Modern Art by Florian Nicolle

Florian Nicolle aka Neo is gritty, the kind of gritty you can’t stay away from. Nicolle’s illustration are filled with splattered paintbrushes and unfinished figures left to your imagination to complete.  It clear that Neo prefers to work in muddied images but when contracted to do so, Nicolle’s work can cater to even the most corporate of tastes.

Whether it’s web, illustration, packaging or logos, everything Neo does is a work of art.  The work has a distinct style but nothing feels pigeon holed or monotonous.  Instead Nicolle creates highly detailed kid friendly characters for Nestle products and then turns around to stun you with a dark and disturbing Slipknot concert poster.

Perhaps the most definitively familiar of Nicolle’s works are a series of collages that combine a form of aged cursive writing with cardboard, pictures, signage, and/or elegant sketches of people.  It’s amazing how quickly Nicolle takes control of your emotions.  Whether political or simply a sweet picture of a girl reaching out to pet a puppy, Neo knows exactly how to put something down on paper that will grab your attention and hold it until you respond.

This the beginning of a portfolio that will only grow in time for the young artist. This work isn’t only important because of where it will appear, but also because this is an example of art using all aspects of life for inspiration. Nicolle is a designer to watch.

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