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4 Interior Design Hacks For Stunning Living Room Décor

Your living room is perhaps the one area of the home where you and your family will spend the most time together,  so it only makes sense that its decor is warm, inviting and is able to provide a bespoke level of comfort. Depending upon the room in question, this can be a difficult challenge and you may find yourself torn between different design options. This latest guest post takes a quick look at some of the most effective tips and tricks that will allow any living room to leave a lasting impression.
In Living Colour
One of the first variables to consider is the desired colour scheme. Warmer and darker tones such as sienna, brown and mauve are ideal for larger rooms, as they will help to counteract a feeling of overwhelming size. In the same manner, lighter tones and pale pastels are perfect choices for a smaller area; they can provide the illusion of space. In regards to either choice, it is wise to keep the colours from being overly intense, as doing so can actually detract from other aspects of the room.

Light Up the Room
The placement of natural and artificial light is another key consideration. Rooms with larger windows should take as much advantage of exterior light as possible – try to avoid placing furniture in front of or near a window that might obstruct natural light. However, you may find that your room lacks enough windows to provide bucket-loads of natural light.


In this case, your choice of lighting will depend upon the style that you wish to portray. Traditional or Victorian decor can be complimented by the use of table lamps or free-standing fixtures. A more contemporary ambiance can be achieved with the use of wall lights. These will take up little space and are perfect if your room is rather diminutive in size. Thankfully, there are a host of lighting styles to choose from.

Flooring Tips

Although this factor is frequently overlooked, the type of flooring can be considered one of the “make-or-break” areas within your room. Carpeted floors can offer a warm and cosy feel to larger areas while wooden floors will imbue a sense of “cleanliness”. In living rooms, both options can be made possible by exposing any wood flooring (if it exists) and strategically placing a few plush throw rugs nearby.


If original wood floors are not present, modern do-it-yourself options abound and are quite cost-effective alternatives. If you have pets around the home, a wood floor is one of the best ways to maintain a clean and sanitary living room.

The Timeless Quality Of Solid Wood Furniture

One of the most beneficial aspects in regards to solid wood furniture is that it is just as appropriate for contemporary designs as it is perfect for traditional living room decor. Also, there are countless wood types, finishes and tones to choose from.


Not only is this option beautiful, but it is also very functional. Pieces such as solid oak displays, dressers and end tables are built to last while they will also provide a natural appeal that composite materials can never accomplish. Thankfully, quality suppliers such as Furniture4YourHome will offer a nearly limitless number of choices and as this furniture can also be painted, colour is always an option.

These are some of the top-rated tips that will provide a sense of life and uniqueness to your living room. Of course, combining one or more of these methods will make for an even more striking impression. Above all, it is important that your room boasts a personality which matches the rest of your home. The end result will be an area that is inviting, comfortable and visually appealing.


Posted by Michelle Lesser at 18 August, 2014


Industrial chic: contemporary makeovers for your home


Statement lighting, varying textures, exposed brick and urban furnishings are just four of the key foundations for any industrial makeover. Get the basic elements right and it doesn’t matter if you live in a converted warehouse or a suburban cottage, any home can embrace factory-cool.

Traditionally chosen for loft-style apartments with high ceilings and rustic wooden beams, the trend has now been incorporated into a range of buildings. From homes and bars to hairdressers and estate agents, everyone is looking to embrace the aesthetic that celebrates Britain’s once booming manufacturing trade.

The best thing about industrial décor is how it can be easily fused into your space. There is a lot of fun to be had in browsing second hand shops, vintage markets, car boot sales and online stores for everything from scratched metal tables, old school desks, retro chairs and galvanised steel trolleys that work great as TV stands or coffee tables.

Rather order new than salvage? There is an abundance of retailers who have embraced the trend, offering factory-inspired lamps, metal stools, vintage cinema chairs and more. What you decide to furnish your home with is simply dependant on the proportions of your room.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 27 June, 2014


Four Reasons Why You Need a Professional to Install Custom Window Treatments

When it comes to home decor projects, it’s important to make sure everything is done right the first time to avoid any potential headaches. Installing new window treatments in your home may seem easy at first, but there are many aspects to take into consideration to ensure the best results. You have to account for measuring, installing, design planning and much more, which can add unnecessary stress to your project. Rather than putting yourself through all the trouble, try outsourcing the project to a professional window treatment specialist who can help turn your home decor dreams into reality. Here are some of the advantages of hiring a professional installer versus taking on a window treatment project yourself:

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 20 June, 2014


6 tips to make your summer garden party pretty


It’s such a pretty time of the year in the garden; the roses are blooming, the birds are nesting, the evenings are longer, you’ve probably even thought about getting out the BBQ. If you’re lucky enough to have some outdoor space attached to your home, this is the time of year that you’ll really start to use it. There’s always a bit of maintenance to do at the start of the season, so follow SigmaLondon’s quick and easy ideas to help get your garden in shape – before you think about planning a party. Then it’ll be party-ready in no time.


Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 20 June, 2014


Create Professional-looking Drawings When Using a Drafting Table

When you’re looking to draw anything, it helps to have a firm grasp on what you’re drawing as well as making sure you have all the right tools. While many people are perfectly fine drawing on a flat table, it is just not the best way to draw. You do not get the best use of space, or the right way to see what you’re doing as you’re working. If you have a drafting table to draw with, you’re going to produce much better work than you possibly could any other way. This is true whether you’re looking to use a drafting table in your home, office or school.

What is the Difference between a Drafting Table and a Regular Table?

The most obvious difference between a drafting table and a regular table is that a drafting table can be locked at an angle. This is not the only difference between the two. Keep in mind that most drafting tables are a little higher than a regular flat table. This will allow you to work either standing up or sitting down on an elevated chair. Keep in mind that many drafting tables, like Vast Market drafting tables, are adjustable for height, or they come in a variety of heights to suit your needs. Make sure you pay attention to how you’re going to use the table when you’re thinking about selecting one. Another great feature you can get a lot of use out of is the variety of different places where you can store equipment. Depending on the model you purchase, there may be trays on the side of the table or slots where you can put pencils and pens vertically so they are always within reach. The lip on the bottom of the drafting table is another perfect place where you can store your pens and pencils when not in use.

Where You Can Use a Drafting Table

While the drafting table’s primary use is for drawing, this doesn’t mean it has to be confined to an art studio. In fact, many people have started realizing just how wonderful these tables are for performing a variety of tasks. Schools can use them not only in the drawing rooms, but also in the library. Prop oversized books on the table to make it easier to see the book while flipping the pages. Students will not break their backs trying to see every word on the page. If you’re looking to use the table at home, you can use it in the office as well as in a child’s room. Children love having the angle on the table when they’re working on their homework. They are also more inspired to draw something rather than being hooked up to a gaming console all day. If you are thinking about using these tables in an office, they are perfect for any setting where writing is common. It is a lot  easier to write on a drafting table because of how ergonomically correct it is.


How to Get Started with Your Drafting Table

The first thing you’re going to want to do when you’re thinking about using a drafting table is to purchase artist stickers. These are used at the corners of papers to hold them in place while you use the drafting table. You won’t have to struggle to keep the paper in place and the stickers are designed so they will not rip the paper when you remove it from the table. Don’t use scotch tape as this will ruin not only the paper, but the table itself. You should also make sure you have a good lamp attached to the table. The lamp should have an adjustable arm so you can concentrate the light on the table wherever you’re working, according to Drawing Coach. The only other thing you will need to do is figure out the perfect angle for your table.

How to Decide on an Angle

When you’re positioning your table, you’re going to want to try a few different angles until you find the one that’s perfect for you. The pitch to the table will allow you to have your papers a lot closer to you as you work, but consider what you give up when you start going too vertical.  Adjusting the table is quite easy to accomplish by simply moving the table until it is in the perfect position for you. If you’re someone who likes to hunker down on the work you’re doing, you might want to only have a slight pitch to the table. Something like a 30-degree pitch might be perfect for you. If you like to stand up or sit up straight while you’re working, you might consider a much sharper angle. In this case, think about putting the table at a 60- or 70-degree angle. You may not want anything beyond this or you might as well be working on the wall. Remember to lock the table top in place regardless of what angle you use so it will not fall while you’re working.



Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 17 June, 2014


Under Cover: Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is becoming a common thermal option in many modern homes. Just several years ago, this underfloor heating system was more rare, and reserved typically for wealthier homeowners. Not so today.

The benefits are numerous, so if you’re considering installing this type of heating system, take into consideration the following:

Clean Air: Dirty ducts are the root of many allergy problems. Duct cleaning is a hassle and can never fully resolve the dust mite issue. Instead, radiant heating is a superior option for allergy suffers, as all of the heating system is nestled underneath the floor. There is no forced air or dusty vents blowing air. Plus, underfloor heating emits zero harmful gases like CO2 so it’s also considered an eco-friendly alternative.

Coverage: Since the system, whether via pipes or electric heating units, is designed according to the room layout, the heat distribution is balanced throughout the space. A stand-alone radiator and even scattered vents couldn’t accomplish this task the same way.

Savings: While the initial installation of an underfloor heating system could be considered an investment, the maintenance is actually quite cost-effective when compared to traditional heating methods.

Aesthetics: Radiators indeed provide a sense of nostalgia…but that’s about it when it comes to incorporating them into fresh home design. Specialty companies like Ambiente Systems UK provide an array of underfloor heating designs, so your fabulous decorating can take place however you wish–and without eye sores.

Materials: One of the best parts of this progressive floor heating system is the ability to choose from an array of natural stone, ceramic tile, wood flooring…just about any surface you can imagine. That travertine marble flooring can now be both beautiful to look at, as well as comfortably cozy even in the coldest months of winter.

Whether building a new home or renovating your existing one, underfloor heating is a superior option that is green, budget-friendly and enjoyable for years to come.

Posted by Suzanne at 12 June, 2014


On Trend: 2014 Paint Colors

Paint can be practical but also manages to magically transform an interior space from functional to fabulous. No matter the size, type or layout of the room, the right paint hue makes a world of difference. Paint can enhance moods, create settings and portray a vibe that beckons to be enjoyed.

For 2014, here are our Best Paint Picks:

Blues: We’ve been seeing an influx of “coastal” living, more relaxed, beachy designs across the board from furnishings to flooring to room styles. So now is the time to inject some of that ocean breeze into your everyday living. The impact is soothing but is sure to make waves.

Greens: From crisp greens to rich emeralds, interiors are being revived with these cheery, organic hues. For a fresh look, mix a grassy green against a bright white backdrop of furnishings and throw in some orange accessories for punch.

Yellows: To add a touch of happiness to any space, yellow will do the trick. The spectrum can range from lemon to sunshine and golden to cream, but when accented with glossy white trim and mouldings, the final product is perfection.

Grey: Grey is the new black. Well, okay, at least it’s considered one of the hottest neutrals out there right now. This shade varies from silvery tones to those injected with purple undertones, creating a dramatic visual for any room.

Rust: This color is making a comeback and leans towards burnt orange. We think it is excellent as a single-accent wall, especially when the rest of the room may be a palette of cream and sunny yellow.

To enhance your new paint outcome, hire a professional. Decorating contractors like F&CD Wells are well-versed in paint products and top techniques while protecting your furnishings and other surfaces, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy your fabulous, freshly-painted interiors.




Posted by Suzanne at 11 June, 2014



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