Modern Art by Brett Amory

Brett Amory is a contemporary artist born in Chesapeake, Virginia in 1975. He lived in Bay Area, California for 15 years and moved to San Francisco where he lived another 15 years. Currently, he is living in Oakland since 2009. The modern painter has experienced doing solo shows in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and San Jose.

His current work involved the “Waiting” series, which he began in 2001. The modern painting series depicts commuter subjects who seemed to be isolated and detached from other commuters as well as their environment. The series is inspired by public transit and the residents of Tenderloin neighborhood located specifically in San Francisco.

The modern artist based his works on photographs that he took on his experience of the ordinary city architecture and random subjects on a daily basis. These people or subjects are neither known to him nor speak to them.

The amazing art captures the ideas of those who seem lost, awkward or lonely as they are in public territory as if they don’t fit socially. The series speaks of reality especially in our inability to live in the “now.” It is titled as such because we always wait for whatever comes next – always moving forward, not thinking about now or still thinking about what has already passed.

The contemporary art that Brett Amory has presented speaks about the fact that we are living in an era of distraction where thinking about the present is hard to achieve without meditation. His paintings visually represent this very thought or concept in order to remind us that it living in the now is as important as thinking positive for the future. This is something that I am guilty of – and I think I am not alone in this line of thinking.


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