Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A9

Who said that speakers can’t be beautiful?

Much to my chagrin, my husband insisted on putting built in speakers on the walls of our living room. To me they look terrible, but you have to choose your battles when remodeling with your spouse. Now, if this product would have been around then, the discussions at my house would have been so much different  (maybe there is still a chance that I can get rid of that ugly subwoofer). The BeoPlay A9, is my little personal design dream come true. I truly think that  Bang & Olufsen has created an amazing product that could, in fact, prevent a lot of marital hardship. The system looks like a piece of furniture or even art. It is actually beautiful and seems so amazingly easy to use. I consider this a huge leap forward for practical, functional and beautiful design that can really have an impact on the interior of homes. No more, will we have to cringe at the complicated and ugly stereo systems. Thank you for this design Bang & Olufsen.

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