Modern Art: The Elise Wehle Collection on Uncommongoods

Paper collages, layered shapes, and textural dimension define the unique artworks by Elise Wehle. Inspired by urban posters, layered and ripped forming into expressive murals, her tactile collection features ethereal landscapes, intriguing photography and soulful portraits gracefully manipulated to create stunning contemporary works.

With paper as her medium, the artist utilizes her hands–not computer-driven design–to intensively build, weave, clip, fold, even embroider, these basic materials into impactful art. Hues are elegantly restrained in subdued shades of grey, green, midnight and white yet manage to evoke dramatic contrast whether in the mountain vistas, landscapes or provoking portraitures. Designed with a free-spirited energy, these dynamic works of art make innovative holiday gifts.

Currently, the Elise Wehle collection features eight works entitled Cloudy Mountainscape, Where the Land Ends, Lone Peak, Seaside, Spanish Moss, Forest Line at Dusk, Woven Seascape and Girls Looks Back. All of her original pieces are available as modern framed prints, the perfect home decor contribution to any interior space seeking a dose of interest.

Elise Wehle meticulously creates this award-winning art collection from her home in Provo, Utah.

Lace Pattern Street Art by NeSpoon

I’m a big fan of street art. It just makes our streets much more interesting and full of experiencesNeSpoon, an artist from Warsaw, Poland works in several different mediums such as spray paint, concrete, macramé and ceramics, but almost always incorporates a lace pattern in her projects. She explains “What interests me in art is the expression of positive emotions. On the sensual level “Thoughts” are a study of delicacy.” (via)

Photography by Lisa Tomasetti

I shared it on our Facebook page and decided to share it here as well showing all those amazing pictures by Australian photographer Lisa Tomasetti. Lisa Tomasetti has worked as a visual artist and film stills photographer for the past 23 years. Her eye for cinematic drama comes through in her dance photography, a collection of images in which she is able to capture the beautiful elegance of ballet dancers set against the more rough, gritty urban city streets of Paris, Tokyo, and New York.(via)

Lullaby Factory by Studio Weave for Children’s Hospital

The Lullaby Factory is an amazing design project by hackney-based Studio Weave that is near and dear to my heart. In my previous life, I worked in a hospital with ill children, so I can understand first hand the wonderful impactful a project such as the Lullaby Factory has on hospitalized children and their families. There always seem to be those awkward spaces around hospitals where you look out the window into a small dingy courtyard or emergency generator. Well, Studio Weave, along with Structure Workshop, AB3 Workshops and Jessica Curry Studio, capitalized on one of these spaces located in a rear courtyard of London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and transformed it into a place blossoming with imagination and creativity. This is a secret and beautiful space that can only be viewed from inside the hospital and its song can only be heard through a few special pipes or by tuning into its special radio frequency. It is a place that sparks the imagination and supports the human spirit while bringing comfort to those in need.

Modern Art by Denimu

I discovered British modern artist Denimu aka Ian Berry last week while visiting a gallery in Hampstead, London. I immediately  fell in love with his art and was so impressed when I realized that they were all made out of denim. The guy is obsessed with denim, obsessed to the point where he even changed his name to Denimu and made a career out of turning jeans into works of art. Ian conjures remarkably detailed portraits and urban landscapes using nothing more than discarded jeans. Over many weeks he cuts, stitches and glues using only the varying shades of the fabric to provide contrast and shadow. The effect is extraordinary.

The HP & Intel Project Runway Designer Reunion

During NYC Fashion Week we attended the Project Runway Designer Reunion sponsored by HP and Intel at Skylight West. Project Runway Season 11 premiered January 24 at 9/8c. All of this season’s participants seemed to be at the reunion. The evening kicked off with a VIP champagne reception co-sponsored by the Style Coalition and HP. It included a panel discussion regarding the impact and influence of technology on the fashion industry. The entire night was filled with examples of technological and social media interfaces and their applications within the fashion community. After the panel discussion, it was up to the party where we chatted with Project Runway participants past and present. The models and clothes were beautiful and it was all great fun! Here are just a few snapshots of our wonderful evening.

Fine Art of Lee Clarke

Engaging, surprising and bursting with color barely touch the surface when describing the paintings of artist Lee Clarke. Often using a focal point with radiating bands of color, his work pulls you in while at the same time creating a spatial depth that allows one to move in and around his canvases. Clarke’s playful motif upon closer inspection reveals a well thought out variation of surfaces and techniques that engage the viewer whether directly in front of the painting or twenty feet across the room. Look for his most recent work on his website or at