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The HP & Intel Project Runway Designer Reunion

During NYC Fashion Week we attended the Project Runway Designer Reunion sponsored by HP and Intel at Skylight West. Project Runway Season 11 premiered January 24 at 9/8c. All of this season’s participants seemed to be at the reunion. The evening kicked off with a VIP champagne reception co-sponsored by the Style Coalition and HP. It included a panel discussion regarding the impact and influence of technology on the fashion industry. The entire night was filled with examples of technological and social media interfaces and their applications within the fashion community. After the panel discussion, it was up to the party where we chatted with Project Runway participants past and present. The models and clothes were beautiful and it was all great fun! Here are just a few snapshots of our wonderful evening.

Posted by KarenShearer at 11 February, 2013


Fine Art of Lee Clarke

Engaging, surprising and bursting with color barely touch the surface when describing the paintings of artist Lee Clarke. Often using a focal point with radiating bands of color, his work pulls you in while at the same time creating a spatial depth that allows one to move in and around his canvases. Clarke’s playful motif upon closer inspection reveals a well thought out variation of surfaces and techniques that engage the viewer whether directly in front of the painting or twenty feet across the room. Look for his most recent work on his website or at

Posted by KarenShearer at 1 February, 2013


Contemporary Art for those with a Passion for Fashion

These beautiful fashion illustrations are by artist, Garance Doré. She began her career as a fashion illustrator with the desire to produce timeless, classic, beautiful illustrations and from my perspective she has far surpassed that goal. Her work has appeared in fashion magazines (ElleVogue Paris, etc.) and in conjunction with such well known designers as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Tiffany & Co., etc. She is also a photographer and fashion blogger with a dedicated following. Her work has been exhibited throughout the world, including New York, London and Sydney. Both Art Prints and posters (for a modest price) are currently available for purchase. So if you are a lover of fashion, Garance  Doré may be of interest to you.

Posted by KarenShearer at 30 January, 2013


Art2Get Wall Decor by Efrat Kuper

Professional photographer and a digital painting artist, Efrat Kuper of Art2Get, has an eye for capturing the delicate details and creating her beautiful imagery from them.  As a photography veteran of the fashion world in Milan, she has now moved into creating her own collection of artistic pieces.  She has an expansive range of work including architecture & essential nature, bold and beautiful contemporary digital painting pieces and gorgeous wall decor for children. She has now made her work available to the masses, at very affordable prices through her online etsy store.

Posted by KarenShearer at 17 January, 2013


Jo Woffinden – Promising New Talent



Jo Woffinden, through her work, has declared herself a promising new talent in the world of contemporary design.  As a recent graduate from Royal College of Art in the UK, she works with a variety of materials including porcelain, stoneware, bone china, concrete, plaster and even paper. Her Baroque line of sculptural objects is a juxtaposition of geometric curves, lines and planes. While the interior of these pieces form an almost continuous space, the exterior creates quite the opposite affect with its lovely misalignment of height and depth. Ms. Woffinden’s creations manage texture and color in a very natural way, so that one has the urge to reach out to feel their surfaces. I, personally, am so excited to see concrete worked in a way that breathes new life into such an often overlooked medium. Clearly, it has extraordinary potential when placed in the right hands.


Posted by KarenShearer at 21 December, 2012


Yellow Korner Gallery

I recently visited our local YellowKorner. I can never go there without finding at least a dozen photos I would love to have in my home.  The company was founded in 2006 by Alexandre de Metz and Paul-Antoine Briat, two young friends who both have had a life long love of photography. Their galleries are located throughout Europe and the United States.  They offer contemporary photography from all over the world.  As a  company YellowKorner strives to maintain high artistic standards, while allowing for upcoming contemporary artists to occupy space alongside the big names.  To make prices more affordable, they offer their exclusive, top quality photographic prints in larger quantities so that many, rather then a few, have the ability to enjoy the beautiful creations.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 3 December, 2012


Modern Art by Brett Amory

Brett Amory is a contemporary artist born in Chesapeake, Virginia in 1975. He lived in Bay Area, California for 15 years and moved to San Francisco where he lived another 15 years. Currently, he is living in Oakland since 2009. The modern painter has experienced doing solo shows in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and San Jose.

His current work involved the “Waiting” series, which he began in 2001. The modern painting series depicts commuter subjects who seemed to be isolated and detached from other commuters as well as their environment. The series is inspired by public transit and the residents of Tenderloin neighborhood located specifically in San Francisco.

The modern artist based his works on photographs that he took on his experience of the ordinary city architecture and random subjects on a daily basis. These people or subjects are neither known to him nor speak to them.

The amazing art captures the ideas of those who seem lost, awkward or lonely as they are in public territory as if they don’t fit socially. The series speaks of reality especially in our inability to live in the “now.” It is titled as such because we always wait for whatever comes next – always moving forward, not thinking about now or still thinking about what has already passed.

The contemporary art that Brett Amory has presented speaks about the fact that we are living in an era of distraction where thinking about the present is hard to achieve without meditation. His paintings visually represent this very thought or concept in order to remind us that it living in the now is as important as thinking positive for the future. This is something that I am guilty of – and I think I am not alone in this line of thinking.


Posted by JackieAzuela at 14 November, 2012



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