Canal House in the Netherlands by KEMPE&

Located in Haarlem, The Netherlands, the canal home was originally built a century ago, and was refurbished with a contemporary interior by Dutch company KEMPE&.

“In the old city center of Haarlem (The Netherlands) lies this more than 100 year old canal house with picturesque courtyard which has a view of a 200 year old church tower.
Homes in The Netherlands have limited surface measurements, and for that reason the challenges of the interior design lie in the optimal use of the spaces, together with an as much as possible spatial perception.

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Posted by Michelle Lesser at 23 April, 2014

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IKEA Brings the Circus

If your child is eager to be a Cirque du Soleil performer or just likes to play a circus time at home, don’t worry now you can find all of this in Ikea….. yes the big yellow/ blue store with the affordable furniture collection.

The new play collection, including a swing, juggling set and gym matt builds on the skills and flair of the circus to inspire children to play, move and be more active while at home. Specially designed as a collaboration between Children’s IKEA and the Swedish contemporary circus company Cirkus Cirkor, the play collection is custom-made to make it exciting and engaging for kids to practice skills like balance, collaboration, concentration, social interaction and coordination.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 23 April, 2014

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MCE Lamps by Note Design Studio for Per/Use

Stockholm-based Note Design Studio created the MCE Lamps for Belgian design brand Per/Use.

The design of the wooden frame was inspired by the mathematical illustrations and optical illusions by M.C.Escher, Oscar Reuterswärd and their likes, hence the name MCE Lamp.

Of course this “impossible” frame is nothing but possible and it’s sturdy construction allows the big glass bowl to rest safely. The glass bowl is blown in three different sizes as the frame and the generous bowl elegantly hides the light source. Depending on how you lean or tilt the bowl you can direct the light like a soft spotlight.

The lamp was launched during Salone del Mobile 2014 by the Belgian design brand PER/USE at the Per/Use own exhibition Brera Design District in Via Dell’Orso 12.

The MCE lamp was originally designed as a one-off piece for the Glass Elephant exhibition during Stockholm Design Week.

The exhibition was a collaboration between Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and ABB.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 22 April, 2014

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SingTel Contact Centre by ONG&ONG

ONG&ONG have designed the interior of the SingTel Contact Centre in Singapore.
The project brief was to upgrade SingTel’s existing contact centre. For this project, the idea was to create a balanced workplace where excellent customer service could be delivered whilst also ensuring the wellbeing of SingTel’s employees. Given the challenging nature of work at SingTel, it was only natural to include areas for relaxation and recreation within the workplace itself. With this in mind, huddle areas were included in the design to serve as places for effective collaboration as well as spaces where employees can unwind and reenergize.

A common walkway was created to serve as a ‘road’ that would link the different spaces within the contact centre. This road brings employees and visitors alike on a journey where they can experience the various themed huddle areas, which were inspired by the fact that SingTel is an indispensable part of everyone’s life, whether they are at home, in the office, working out at the gym, or spending time outdoors. The huddle areas serve as places of interaction and collaboration as well as venues where everyone can gather together to conduct special events.

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Posted by Michelle Lesser at 22 April, 2014

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Join Silicon Placemats by Finell

Want to dress up your table with cool geometrical architectural details? Join by Austin-based  studio Finell is the right thing for you! 3D placemats seamlessly align to create a table runner. silicone material is easy to clean and heat resistant for use as a trivet. Too bad they are on the pricey side – $110 for a set of two.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 21 April, 2014

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How to Hang Curtains in Your Home

Curtains–we all have them and we’ve all had to hang some in our lifetimes. Question is, are we doing it right? Below are some tips, courtesy of, that can help make your next curtain-hanging a one-time project, with no need for those frustrating do-overs.

Getting the Right Size

The first thing you need to do is to make sure the curtains are the right size, and that means width and length. Depending on the type of curtain rod and curtains you’re using, you’ll want to be sure that the inward-facing curtains both cover the window and other curtains in case you have more than one layer.

To get an idea of the length you’ll need, measure from where the curtain rod will be to the base of the window. Although it ulitmately depends on the type of curtains you’re using, you’ll want to add about four to six inches of length past the base of the window so your curtain hem won’t be visible from outside.

Installing the Rod

First, you’ll need to choose the rod type you like best. Whether you like the flexiblility of using tension rods or the elegance of installed return or classic-style rods, choose what fits you best, as you’ll be seeing them day in and day out.

If you opt for a tension rod, you’ll only need a tape measure, pencils, eraser, and a level. If you go for a more permanent option like return or classic, then you’ll need the same three things in addition to screws (or drywall plugs, anchors, etc.) and a drill.

When installing a return-style rod, you’ll want to place the rod two to four inches above the frame of the window, leaving enough length at the bottom of the valance to cover the top of the window frame.

With classic-style rods, anywhere from four inches above the window header to 6 inches from the ceiling of the room. And with tension rods, you’ll want the rod to be slightly above the middle of the window, covering where the window panes come together.

When installing your brackets for a tension-style rod, make sure to mark two inches above the middle of the frame on one side. Then, use a level to mark the other side at the same height as the first, and set the rod at the height of your two marks.

For return and classic-style rods, mark your bracket height on both sides of the window. Check the lines with your level and set a bracket on each line, marking the holes with pencil as you go. Use your drill to attach the brackets to the wall. If your window is over five feet wide, you can just repeat the process in the center of the window, adding a bracket there.

Hanging and Hemming Your Curtains

Insert the rod through the holes or pockets in your curtains and hang it on the brackets. As for hemming, none is needed for curtains on return or classic-style curtain rods. With café style curtains on a tension rod, hem the bottom four to six inches of curtain; the hem should be below the sill, not viewable from outside.

Feeling any better about your curtain-hanging knowledge? Give these tips a try and see how much easier they can make your next curtain-hanging project.







Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 21 April, 2014

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Cake in A Can by The Food Ministry

Sometimes I found and instantly fall in love with the concept, packaging and design. This Cake In A Can from The Food Ministry made in Britain but ship everywhere… what a charming birthday treat! How awesome would it be to serve these at a party?! You can buy them here!

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 18 April, 2014

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