a new twist on gift Ideas for teens


What do you get for a 12 years old who has everything ? How about art as a gift? My daughter is in that age and I already had enough from getting her or her friends: gift cards, fashion accessories, books or clothes as a gifts. I wanted to find something more creative and inspiring, which is why I was so pleased to stumble upon where one can  find a great selection of art at an affordable price. The art comes with or without frames ( we all know that custom frames are very expensive) and can fit in every room for every age.

Minted’s collection includes gorgeous original works of art, personalized foil-pressed designs, unique photo gifts and even fabrics, all sourced from their global community of independent artists.

I love how Minted curates design genius from all over the world through ongoing design competitions in which the Minted community votes on what to sell. Minted is sharing a portion of every art purchase with the artist who created the piece.

So the next time you find yourself challenged with what to get your teenage child or his friends, give Minted a try, you will be glad you did.


Beautiful Pendant by Blu Dot

The Trace 1, an affordable pendant by Blu Dot will be stunning above the kitchen island – “A subtly tinted glass shade rests on a metal pendant to create a simple, yet eye-catching interplay between two materials and forms. Three finishes to choose from to suit nearly any space. Mounts to ceiling”.

Affordable Furniture – Zero Compromise

In the hospitality industry, furnishings weigh in at an extremely close second to the space itself. So when it comes to filling these lobbies, restaurants, hotels rooms and patio spaces, the type of furniture, its presentation and the service behing it are all key. Let’s face it, places like these are indeed judged by their “covers,” so exceptional looks and style are imperative.

Whether for a hotel, restaurant, bar or cafe, finding a supplier which delivers the following is crucial to your success, whether renovating an existing space or delving into a brand new one:

  1. Timing: The task of filling any given space in a timely manner can be the difference between a grand opening and, well, a not-so-grand one. Seek a company which is tried, true and trusted for their reliability in fulfilling the given timeline–no exceptions.
  1. Quality: Because your clientele is discerning, you need to be as well. Timeless designs which provide the aesthetic and comfort your guests are seeking is simply what will set you apart from the competition.
  1. Budget: The above said, it truly all comes down to numbers. Being that these industries are driven by appearances, it could be tricky to factor in competitive pricing without sacrificing stylish finds or high quality furnishings and decor.  Eclipse Furniture make this all possible with one-stop-shopping, so seek them out to guarantee you’re getting the best product for not just you, but your target clientele as well.

Bottom line, when furnishing your hospitality space bring in a professional furniture company who has the experience, know-how and affordable offerings which mesh seamlessly with your company’s goals. The mix of these elements not only creates a perfect environment for guests to dwell, linger, live and laugh, but for you, ensures long-term loyalty.




DIY Room Divider

….We were so delighted when we were approached by the talented team at Martha Stewart to compete for an opportunity to join the “12 Months of Martha Stewart Crafts Team”. As part of the program, Bloggers receive a monthly box of Martha’s newest and hottest craft product, create something amazing, and post about it on their sites. These projects are promoted  on the @MarthaStewart Pinterest board and All we needed was a point of inspiration, so I looked around my home for something that would be functional as well as aesthetic and soon found something that was long overdue to be tackled.

My husband and I have both the convenience, and inconvenience, of working from home, in very different careers. We share a light-filled, lofty, space on the 3rd floor of our suburban NJ home. In general, the pros do outweigh the cons when both partners are home-based and working, but we desperately needed something to divide our office areas and provide a sense of privacy and definition of workspace – without losing all of the luminosity we enjoy from opening the space up when we remodeled. So, Michelle and I decided to create a stylish, yet affordable, room divider and build it ourselves from scratch, to serve as a distinct border between the two offices. Sounds ambitious, right? Actually, it was surprisingly easy and affordable – and not to mention a lot of fun. Here’s how we did it…..

1) Wooden Dowel rods (we selected three different sizes, by thickness)
2) Eye screws (the smallest we could find in the local arts and crafts store)
3) Aluminum jump rings (12mm size)
4) Martha Stewart Crafts™ Gloss Spray Paint Kit
5) Martha Stewart Crafts™ Sprayable Gloss Enamel Finish
6) Martha Stewart Crafts™ Multi-Surface Glow-in-the-Dark Acrylic Paint
7) Martha Stewart Crafts® Stains

Here’s a walk-through of the process:

We had an old patio garden table we didn’t mind to work on with paints and materials and stained the dowel rods by wiping on the stain with a cloth and leaving them to dry. If you don’t have an old table, make sure to put down dust sheets or newspaper whenever you use paints and stains.

Masking / Painter’s tape is the best method for covering any areas that you do NOT want to color or stain.

We then created a makeshift ‘dryer’ from an old plastic tub and made a grid from the painter’s tape to prevent the painted rods from sticking together. We then applied the spray paint to the sticks, using the white paint with first and allowed them to dry. Note that you may need to apply a couple of layers of spray paint for a clean,consistent, finish.

Repeat the last two steps for any other color you would like to introduce to your project. We chose colors that are very current, i.e. dark wood with white contrast and a splash of luminous pink.

Once the paint is dry, simply remove all of the masking / painter’s tape and begin fixing the eye screws in 2 at the bottom and 2 at the top (for our project we measured 1.5″ from the edge, which was also at the paint line on one end of each dowel rod). A good tip to help you with fixing the eye screws in place is to use a micro phillips-head screw driver (we improvised and did it this way), or better still a Bradawl (we couldn’t find ours), to make a small hole in which to begin fixing the eye screw. This will save your fingers feeling like you just went 15 shelves deep with Ikea’s finest.

We connected the rods, via the eye screws, with three 12mm jump rings, but you can choose whatever amount you feel is appropriate. As a rough rule of thumb, the thinner the dowel the less rings you would want to place between them so you do not lose the feeling of something physical between the rooms.

We then stained a piece of wood that we had measured to the desired length of the three columns of rods, with some space between each column. Using nylon fishing line, we connected the columns of rods to the top piece of wood and voila! – we had a beautiful room divider. From start to finish, without considering time to gather the materials or for the paint to dry, it took around two hours to prep and complete the project. If you started in the morning, on a warm sunny day, as we did, you can be installed and putting the drill down in a single day!

The bonus for us was when we realized that when we’re bored with the color scheme, or just looking to change, we think this project would make an outstanding statement as a piece of wall art. It was a lot of fun, provides a lot of function and style, but most of all – it was easy and affordable!




H&M Home new Online Shop

Exciting news dear readers!!!  H&M launched their e-commerce site last week and as part of this H&M is thrilled to announce that H&M Home will be available for the first in the US online. H&M Home unites home designer and fashion at affordable prices.



Wood Paneling from West Elm

I was so excited when I saw this amazing product from West Elm. It is a dream come true!! Affordable wall wood paneling that is easy to install!

Rich grains. Stikwood Adhesive Panels instantly transform walls, backsplashes, headboards and more. Available in an array of woods and finishes, they can be cut to fit your individual space and hung in a few simple steps. What else can you ask for??

U Hostels in Madrid – normal costs for designer accommodations

The hostel options are really improving in Madrid these days. Hopefully this new clean, crisp and very modern template for hostel design will take off all over Europe or even around the world. Although I never had the opportunity myself to back pack around Europe, one of my dear friends has backpacked through Europe and almost around the entire world a this point. I have heard many stories of the deplorable accommodations at hostels where she has stayed. Everything from complete lack of cleanliness to stolen items and beyond (I will not share them here). If U Hostel had existed when she began her journey, it surely would have been a slice of heaven when compared to others. It is actually noteworthy contemporary design and I had never imagined myself saying like that about a hostel until I saw this one.