K Desk by Rafa Kids

Netherlands-based studio Rafa-kids is glad to present imaginary and playful K desk. They have designed this stable and functional desk without compromising its beauty.

Rafa-kids K desk can be set in two different positions: an open and close one. When closed the furniture is clean and elegant. Once the lid is lifted you discover another layer of the desk with rounded corners and hidden organizer. Perfect place to put notebooks , iPad or little toys and treasures. Vertical part is good exposition space for drawings, photos or important messages.

They have put great attention to detailing of their K desk. You will see no screws or connectors outside. Closing the lid is yet another experience. Completely hidden dampers are softly closing the lid protecting children’s fingers from being shut.The desk is made from Finnish birch wood and plywood and available in natural finish.

The desk goes perfectly with x stool from Rafa-kids which will be added to our collection soon.

Such a beautiful piece isn’t it??

Sissy + Marley New Wallpaper Collection

I fall in love with this beautiful animal print wallpaper collection by Sissy + Marley, it super cute in a kids bedroom or a tiny place like a powder room.


IKEA Brings the Circus

If your child is eager to be a Cirque du Soleil performer or just likes to play a circus time at home, don’t worry now you can find all of this in Ikea….. yes the big yellow/ blue store with the affordable furniture collection.

The new play collection, including a swing, juggling set and gym matt builds on the skills and flair of the circus to inspire children to play, move and be more active while at home. Specially designed as a collaboration between Children’s IKEA and the Swedish contemporary circus company Cirkus Cirkor, the play collection is custom-made to make it exciting and engaging for kids to practice skills like balance, collaboration, concentration, social interaction and coordination.

Spring Kindergarten by Joey Ho Design

Spring is a newly established learning center for children that eschews the fairytale cliche of its genre: space filled rainbow colours, cartoon characters, toys and stuff, which is often the result of superimposing an adult’s perspective onto the space. This amazing space designed by Joey Ho Design architecture company based in Hong Kong.

For this project, the designer tried to look at the picture from a child’s viewpoint, and concentrate on the learning experience as a whole. The aim is to formulate a space that caters to children’s both physical and psychological needs, and ultimately help them achieve their development and learning potential.