Brooklyn Townhouse with a Roof Top Pool by Ben Herzog Architect


Ben Herzog architect renovated this beautiful Brooklyn townhouse with special pool and deck roof top .

“This townhouse underwent a fairly extensive renovation. We added a new stair bulkhead to the roof and a roof deck with embedded lights, removed a 2-story portion of the rear structural wall and replaced it with glass and aluminum panels, relocated the ‘cellar’ stairs from the front of the house to the back, added two gas fireplaces, removed the boiler and insulated the house completely so that heat can now be provided by highly-efficient heat pump units with no central mechanical room. The owners sourced and selected many of the materials including the beautiful cement tiles”.

Photographer: Marco Valencia

Townhouse at 67 Charles Street in Greenwich Village NYC by Turett Architects

Townhouse-67 Charles-Street-Greenwich-Village-NYC-Turett-Architects-5

Another beautiful renovation of a New York City townhouse, completed at 2011 by Turett Architects.

What I love most about this house is the clean simple entrance,  the white colour with the glass wall makes it so different than other townhouses in the city.

From the architects site:

“The four story townhouse at 67 Charles is situated on a charming tree lined block in the heart of the original Greenwich Village Historic District. Originally constructed as one of a series of three rowhouses in 1867 by Bartlett Smith, the brownstone facade and painted wood cornice is a typical example of the French Second Empire style common to rowhouses built in that period. While the front facade has remained relatively unchanged throughout the building’s history, the interior has seen several renovations throughout the years which were less than kind to its historic bones. Several historic details on the parlor level including base and crown mouldings, a ceiling medallion, and fireplace mantles throughout the house had managed to survive. These historic elements were very dear to the clients, yet they also recognized the value of contemporary space planning, details, and amenities. Their design directive to TCA was threefold: to preserve these historic elements; to create a dialogue between these preserved elements and a decidedly contemporary envelope; and to create a functioning layout complete with modern amenities that would serve the family into the future. In response, TCA created an architectural language to highlight the moments where old and new would interact.

Greenwich Village Townhouse by Turett Collaborative Architects


As part of our series on townhouses here is a beautiful Waverly Place townhouse renovated by Turett Collaborative Architects .


Via the architect

“The new owners of this West Village Manhattan townhouse knew that gutting an historically significant building would be a complex undertaking. They were admirers of Turett’s townhouse renovations elsewhere in the neighborhood and brought his team on board to convert the multi-unit structure into a single family home. Turett’s team had extensive experience with Landmarks, and worked closely with preservationists to anticipate the special needs of the protected facade.

Beautiful Townhouse Exteriors


Townhouses not always look the same, sometime they have a big windows with an arch and sometime they just have a little rectangle windows, they can also have stairs, balconies and a different colours to their exterior, that’s what makes them so special and sophisticated.


The stately 1860 house is a commanding presence in fashionable South Kensington.(via

Block Townhouse Interior in Toronto, Canada by Cecconi Simone

Block-Townhouse-Interior -Toronto-Canada-Cecconi-Simone

This apartment is the model apartment of a new construction townhouse located in Toronto Canada.

For more information go to Cecconi Simone site.

The 662 s.f. show suite is a careful study in urban living, its manifest simplicity belying its essential complexity. It embodies the modern impulse for openness, unity, and fluidity, within which functional parts are accommodated effortlessly. The character of the different zones is easy to read though their interrelationship is dense and multi-faceted.

Carroll Garden Whimsy, Brooklyn by CWB Architects


Carroll Garden is one of my favourite neighbourhood in Brooklyn, every time that I find a house renovated over there I must share it with you guys, this time its CWB Architects that did a fabulous job.

From the architects site:

“This building, like many of the same era, required a complete reconstruction of the floor framing and rear wall. Currently not landmarked, the Carroll Gardens neighborhood granted some freedom when designing the new rear facade. It was a must that the kitchen connect directly to the new lush and active garden (one of the owners is a trained chef), so the design takes full advantage of the southern exposure with maximized glazing.

Fulham Townhouse, London by Juliette Byrne


This colorful eclectic townhouse was designed in 2012 by Juliette Byrne. It’s located in Fulham an up and coming neighbourhood in southwest London, United Kingdom.