Lilly Pulitzer for Target


Next must have Target designer is Lilly Pulitzer with her resort chic at it’s best. The design will include products in multiple categories, including apparel, shoes and accessories for women and girls, home goods and beauty products.  Here at ChicTip we picked our favourite home products.

From the retailer:
“This spring, we wanted to offer our guests a collection that embraced color, print and pattern in a bold, fresh way,” said Stacia Andersen, senior vice president, apparel and accessories, Target. “As we started to think about the perfect partner to collaborate with, Lilly Pulitzer was the clear choice given the brand’s inspiring heritage, authority with print and pattern and resort-chic aesthetic.”

Storage Paper Bags by That Way


These cute paper bags designed by a Polish company That Way, the storage bags made of three layer of recycled paper that can hold up to 55 pound. Theses bags are a great solution to store toys, blocks, dry laundry, newspapers, paper rolls… and many other things.

The bags are hand decorated in black and white pattern.

How Blinds Have Moved With the Times (and Overtaken Curtains)


We often associate industrial advancements in fields such as IT, or anything else that relies on technology. However, even a market that appears to house “static” products like blinds is affected – and there have been many advancements that have caused considerable progression within this industry over the last few years.
While we don’t have any stats on hand, the fact that more and more homes are turning to blinds, as opposed to the traditional curtain solution, suggests that these advancements have been worthwhile.
To highlight just how blinds have progressed, we’ve put together some of the key developments that manufacturers have made over the years.

Advancement #1 – Top-Down Blinds
For years we only knew blinds that were pulled from the top – but over recent times manufacturers have devised more creative inventions. It’s now possible to find top-down solutions which can be operated from both the base and the top of the blind, meaning that you can allow light into the room from different angles.
Particularly if you reside in a property where a lack of privacy can be a problem, this advancement is ingenious. It can allow you to mask visibility in the lower portion of the window, whilst still allowing light to flow through the upper part. It’s yet another example of blinds being utterly flexible and we’d bet that this is only going to continue to improve – considering all of the other ways in which blinds have become so much more flexible than curtains.

Advancement #2 – Cordless Blinds
Amongst all of the advancements, one of the major talking points within the blinds industry has been safety. There have been a lot of fatalities surrounding children over the years, due to the strangulation risks that blind cords present.
In response to this, many manufacturers have released cordless blinds. As the name suggests, these are products which cords are not visible or within reach. It means that they are considerably safer and if you do live with children, this is arguably one of the most impressive advancements that the market has made.

Advancement #3 – The Motorized Option
We’ll save the biggest advancement until last and finally, blinds have started to use electricity. This really shouldn’t come as a surprise and when we look back on the history of the industry, it’s actually been happening for a few years.
This isn’t some sort of solution for the lazy homeowner either, although we’re sure that a lot of people will take advantage of this just so that they can invite and shut out that elusive natural light at the touch of a button. Most of the time these motorized options are used in those places where it’s just impossible to access. Once upon a time they may have been operated via a long rod, but now the motor is here to save the day. If you have any rooflights, or just windows that are out of reach, this development in the industry will be a godsend.