NYC Townhouse Renovation by Turett Collaborative Architects


Leroy Street,NYC Townhouse renovation by Turett Collaborative Architects.

Turett Collaborative Architects bold, original design created a spacious, airy, and inventive house out of a former garage. The owner’s investment (purchase price and gross cost of the excavation) approximately doubled after the work was completed.

Brooklyn Brownstone furnished by Jessica Helgerson


Interior designer Jessica Helgerson furnished this modern brownstone located in the heart of Fort Greene,Brooklyn with lots of bold colours and patterns. My favourite part of the house is the dining area with the lacquered turquoise chairs and the geomateric bookcase behind makes it so unique and inspiring.

“For this project we were asked to furnish a recently remodeled brownstone in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn. Our clients were a young couple with a penchant for pop art, bright colors and fresh modern design. They asked us to be very bold with color and playful with the design and we had fun doing just that.

Upper East Side Brownstone by Frank M. DeBono

Upper-East-Side-Brownstone-Frank M. DeBono-1

Brownstone were always my favourite especially for someone who lives in Hoboken, NJ, they narrow, old and lack of light but in the other hand they fun to renovate, mixing old and new makes them look sophisticated.

This beautiful brownstone with lots of natural light is on the Upper East Side in New York City designed by Frank M. DeBono.


A’Design Award & Competition Winners: Architecture


A’Design Award & Competition is an international juried competition which creates a platform for companies, designers, architects and innovators to showcase their works across varied categories while garnering press and publicity to help carry these inventive design concepts forward.

We at Chic Tip have gathered our ‘Top Ten’ A’Design Award Winners for the Architecture/Building/Structure Design category. Enjoy these sites to be seen!:



Golden Moon by Laboratory for Explorative

A remarkable modern derivative of a traditional Chinese lantern and homage to the burning love story of Chang’e the Moon Goddess of Immortality, this six-story incandescent public space structure is comprised of a computer-generated steel grid, bamboo, concrete and finally stretch fabric in fiery hues of red, orange and bordeaux. A sensational abstract flame, the sphere was installed upon a reflective pool in Hong Kong’s Victoria Park as a choreographed sound and light pavilion to be enjoyed by the public during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Moor Street Townhouses by Milieu Property


Milieu Property created five luxury townhouses located in Fitzroy, Melbourne. The project features an environmentally sustainable design with warm, monochromatic palettes, open-plan design and a white-washed oak timber flooring.

Elegant and industrial, the townhouses mirror the dynamic cultural precinct. The brief was to create a private and secure oasis, while mirroring the the contrasts of the surroundings. The townhouses are rough yet refined, elegant yet urban. The design features a cement rendered finish and metal roof on the exterior, while an abundance of natural light is prevalent throughout the building. A distinctive bluestone also features extensively throughout the properties, drawing inspiration from the post-modern industrial structures and cobblestone lanes of Melbourne.

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Calvin Street Home by Chris Dyson Architects


Chris Dyson Architects converted a run down Victorian warehouse located in Londra, United Kingdom, into three large luxury units. This project successfully converted a run down Victorian warehouse in Shoreditch into three large, luxury units with a rooftop level copper clad extension. The character of the original warehouse is celebrated at every opportunity and emphasis is placed on using new materials that are complimentary to the character of the existing building.

The building was substantially thermally upgraded using an insulated external render to the exposed party wall which allowed the existing brick internal walls to be exposed and enjoyed. Historic Critall factory windows were refurbished and reinstated and a discreet copper clad box at roof level has large terraces to the north and south.

Photography by Peter Landers