Greenwich Village Townhouse by Turett Collaborative Architects


As part of our series on townhouses here is a beautiful Waverly Place townhouse renovated by Turett Collaborative Architects .


Via the architect

“The new owners of this West Village Manhattan townhouse knew that gutting an historically significant building would be a complex undertaking. They were admirers of Turett’s townhouse renovations elsewhere in the neighborhood and brought his team on board to convert the multi-unit structure into a single family home. Turett’s team had extensive experience with Landmarks, and worked closely with preservationists to anticipate the special needs of the protected facade.

Beautiful Townhouse Exteriors


Townhouses not always look the same, sometime they have a big windows with an arch and sometime they just have a little rectangle windows, they can also have stairs, balconies and a different colours to their exterior, that’s what makes them so special and sophisticated.


The stately 1860 house is a commanding presence in fashionable South Kensington.(via

Block Townhouse Interior in Toronto, Canada by Cecconi Simone

Block-Townhouse-Interior -Toronto-Canada-Cecconi-Simone

This apartment is the model apartment of a new construction townhouse located in Toronto Canada.

For more information go to Cecconi Simone site.

The 662 s.f. show suite is a careful study in urban living, its manifest simplicity belying its essential complexity. It embodies the modern impulse for openness, unity, and fluidity, within which functional parts are accommodated effortlessly. The character of the different zones is easy to read though their interrelationship is dense and multi-faceted.

Carroll Garden Whimsy, Brooklyn by CWB Architects


Carroll Garden is one of my favourite neighbourhood in Brooklyn, every time that I find a house renovated over there I must share it with you guys, this time its CWB Architects that did a fabulous job.

From the architects site:

“This building, like many of the same era, required a complete reconstruction of the floor framing and rear wall. Currently not landmarked, the Carroll Gardens neighborhood granted some freedom when designing the new rear facade. It was a must that the kitchen connect directly to the new lush and active garden (one of the owners is a trained chef), so the design takes full advantage of the southern exposure with maximized glazing.

Fulham Townhouse, London by Juliette Byrne


This colorful eclectic townhouse was designed in 2012 by Juliette Byrne. It’s located in Fulham an up and coming neighbourhood in southwest London, United Kingdom.

V House by Pazgersh Architecture + Design


This time I picked a house located in the historical preserved neighbourhoods of  Tel Aviv, Israel. The V house design concept was modern mediterranean house with historical preserved wall. Between the wall to the house is a patio that act as an outdoor foyer. On the ground floor their is an open plan between the patio and the outdoor garden and the swimming pool is set in the garden courtyard.

North York Brownstone in Toronto Canada by UED Studio


I love the way Studio UED designed the small details in this beautiful brownstone on North York, Canada. The wood beams, the way that the fireplace cut the living room wall and the unique powder room, everything screams design.

Where did they got this fabulous coffee table? just love everything about it.