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The Picto Wall Clock by Steen Georg Christensen and Erling Andersen

The minimalist Picto clock was designed by Steen Georg Christensen and Erling Andersen for Rosendahl Timepieces. All you see is a clean dial with no numerals. The designers have even dispensed with the top glass and the hour hand, opting instead for a large yellow dot on a rotating dial that that takes the dot forward on its never-ending journey from one hour to the next.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 3 March, 2014


Vifa Copenhagen Wireless Speakers

Sound and image have a big impact on my life. I believe they deserve the same attention as furniture or artworks at home, this is why I fell in love with Vifa.

Denmark’s Vifa, an audio specialist with over eighty years experience, maker of loudspeakers for many well-known brands, now go it alone creating their own line of speakers each named after a Nordic capital. First up, the Copenhagen. As you’d expect, hailing from Scandinavia, design shares equal billing performance. The matt polished aluminium frame features six choices from world-reknowned fabric makers Kvadrat who you may remember from a certain Norse Projects/Vans collaboration.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 21 February, 2014


Metallic Marble Wallpaper by Calico Wallpaper

Brooklyn-based Calico Wallpaper began haphazardly during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy when Rachel Mosler and Nick Cope were stranded in their loft and out of work for a month.

Their method embodies years of research in the various disciplines in paper marbling, which have spanned the globe. The arts of Suminagashi and Ebru, emanating from Japan and Turkey respectively centuries ago are both evident in our collection. However, it is our expansion of these practices that makes Calico Wallpapers truly unique. By drawing from each of these forms we have created something entirely different.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 10 February, 2014


The Dark Side by The M Family

The M Family founded by French designer  Michael Malapert create arty objects using 3D printing technology. These digital objects are sold on their e-commerce site. Their latest project – the Dark Side Collection is a series of objects inspired by 3D modeling techniques and by the cutting art of origami facets.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 7 February, 2014


Wall Panels by Norm for Menu

The felt wall panels, designed by the Danish design studio Norm for Menu, have the most different, practical functions and they can be hanged alone at a wall, or also combined in groups. Thereby the wall panels can be assorted as you desire – and their functions can be combined or separated from each other. The simple but elegant designer’s pieces suit in every surrounding and increase their value simply by their presence.

The felt panel – pin board is suitable to keep notices viewable that are important for those novels that enter the house and for those that leave the house and shouldn’t forget something specific, placed near the exit door. This means an elegant possibility of remembering things as well as a notices communication that keeps important things alive such as shopping lists, notices or unpaid bills.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 5 February, 2014


DIY Project – Moroccan Dishes

A DIY project that I’ve seen and loved on a Swedish Ikea site – “a simple idea to create a Moroccan atmosphere is making personalized crafts of Seabuckthorn dishes and pots in earthenware. We picked out a few shades of plain wall paint, dipped the pots and drums and sounded chance the finished result! The paint dried in less than two hours and got a nice matte finish”.

More information here.

Photography Nina Broberg.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 23 January, 2014

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Happy Lights

Yarn, mixed with glue, is wound around a small balloon, which is deflated and removed after drying, leaving a nice round textile ball. It’s a simple, yet incredibly process. You can choose out of a total of 55 different colours and make a choice of 20, 35 or 50 coloured balls on a light string. You can also choose out of ready made colour combinations which Ruth and Hendrik, owners of Happy Lights, developed, based on impressions from their worldwide travels.

Apart from selling light strings, Happy Lights also offers large ball lamps. You can combine two or three large balls as a hanging lamp. Or use them as a table top standing lamp in many different colours.

Happy Lights it’s a Belgium company while the production is in Thailand ” The colored balls of our string lights are hand made ​​in a small workshop in Thailand. These balls are typically Thai and it does take some practice to make such a nice round ball. Workers in the studio are all local people from the immediate surroundings of the workshop. They get fair wages and can thus help sustain their families”.

Find those amazing lights in stores all over Europe.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 22 January, 2014



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