Palma Planters by Rainer Mutsch for Eternit

Austrian designer Rainer Mutsch has created the PALMA collection, inspired by the growth-form of palm tree stems. The planters are manually made of fiber cement .

Product description for the designer : Palma synchronizes design and technical innovation; Each ring of fiber cement is hand formed – together they grow into these unique planters of up to 106cm height. Eternit is a durable and sustainable material based on 100% environmentally friendly recyclable components. Due to the extremely durable material and its stabile construction, PALMA is proven suitable for in- and outdoor use in gardens, on terraces and on balconies.

Modern Art by Matthew Davis

OMG! I came across Berlin-based artist Matthew Davis while spending time on Pinterest (yes! My name is Keren and I am a “pinner”) and fell in love immediately. The talented artist creates these amazing surreal images by using his brush to slowly drip oil paints into small pools resulting in a multi-dimensional piece of art.

Restaurant Design: Baldaszti’s in Hungary

A gourmet center in Budapest, Hungary – the Baldaszti’s – is the realization of the dream by a young businessman named Peter Baldaszti. It is a dream where this physical manifestation based its restaurant design from. The vision was to build a beautiful restaurant that can attract various guests and visitors and will be known globally. It was a vision that will provide a new experience for people in terms of fine dining.

For this particular cause, he collaborated and hired only the best professionals in the field of hospitality design so that he can create unique, world-class restaurant interiors in addition to the luxury of the meals and beverages that the establishment can offer.

The vision gave rise to 3 spots bearing the name Baldaszti’s – which is now an amazing restaurant to marvel.

Mini Togo Chair By Ligne Roset

These Mini Togo chair by Ligne Roset will be a great addition for every kids room. The original Togo is adored for its unique design and extreme comfort since it’s made entirely out of foam what’s make it so good for kids.

Jar Chandeliers by West Elm

New from West Elm 3 or 5 Jar Chandeliers,inspired by antique canning jars,these Jar Chandelier casts a soft glow when filled with vintage-style bulbs. Hung above tables, counters or in hallways, its lighthearted charm warms up any space.

Sooooo classic and I love it.

Dream Home : Sunset Residence by Topos Design Studio

beautiful homes

Singapore-based architecture firm Topos Design Studio has designed this amazing modern home entitled Sunset Residence.

Description from the architects : Situated in a secluded cul-de-sac in the fashionable area of Bukit Timah in Singapore, this private family residence is a beautiful and understated piece of bespoke and holistic architectural design. The modest entrance façade gently invites you through into a stunning pool area which reveals the U-shaped plan of the building. This form allows for seclusion as well as views of the pool area from virtually every room in the house as well as fantastic ventilation through full height sliding louver and glass doors. This is helped by the orientation of residence to make full use of the day and night prevailing breeze.

The simple no fuss architectural language of the house is further accentuated by a 4 tone colour palette to not only highlight the form, but also to allow the client’s stunning pieces of furniture to take centre stage. This unpretentious approach in keeping to the natural and simplistic setting of the built environment led to a refined and elegant feel to the spaces, worthy of the esteemed client.

Dream Home: Modern Villa in Costa Brava

beautiful homes

If you enjoy a summer getaway and smelling fresh air while you are within the comfort of your very own home then this Modern Villa in Costa Brava is definitely a dream home coming true for you. At a glance and after close inspection, the villa is incredibly modern inch by inch of its interiors and exteriors. There is not one design element that has been touched by traditional and classic.

This modern home sits royally on one of the cliffs of the prettiest part of Costa Brava – which is considered as the Wild Coast of Spain. The spectacular 15,586 square foot property is located on a small and exclusive residential area that offers expansive views of the sea, marvelous bays of golden sand and even beyond towards the horizon.