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Join Silicon Placemats by Finell

Want to dress up your table with cool geometrical architectural details? Join by Austin-based  studio Finell is the right thing for you! 3D placemats seamlessly align to create a table runner. silicone material is easy to clean and heat resistant for use as a trivet. Too bad they are on the pricey side – $110 for a set of two.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 21 April, 2014


Racchetta by Ivana Mannavola

Racchetta by Ivana Mannavola combines design with function in one cool product. Racchetta is hung on a wall, Five hexagonal frames that, thanks to the elastic intersection, can hold umbrellas, magazines, coats and anything can get stuck into it, decorating that’s obvious!

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 7 April, 2014


POT.PURRI collection by 3 Dots Collective

POT.PURRI is a mixture or collection of miscellaneous or diverse items. A combination of incongruous things.

For us it is a collection of small, modular containers, designed with some basic parts that through various materials and combinations can construct more than 50 unique objects with different shapes and capacities, from lamps to tableware.

Inspired by the ambition of ‘cutting distance’ between design and material and ‘fluctuating shapes’ as our expression of contemporary deisgn, the project is cultivated around the concept of modularity and the customization.

This new approach towards the flexibility of the pieces fusion with the constant possibility of upgrading or changing, focuses at a wide spectrum of new users.

The project allows the user to mix and match shapes, materials and colors. We shaped the concept based on modular elements, with different dimensions and diameters that can be mutually paired and combined consequently, providing unlimited possibilities.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 31 March, 2014


SNAKE Coat Rack by Insilvis

What a great way to add some fun and drama to your boring walls. This bold coat rack was designed by Italian company Insilvis.

Product Description : A snake is a sinuous line that twists and turns throughout the space. It exits from the cavities of the earth, of which it guards the primordial energies, raising itself towards the light of the life and the knowledge. The transformation of its skin expresses the regenerative ability of the vital processes, within a cyclic path that joins the opposites. The debunked image of a snake, unforeseeable and rich of evocative references, belongs by now serenely to our visual landscape. The lithe profile becomes a structure for hanging clothing and handbags: it is almost a basic scribble.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 28 March, 2014


Berlin Boombox

I know, I know ..this has nothing to do with interior design. I just could not resist. It is just too cool!!! The Berlin Boombox is designed by Berlin-based designer Axel Pfaender. He decided it was time for a cool and fun mobile speaker … a soundsystem you want to show off, like back in the days.

The Berlin Boombox comes as a kit consisting of a die-cut cardboard structure and all electronic parts.
Assembly is easy, glue-free, tool-free and takes only a couple of minutes.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 25 March, 2014


The Coffee Break by Amidov for Monkey Business

A coffee cup shaped sugar bowl divided into two, convenient for serving different sweeteners and for raising a smile.
Made of Ceramic.

The Coffee Breaks birth as a product lies at the end of a relatively unconventional design journey.
From 2011 onward we produced a series of studio works, consisting of sectioned ceramic table ware such as tea pots, coffee cups, plates and vases.
Ceramic vessels were sourced from the local flea market and with the aid of a gem-cutters saw, the vessels sides were cut away leaving only the center most portion of the vessel. The outcome had an almost two-dimensional existence, free of volume, devoid of the ability to contain, they were almost a graphic representation of themselves.
These works were shown at several galleries and museums as a kind of ‘designers studies’.”

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 18 March, 2014


Jumbo Cutlery Drainer

OMG! This elephant is so adorable! Place Jumbo the elephant so his trunk hangs over the edge and the water drips into the sink leaving your cutlery dry.

Designed by Peleg Design

Price : $21

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 12 March, 2014



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