TamTam Lamp By Fabien Dumas For Marset

Fabien Dumas presents a new lamp in cooperation with the Spain based company Marset.

It’s a juicy bunch of grapes, Nick Mason’s drums from Pink Floyd, the constellation of Perseus… There are so many examples that could be used to describe TamTam, a new perception in the world of lamps, which extols repetitiveness by focusing on the archetypal lampshade: a number of light sources pointed in different directions, geometrically arranged to invoke a feeling of organized chaos.

True Value By Tricia Wright

Via Tricia Wright “This is a series of small, intimate works on paper. They are pinhole drawings, made by pricking the design through the reverse of the paper. The drawings themselves reference lace, doilies and other decorative materials closely associated with the domestic realm, and into these I embed prosaic, assertively functional household objects and component parts. The series examines the relationship between decoration and function, and the value judgments attached to each; and it looks at the dichotomy between perception and reality that permeates the lives of ordinary women. The title for this series—True Value—is a direct reference to the chain of hardware stores where I buy my materials, and underscores the questions driving the work.”

Dream Home: The Hill Plain House by Wolveridge Architects

beautiful homes

Another project of Wolveridge Architects that grabbed the 2011 Premier Award for Interior Design Excellence and Innovation is The Hill Plain House constructed at Victoria, Australia. This dream home is constructed ecologically and created using non-domestic materials in the most natural way. Close inspection of this modern home will reveal some haphazard openings, rugged exteriors and its entirety reminds us of the agricultural construction in the year 1970s.

The interiors of the modern architecture has been constructed based on solid materials finished with black while the great kitchen and bathroom design takes on flashy colors. The bathroom has yellow rubber that allows for great grip and underfoot comfort. The walls were lined utilizing full height sheets of mild steel. The incorporation of the large frameless window allows you to overlook the panoramic view of the grass and gum tree beyond.

Inspiration : 10 Beautiful Home Office Designs

Beautiful Home Office

Source :  Apostrophe9.tumblr.com


We have collected hundreds and hundreds of images of interior design for home design inspiration since we started ChicTip.com.  We have compiled it for you and sorted it Room by Room. Now we’d like to share them with you. Today we present to you 10 beautiful home offices. Enjoy!


Keepsake Box no. 18 For Fritz Hansen

This is number 18 in a series of One-of-a-kind Keepsake Boxes designed for Fritz Hansen.

François Chambard has his UM Project as part of We Are Action Familia designed by Fritz Hansen, one of the 25 Keepsake Boxes. The small sideboard is made up partly from broken Arne Jacobsen chairs, which were unusually recycled in this way. But not only the Keepsake Box Number 18 is worth a look, and the other designs are worth seeing.(via)

White Flax Chandelier By Jeremy Cole

A pendant lamp handcrafted from bone china ceramic pieces, White Flax seems to be made of feathers—in fact, the piece looks like it might just fly away in a gentle breeze.
the suspension lamp is constructed of a material we normally associate with weight—ceramic. Handcrafted in Jeremy Cole’s New Zealand studio, White Flax uses 350 ceramic leaves, which get attached to a stainless steel frame via patent alloy/silicon fixings. With a central glass diffuser lighting up the geometrically arranged bone china leaves, White Flax looks like a magnificent sun burning brightly in the sky or like a fantastic sea urchin glowing phosphorescently under the sea.The lamp is available in various sizes.

Coupe Monochrome Bone China Collection

The Coupe Monochrome collection is a modern, yet elegant range of bone china that will add a touch of whimsy to any dining table. Made by ceramic artisans in Bangladesh, the collection is available in two patterns – UBend and Curvature – and features a 10.75” dinner plate and a 9” side plate. A Monochrome tea and saucer set is also available in a design scheme that complements both the UBend and Curvature patterns. All pieces in the Monochrome collection are dishwasher and microwave safe, making them suitable for everyday use.