Jo Woffinden – Promising New Talent



Jo Woffinden, through her work, has declared herself a promising new talent in the world of contemporary design.  As a recent graduate from Royal College of Art in the UK, she works with a variety of materials including porcelain, stoneware, bone china, concrete, plaster and even paper. Her Baroque line of sculptural objects is a juxtaposition of geometric curves, lines and planes. While the interior of these pieces form an almost continuous space, the exterior creates quite the opposite affect with its lovely misalignment of height and depth. Ms. Woffinden’s creations manage texture and color in a very natural way, so that one has the urge to reach out to feel their surfaces. I, personally, am so excited to see concrete worked in a way that breathes new life into such an often overlooked medium. Clearly, it has extraordinary potential when placed in the right hands.


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