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6352 Colgate by Amit Apel Design (37 photos)

Earth, Fire, Water and Comfort – experience them all in this one of a kind ‘Diamond in the Nest.”

Enter this dream-house designed by Award Winning architectural designer Amit Apel of Apel Design, Inc., through a stream fed stepping stone walkway. The entry speaks out with neatly placed Japanese planters, large stepping stones and a mix of materials and colors to invite you and your guests inside.

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Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 15 April, 2014

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House Eccleston by Nico van der Meulen Architects

Luxurious 15,069 sq ft private residence designed by Nico van der Meulen Architects situated in Bryanston, Johannesburg, South Africa.

The client’s fondness of mid 20th century modernism inspired the overall design of this open plan glass and concrete house, which also features a music room for the family to play musical instruments, and a dance studio for the children. Due to the slope of the stand; a large basement was designed on the lower side of the property, creating a terraced effect on the stand.

A large reflective koi pond flows over a retaining wall next to the drive way, with an illuminated glass staircase behind a two storey curtain wall in the background.

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Posted by Michelle Lesser at 27 February, 2014

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Bitxo House by Lagula Arquitectes

Bitxo House stands on the gentle hills of the Pre-Pyrenean landscape of Graugés, in the Berguedá region, a hundred kilometres north of Barcelona, with the Queralt mountain range at the background and located between mountain style houses.The owners, Xavier and Queralt, both of them musicians, acquire, about 20 years ago, a plot to raise the stave, where to the score of their lives. Over time, without rush. The design and construction of housing extends for over ten years, until today.

In contact with the ground, the lines of the stave get broken, absorb the trace of an old path and set a diagonal on the site which then serves to structure a hierarchic process, adding elements and processes, which are used to think the house, and build it with a dramatic concrete structure loading a ceramic lattice. The spaces are defined by free-standing bodies lined with colourful glazed ceramic, below the concrete slab covered in Arabic tiles coated in traditional colour, as the local rules mandate. Read More…

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 7 February, 2014

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T House – Sutton, Quebec, Canada by Natalie Dionne Architecture

A structure comprised of stacked box volumes, T House is a modern dream home in Sutton, Quebec, Canada designed by Natalie Dionne Architecture for a growing family.

What is most eye-catching are the various materials used: composite concrete panels, timber and corten steel. This lovely mix of earthy facades contributes a unique character to this single-family dwelling. Its location allows for various sunlight positioning throughout the day, as well as visual access to water whether via the swimming pool, water features or nearby stream.

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Posted by Suzanne at 15 January, 2014

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Feldbalz House – Zurich, Switzerland by Gus Wüstemann Architects

The Feldbalz House has a magnetic appeal with its boundariless living zones spread across three levels. Designed by Gus Wüstemann Architects, this single-family modern dream home is perched high above a lake in Zurich, Switzerland offering its residents breathtaking views on a daily basis.

Working from top to bottom, the spacious dwelling features the parents’ private areas, the middle floor of main living and finally, the children’s sleeping and play quarters which were cleverly designed to mesh with the outdoor gardens and swimming pool.

With its suburban neighborhood setting, much care was taken by the architects to provide maximum privacy to the family as they moved about from day to night. Cool polycarbonate panels on the street-facing facade shield the home from being visually penetrated, while an interior courtyard becomes a hidden place to live, play and socialize with family and friends. In the evening, the house illuminates from within and, through the two stories of large frosted panels, displays a soft glow.

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Posted by Suzanne at 8 January, 2014

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Mentana Residence – Montreal, Canada by MU Architecture Studio

A second floor apartment in an older building in Montreal, Canada has been transformed into a modern dream duplex by MU Architecture Studio. The architects dreamed up the idea of ‘going up’ for the Mentana Residence to create a spacious three bedroom apartment with an extensive rooftop terrace.

The original red brick facade still exists, though the addition now provides an attractive juxtaposition of a timber box atop the building. Windows are screened with wooden louvres, contributing another layer of architectural splendor. The large terrace is trimmed with flowering planters and greenery which is a fresh addition to the urban landscape.

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Posted by Suzanne at 19 December, 2013

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Berkshire Pond House – Becket, MA by David Jay Weiner Architects

Designed by David Jay Weiner Architects as a family’s weekend retreat, the Berkshire Pond House in Becket, Massachusetts is a modern dream home with three floors of flowing, light-drenched spaces which tie harmoniously to the surrounding wetlands.

Immediately striking, the single-family structure is an envelope of timber siding, corrugated steel, concrete and plentiful glass. The two-story glazed entrance is reached via a double set of doors which lead to the foyer. Here, the wood paneling is carried in from the exterior which beautifully unifies the space.  A large mesh wire ball pendant commands attention in this voluminous entry.

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Posted by Suzanne at 18 December, 2013

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