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Ladder Designed by Charlie Styrbjörn Nilsson for Gebrüder Thonet Vienna

Charlie Styrbjörn Nilsson designed a ladder from a bent wood.

“With Ladder, Charlie Styrbjörn Nilsson uses the steam bent wood technique to create an interior ladder in which the solidity of the solid wood gives rise to a slender, light structure where the rungs, characterized by a rounded contour on one side, follow each other in a symmetrical manner and define the direction of ascent. Ladder is a versatile complement, capable of reinventing space with its unexpected presence, lending itself to multiple uses both in the living and in the sleep area”.

Photos by Jonas Lindstedt.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 3 July, 2014


Chalkboard Trees

A chalkboard, with an integrated clock, shaped like a text balloon.

They are available in two versions ‘Trees dreams’ and ‘Trees thinks’. Now you can leave a message for your partner, friend or child. At the top of the chalkboard there is a place to storage your chalk.

Price : Approx. $60

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 30 June, 2014


Malva Flower Vase by Jackobsen

Malva flower vase is an innovative product reflecting the former Cubism movement in the Czech republic. Through the construction of sharp points, sliced planes, and crystalline shapes, Czech Cubists distinguished their work being inspired by the epochal significance of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. The same rule applies for Jakobsen’s Malva vase. The design is a combination of organic and inorganic materials, where wood serves as a complementary element for the construction.

“We love flowers. They bring us a freshness and beautiful aroma. Sometimes it happens that blossoms are all around the vase. Malva is different at first sight! It holds flowers inside the glass and for that reason there is no untidiness. Its geometric shape was inspired by Czech Cubism. The idea to protect the flowers behind the glass comes from the book The Little Prince written by French writer and aviator Antoine de Saint Exupery. The design is based on the contrast between the combination of organic and inorganic material”. (via)

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 19 June, 2014



BIG + KILO in collaboration with the high-quality porcelain manufacturer Rosenthal have launched BIG Cities, a tableware design for the TAC set in which tradition and evolution are merged to form a new and global design.

TAC was developed at the end of the 1960s – based on a design by architect and designer Walter Gropius and his Boston-based firm The Architects Collaborative (TAC). Built upon basic geometrical forms, it owes its style to Bauhaus. The BIG Cities design is emerged from marrying this classic style with the silhouette of various world cities including Copenhagen, London, Berlin, Paris and New York on a surface of white porcelain.

Throughout time people have decorated porcelain with motives from nature and landscapes. Architects have planned and designed our cities for centuries and are well known for creating elegant and functional products. BIG and Kilo merge the wide span from the large scale city skyline with the intimate scale of product design in a line of heritage blue porcelain color. The characteristics of each city’s silhouette are subtly elaborated in the form of famous architectural landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate, Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower – bringing observation and conversation to the table.

While the dinner and charger plates are available in six different design variants each, the other pieces of the set are each adorned with a different skyline – twelve in total.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 22 May, 2014


Alfred Magazine Rack by Seaton Mckeon

A true utility item, the Alfred magazine rack offers a convenient, yet stylish way to organize and store magazines or books. Its design is focused on lasting durability and functionality, with the central handle allowing for versatility in where it is displayed. You can find it here : DesignByThem

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 21 May, 2014


Twister Set, Wall Decoration by Rebob Design

Rebob Design have created the Twister Set, a unique wall decoration made from ceramic.This playful item can lead to countless compositions. Depending on space and taste you can decide how many sets you want to buy and make a beautiful composition on your wall. The inside of the biggest (open) ball has the same color as the small colored ball. Twister will give you delight and happiness and a beautiful sight on your wall. You will receive an instruction how to hang the set and also hooks will be included.

The Twister Set is handmade in our workshop. The set contains 6 porcelain balls with various diameters which are made from slip cast, dried, sanded and partially sprayed with a colored terra sigillata (slip cast with pigments) and then fired on 1230 degrees Celsius in a support mold.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 14 May, 2014


Ladder-Shaped Radiator by Tubes Radiatori

The Italian company, Tubes Radiatori, takes home radiators to a new level of design. It’s not just for heat anymore, it’s also part of your decor. Use the ladder for a toasty towel heater for the bathroom. Hang a favorite blanket on one of the rungs for wrapping around yourself on those cool nights. Ladders of all shapes and sizes are popular decor pieces only yours will have dual function – style and heat. (via)

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 6 May, 2014



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