, journals, and paper weights to enhance the appeal. You can also incorporate a particular theme, such as use portal bookends to create a research work environment. Also, don’t shy away from bringing out the fun side through accessories like Doctor Who business card holders.
Use the walls
Remember, you’re going to be creating notes, jotting down ideas and making reminders in the office, so perhaps you can use the whiteboard paper paint for the walls. Use regular white as it will make it easy to erase and write.
Another thing you can do is use photo pin-ups, or heavy duty clips and a sting line for organization. Avoid modern furnishing and go with a vintage option, as it is suitable for open spaces.

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Carroll Garden Whimsy, Brooklyn by CWB Architects


Carroll Garden is one of my favourite neighbourhood in Brooklyn, every time that I find a house renovated over there I must share it with you guys, this time its CWB Architects that did a fabulous job.

From the architects site:

“This building, like many of the same era, required a complete reconstruction of the floor framing and rear wall. Currently not landmarked, the Carroll Gardens neighborhood granted some freedom when designing the new rear facade. It was a must that the kitchen connect directly to the new lush and active garden (one of the owners is a trained chef), so the design takes full advantage of the southern exposure with maximized glazing.

1000 POSES BY COCO ROCHA at the Milk Gallery NYC


Don’t miss this fabulous exhibit at the Milk Gallery in NYC, running now through December 21.

From the gallery site:

“Study of Pose is an innovative exploration of photography, time, light and the human form. Shot exclusively on a photographic apparatus known as “The Rig,” a silver, geodesic dome structure conceived and created by photographer/artist Steven Sebring that contains 100 synchronized cameras that shoot in predetermined sequences, allowing Sebring to capture form and movement from numerous perspectives simultaneously. The equipment is designed to capture the entire silhouette and dynamism of the subject from every imaginable angle—offering the capacity capture a moment in time, which results in being able to present numerous forms of media, including photography, film, interactive apps and sculpture. This inventive work emerged into an immersive inspirational and educational reference tool. All images contained in Study of Pose were instantly captured from 100 angles, ultimately making the digital archive of this study over 100,000 images in total. Offered in a 2,032-page compendium, the hardcover version is honored with a foreword by iconic designer John Paul Gaultier, while the digital version offers an unprecedented three-dimensional interactive experience that allows the viewers to investigate and manipulate the images using the Study of Poseapp. Study of Pose celebrates human expression as exemplified by the incomparable model and muse, Coco Rocha. The 1,000 diverse poses are inspired by everything from Botticelli’s Venus to Michael Jackson. Pulling references from art history, film, dance, fashion and beyond, Sebring’s images luminously capture Coco Rocha’s myriad of subtle poses, by turns theatrical, elegant, athletic and otherworldly. The result is a gorgeous, in-depth exploration of the movement and flexibility of the human body and how it has inspired the world’s greatest art for thousands of years”. It and They Will Come


What began 13 years ago by one of the founders as a class project called, has today become one of the top DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and home improvement online stores. While almost everyone and their brother claims their site to be user-friendly and informative, we at Chic Tip think–ahem–nails it! Here’s why:

1. Products, Products and More Products. With about 700,000 top-notch bath, kitchen, lighting, fan, hardware, appliance, heating and cooling, tools, outdoor and flooring products, the opportunities to renovate, refurbish and re-do are pretty much endless.

2. Specialists. So you’re deciding between a keyless entry system but do you go touch-screen or basic keypad, something with a keyless remote even? Fear not, one of’s 155 product specialists is on-call to help you right then and there. Initiate a chat with any of their friendly–not to mention, patient–specialists and you’ll be on your way in no time. Another fun facet of their site, you can actually click to view an expert profile and you’ll be able to reach him or her on the phone with a direct extension or email. Talk about personalized service!

3. Watch and Learn. So you spoke to the expert, found the product you need, bought it and now it’s time for installation. Don’t sweat it. not only provides informative PDF downloads with step-by-step instructions but they take it to the next level with easy-to-follow videos. It’s kind of like having HGTV on-demand–what could be better?

4. Get Rewarded. So how many e-commerce sites which deal with building/home improvement products actually have a rewards program….yeah, we know., however, not only has a comprehensive rewards system based on purchase amounts but also gives you points for referrals. Levels include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond (invite-only) and features perks like discount codes, members-only savings, exclusive access to special sales, anniversary gifts and even your own dedicated “customer success manager.”

5. Inspiration. So it’s 2014 and of course, everyone and everything is online. has gone ahead and created a spectacular e-catalog for customers to page through to get ideas and inspirations. The catalogs are beautifully-designed and take on the feel of an upscale design magazine which we think is just plain fabulous.

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Fulham Townhouse, London by Juliette Byrne


This colorful eclectic townhouse was designed in 2012 by Juliette Byrne. It’s located in Fulham an up and coming neighbourhood in southwest London, United Kingdom.

V House by Pazgersh Architecture + Design


This time I picked a house located in the historical preserved neighbourhoods of  Tel Aviv, Israel. The V house design concept was modern mediterranean house with historical preserved wall. Between the wall to the house is a patio that act as an outdoor foyer. On the ground floor their is an open plan between the patio and the outdoor garden and the swimming pool is set in the garden courtyard.

My Favourite Menorahs


Chic designer Jonathan Adler created this delightful menorah. Consisting of a happy family of nine modular pieces, each piece is reversible with a hipster on one side and an older character on the other. If you look closely, you will see a Jewish star necklace around the women! The shamash is slightly elevated.

Black Modern Menorah by Ariel Zukerman.

The Hanuka 21 menorah from EightDays Design is an active octahedron, symbolizing the interactive and celebratory qualities of Hanukkah. With each new day of the holiday, the menorah must be turned to a new side, rendering it an active and dynamic object. Each of the eight sides has a corresponding number of Hanukkah candle holders for each of the eight nights of the holiday

Celebrate Hanukkah with this playful Elephant Menorah by designer Jonathan Adler.

In honor of its centennial, The Jewish Museum commissioned world-renowned designer Karim Rashid to design this unique menorah. Created in his signature colors, forms and materials, this bold statement brings a contemporary look to a traditional ritual object. It is a fitting celebration of Hanukkah for the 21st century. The menorah includes 45 coordinating Hanukkah candles, as well as removable metal candle inserts for easy cleaning. The menorah is also available in orange and blue. (the green menorah)
The Tangram Menorah is a playful, modular menorah for Hanukkah. Nine menorah pieces can be configured into any shape you can imagine. Or, try to put the puzzle back together into the included tray. The square piece is designed slightly taller to be used as the shamash. Raised brass candle cups hold traditional sized Hanukkah candles. Each Tangram Menorah is handmade by Studio Armadillo in Israel.

Cork Menorah.

All those beautiful menorahs and much more you can buy on the Jewish Museum store.