Arcgency designs a Shipping Container Home – WFH House

New fabulously creative green homes are on the rise. The WFH House (World FLEX Home) is true to course being made from used shipping containers and other sustainable materials. This is one example of the new pre-fab shipping container homes designed by Arcgency, a Copenhagen-based design studio. This particular model is a single family home located in Wuxi, China. Arcgency’s mission statement is, “Resource Conscious Architecture that can be exported to any place in the world. It is more then architecture; It is a sustainable product.”  Clearly this contemporary streamlined home is a prime example of making this mission into reality.  Not only is the structure made from upcycled shipping containers, but it has a sustainable bamboo facade, a green roof, a solar array and a rainwater harvesting system that includes permeable paving. It is a step forward for sustainable design, but with a wonderfully modern scandinavian design.

Contemporary Art for those with a Passion for Fashion

These beautiful fashion illustrations are by artist, Garance Doré. She began her career as a fashion illustrator with the desire to produce timeless, classic, beautiful illustrations and from my perspective she has far surpassed that goal. Her work has appeared in fashion magazines (ElleVogue Paris, etc.) and in conjunction with such well known designers as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Tiffany & Co., etc. She is also a photographer and fashion blogger with a dedicated following. Her work has been exhibited throughout the world, including New York, London and Sydney. Both Art Prints and posters (for a modest price) are currently available for purchase. So if you are a lover of fashion, Garance  Doré may be of interest to you.

Blu Dot brings fabulous modern design to Target

Blu Dot may be trying to give Ikea a run for their money by selling their fabulous modern designs at Target. Incredibly affordable prices and the well know quality of Blu Dot, they might be onto something here. Target has been making strides to improve access to quality design in their clothing lines with Isaac Mizrahi  and Converse, now it seems they are developing those same connections in the home furnishings and decor departments. At these great affordable prices and the ease of accessibility, Blu Dot is striking out into new territory and giving everyone the opportunity to purchase fabulous modern furniture and decor items for their home.

Art2Get Wall Decor by Efrat Kuper

Professional photographer and a digital painting artist, Efrat Kuper of Art2Get, has an eye for capturing the delicate details and creating her beautiful imagery from them.  As a photography veteran of the fashion world in Milan, she has now moved into creating her own collection of artistic pieces.  She has an expansive range of work including architecture & essential nature, bold and beautiful contemporary digital painting pieces and gorgeous wall decor for children. She has now made her work available to the masses, at very affordable prices through her online etsy store.

Neon Art – Neon Letters Numbers and Shapes from Seletti

Designed by Studio BADINI with technical fittings from Selab this collection of Neon Letters, Numbers and Shapes can help you make your statement!

Stefano and Miria, the brother and sister team at the helm of Italian based Seletti, have brought us this malleable Neon Art. When compared with traditional neon systems, this product allows you to create your own neon art at an affordable price. The secondary benefit is that these letters are not in a fixed pattern  and can be reordered as your needs change. The font style was developed from that of a typical American Typewriter and redesigned to meet the requirements of neon tube construction. The adapter for the lights and each letter is sold separately, but when combined to create your statement, they lend a decorative ambient light.