Combining Beauty and Functionality…The Ronbow Contempo Collection

The Ronbow contempo Collection embraces everything true contemporary design should. Not only is this collection simply gorgeous but it is also highly practical as well. Made out of the highest quality wood finishes with sleek, attractive hardware these vanities will enhance the beauty of your bathroom while adding precious storage space.
View some highlights from the beautiful Contempo Collection:

The 72” Contempo Luna vanity features two adjustable soft-closing cabinets and large dovetail construction drawers with matching finished interiors. The stone countertop is 1” thick with two undermount ceramic sinks. A matching mirror, linen cabinet, wall cabinet and medicine cabinet are available to furnish a complete bathroom suite.

The Contempo Calabria is city chic black with a tech stone countertop that is offered in a grand green or a crisp white. The sleek hardware is stainless steel and metal feet are available in chrome or brushed nickel. The cabinet has copious storage space with two deep drawers and a soft-close cabinet.

The Contempo Brennon offers the best of both worlds with an abundance of open and closed storage. The straight-line design will work well in almost any style bathroom, enhancing it in both décor and usability. The deep dark cherry finish is offset by the decorative stainless steel hardware and stone countertop. Matching mirrors and cabinets are available to complete the set.

The Drawer Bank contempo collection comprises 2 cabinets 2 ceramic counters and a 3 drawer bank. At over 73” this wide vanity will only work in a large bathroom but offers a plethora of storage space. The two cabinets are have framed frosted glass, adding an appealing aesthetic to the otherwise uncomplicated design. Matching mirrors can be adjoined creating the perfect option for a couple bathroom.

The Contempo collection combines the best of design and functionality creating the ideal bathroom vanity…

Office Design: Urban Station, Buenos Aires

office design

The Urban Station is the one of the prides of Buenos Aires as it provides a very flexible workspace for mobile workers. It is located in Malabia and El Salvador Streets where the combination of fashion, art and design can be found. It is a place where a lot of bars and restaurants were located in the city.

Urban station is the ultimate office design where you are able to sit at wide tables, pay by the hour and provides a flexible and convenient atmosphere where you can work through your computer with extra-fast Wi-Fi connection. This commercial design also has the coffee shop area where you can get unlimited coffee, tea, fruit, mineral water, cookies and croissants as part of the fee you are paying.

The concept of this office interior design originates from the solution to daily problems and a response to modern dilemmas. This is an area where a small fraction of the community can work peacefully and collaborate with each other away from whining babies – the mobile works. Urban Station is definitely a solution for “homeworkers” such as small architectural practices, consultants and freelance writers.

The Nest Thermostat

The  Nest thermostat is a new generation of home saving energy. It’s a learning thermostat, not just a programmable thermostat, as most of us currently have in our homes, but a learning one. In around a week, it’ll have created a personalized schedule based on your household’s habits and adjusted the temperature to save energy. Sounds good, doesn’t it? You can also program it away from home via the website/Wi-Fi. For more info visit the Nest website.

Heima Series by Francis Cayoutte For Normann Copenhagen

It’s time to spice things up. Its time for colors — and lots of them. Got a candlelight with a white candle. Let them burn down and get your hands on color-candles. Can’t get hold on colored candles! — add some colors around the candlelight.

The Heima series is designed by Francis Cayouette which consists of five products.(via)

Dream Home: The House in the Garden by Cunningham Architects

beautiful homes

The dream home located in Dallas, Texas designed by Cunningham Architects is none other than The House in the Garden. This modern home is a perfect demonstration of how beauty comes about through simplicity and how it always stays on top. The modern architecture is a beautiful creation worthy of two thumbs up!

The modern architects in the firm have included the lush of the greenery as its beautiful backdrop. If other homeowners try to have some trees and plants on their landscape, the beauty of nature comes naturally in this luxury home. The design elements of the entire architecture speak of the relationship between the environment and the building – not as separate entities.

Cunningham Architects did a marvelous job at implementing impeccable house floor plans as they work together with the Hocker Design Group to do the landscaping part of the design. The latter recently received an award coming from the American Society of Landscape Architects for this particular project on – The House in the Garden.

Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels by Anne Kyyro Quinn

Anne Kyyro Quinn’s decorative acoustic wall panels make a striking impression wherever they are applied. Using luxurious and natural felts and fabrics, all these decorative panels are made by hand and lean more towards contemporary pieces of art than traditional interior fabrics. This manufacturer also works closely with clients, architects and interior designers to offer custom acoustic wall solutions for a wide range of interior settings. Anne Kyyro Quinn describes the impact of their products best: “ …our products bridge the gulf between the urban interior and the natural landscape, and bring an elegant, unassuming beauty into everyday life.” These wall panels are definitely a unique, modern solution for the area of wall coverings.(via)

Bistro Chair By Robert Stadler For Thonet

Via Robert Stadler “To design a new bistro chair for Thonet is a touchy task. Initially I was proposed to customize a typical Thonet chair for the Corso restaurants of which’s design I am in charge of. But I preferred to elaborate a new chair instead of producing one more Designer comment on this essential piece of furniture. My starting point was the fact that today chair 214 (historically baptized Nr. 14) is rather expensive, which represents a certain break in regards to Thonet’s history. Indeed the company is renewed for being the first having achieved a world wide distribution of their furniture thanks to it’s ingenious conception based on dismantling. Yet, after more than 40 millions sold chairs the manufacturing of the backpart is still rather traditional. With chair 107 I focussed on a new design of that element which is now being produced in an almost totally automated process.”