Townhouse in Landskrona, Sweden by Elding Oscarson


Swedish architects Elding Oscarson have designed a townhouse in Landskrona, Sweden.

The narrow site is sandwiched between very old neighboring buildings in Landskrona, Sweden. Since mid 20th century it has been empty, waiting behind a wooden fence. It is only 5 meters wide with a tiny area of 75 square meters. Immediately adjacent buildings are low, but the street is lined with buildings of various height, size, facade material, age, and approach. Behind the row of buildings is a colorful world of back yards, brick walls, sheds, and vegetation. We find this small-scale, motely, naturally worn place extremely beautiful.

Inverted Warehouse to Townhouse by Dean-Wolf Architects



Dean Wolf Architects combine new construction with an old building structure to design a magnificent townhouse in the heart of Tribeca, New York City.

“The Inverted Warehouse/Townhouse is an addition and renovation of a Tribeca loft building. The existing structure, a traditional New York warehouse covers the entire lot, consuming the exterior space traditional in domestic construction. Inverting the conventional townhouse organization recovers this coveted ground. Dissipating energy into the dark center of this converted warehouse, three double story voids animate the missing “garden” of the townhouse providing light, air, and visual contemplation.

Greenwich Village Townhouse by Melander Architects


This beautiful townhouse in Greenwich Village New York City designed by Melander Architects.

From the architect site:

“A long-standing client hired Melander Architects to remodel his landmark 1852 Greenwich Village townhouse. The once gracious home had been subdivided into rental units and had fallen into disrepair over the past fifty years. The client wished to restore the building to a single family home with a ground-level flat.