Fire Escape Shelf by Design Ideas

Made from hand-welded steel, the Fire Escape Shelf is the solution to your storage stumper. This sturdy, urban-inspired accessory borrows its silhouette from the classic outdoor fire escape and makes a worthy home for candles, potted plants, and miscellaneous curios.

About the designers : Siblings Andy and Alice Van Meter launched Design Ideas in 1983 to meet the dorm demand for a shower caddy that didn’t accumulate scum. Their self-draining design met with national success, and the brand’s quest for fun household solutions continues to this day. Now with over 1500 products, Design Ideas has appeared in Redbook, Real Simple, and O, The Oprah Magazine.

Steel Vessels by Max Lipsey

‘Steel Vessel’ by Netherlands-based designer Max Lipsey brings the weight and quality of a steel industrial part into a home environment.

The form is re-purposed from a ‘vessel head’, a part produced for pressurized gas tanks. It’s a deep drawn, 4mm steel piece, made using an enormous press and tooling. Normally, producing such a part would be beyond the bounds of a small studio scale, but re-purposing the parts from an existing industry alllows them to be made affordably.

While the curve of the bowl originally had the purpose of distributing pressures evenly in the tank, the soft, attractive shape makes it a perfect vessel for objects around the house. The light, welded wire support, is designed to compliment and support the vessel head.

Steel Vessels are coated with a two layer, extra matte, powder coat, and lightly engraved in the basin of the vessel.

Cute Rugs by Permafrost Studio

These two cute rugs designed by Norwegian company Permafrost Studio .
The JD rug offers a snapshot of life in rural Scandinavia. Heavy machinery has long since replaced the labor of farm animals, leaving its trademark tracks in the grass and mud. On the outskirts of civilization, reading such tracks is a vital skill.

Giant Leap
40 years after man made his first impressions on the dusty lunar surface, we release the Giant Leap rug through our Stories by Permafrost collection. We would like to think of it as a tiny tribute to an enormous achievement.

Sophie Wall Clock by Layla Mehdi Pour

When our feelings change, it also changes the perception we have of time. Layla Mehdi Pour designs a wall clock, consisting of two overlapping surfaces with twelve lines each. The lower dial is attached to the clock mechanism, but the upper one can easily rotated: this way you can get unexpected plays of shadows and different configurations of the object, which can be changed at any time.

Sophie, named after the sweet child of Hayao Miyazaki’s cartoon Howl’s Moving Castle, who changes appearance according to her feelings, is perfectly in line with the designer’s ironic and cheerful spirit. It is available in a wide variety of colors, all bright and vivid.

Kangaroo by David Raffoul for Fabrica

David Raffoul has designed Kangaroo, a clock with a pocket for Fabrica. This clock is a three dimensional image of the pocket of a Kangaroo. It involves an action, which is to leave a secret message inside the pocket. The shape of the piece is conceived with an organic approach that engages the receiver.


App Hanger designed by MATI and Artico by Sovrappensiero For Incipit

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones: what happens if a coat hanger is rotated upside down? The elegant shape of a bird appears. App is a hanger made of turned oak whose shape is reminiscent of the silhouette of a seagull in flight. App: a poetic decoration for your walls that won’t fly away.

Coat rack with coat hanger form, with three hooks, in turned oak worked with multi-axis numerically controlled machines, finished with wax, with central hook in three finishes: black, red, turquoise; equipped with reinforced wall attachment plate.

More on Incipit here.