Slate Tabletop Fireplace by Gido Wahrmann for Carl Mertens

Designed by Gido Wahrmann for Carl Mertens, this Slate Tabletop Fireplace will add a cozy feeling whenever and wherever you want. It is a contemporary miniature fireplace that could add an extra touch of glamor to your dinner party. It has two stainless steel logs affixed to a natural slate base. The fire is maintained by liquid paraffin lamp oil and subsequently does not require an external ventilation system. This would be a fabulous in place of standard candles for a romantic evening, with no dripping wax or perfumed scent. It brings both mood lighting and a touch of warmth to any modern home. Although its design is rather contemporary, it really is a timeless piece. The mix of stainless steel and natural slate is quite appealing. I think it would be the perfect accent for a contemporary apartment that might otherwise lack that cozy fireplace feeling.

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