Clerkenwell Design Week, London

Clerkenwell Design Week has established itself as the UK’s leading independent design festival and one of the most acclaimed trade events on the international design calendar, winning Best Festival and Best Cultural Event at the UK Event Awards to attest to its success. Boasting over 60 showrooms, a wealth of creative businesses and more architects per square mile than anywhere else on the planet, CDW takes advantage of this creative hub every May for 3 days.

Starck Organic by Phillipe Starck for Axor

Our next stop at this years NYCxDESIGN was to the Axor Showroom, where we had the pleasure of meeting Phillipe Starck himself. Stark was there introducing his gorgeous new line of bathroom fixtures for the long-established designer-favorite, German brand, Hansgrohe.

He took us through his design process, explaining how he always likes to start with hand sketching rather than jumping in with software-enabled design. Starck further commented on this, saying that he believes when you use computer software for the embryonic stage of a given design ones creativity is limited to the framework or workflow imposed by the software. When one hand draws designs onto a blank canvas, there are no such limitations. For the beautiful Axor bathroom fixtures, Starck had spent months of drawing and re-drawing, and even modeling his designs in order to strip down any unnecessary parts, materials and form.One of his guiding principals is that minimalist design is both elegant and timeless; and therefore we should strive to achieve this wherever possible.

Even considering the fact that I got to meet one of my favorite designers, and certainly one who provides me with a great deal of inspiration. I have to say that I enjoyed this event tremendously and much more than I expected to do so prior to hearing him speak. For this was no ordinary product launch event, in which we typically get a reasonable amount of background information and an unreasonable amount of marketing focus, primarily because Phillipe Starck is both personable and, as it turns out, very funny with an endearing sense of humor. Starck was a showman on this (mini) stage. experienced, witty and able to connect with the audience, he achieved what so many of these launches fail to, an engaging, entertaining and informational product overview, sprinkled with a sense of humility. A chance to enjoy the product, the designer, and the manufacturer, and leave feeling informed and not overwhelmed was a refreshing take on so many product launches that rely on a little champagne or glitz to keep the audience focused. Maybe it was heady mix of design icon and organic theme that swept us off to utopia? While Monsieur Starck was the highlight of the event, of course, it would be rude not to mention the delightful, and organic, lunch snack, as well as the promotional gift bag full of goodies that I proudly photographed when I got home.

Thank you, Phillipe Starck, for a memorable product launch. Thank you, Axor, for the invite – and, lest we forget, a wonderful range of bathroom hardware perfect for my next project!


2013 NYC Design Week – Bklyn Designs

We have visited and subsequently reported back to our readership on NYC Design Week many times in the past. This year is different, however, with a new name and a good deal of excitement and buzz to boot. For the first time, New York City officially launches a week in honor of design (it’s more than seven days, but do remember everything is bigger in New York City!). The twelve-day long festival (May 10-21) has been re-branded as NYCxDesign and features city-wide events on everything from fashion and graphic design, to interior design and architecture.

We made a beeline this past weekend to Bklyn Designs, which is being promoted by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and showcases a jury-selected group of Brooklyn-based designers. This gave us the perfect opportunity to say hello to some old faces and welcome some of the new ones fortunate, and talented, enough to be representing Brooklyn – one of the country’s creative strongholds.

We hope you enjoy this snapshot of images from our visit to Bklyn Designs. Stay tuned for more details on this and other events we’ll be taking in during NYCxDesign.




During the period from September 21, 2009, until September 20, 2010, the French designer Guillaume Bardet drew one object a day. As an extension of this «artistic and human performance», from fall 2010 he saw to the creation of each object. He did so in collaboration with fourteen ceramists from the Dieulefit region (Rhône-Alpes, southeast France), where he had settled in 2009 in order to flee the Parisian hullabaloo.

It took a good measure of determination, passion, enthusiasm and energy for Guillaume Bardet to become the hub of an alliance built up of individuals, companies, institutions and collectivities, all of whom agreed to join this human and creative adventure with him for an over two-year period. It also demanded a great deal of nerve and talent for the designer to bare himself, revealing not only his basic concerns and strokes of imagination, but also his weak spots, his doubts and his trial-and-error approach. And all this in order to uncompromisingly give their full due to his formal and aesthetic solutions.

Our Favorite Wallpaper Patterns from the Ideal Home Show

As interior design specialists Increation note in their recent blogs, two of this year’s biggest trends are large graphics and bringing the outside inside. These trends are reflected in our favourite wallpaper designs at this year’s biggest interior show. The designs also show that nostalgia is here to stay for another season.

Pop Up – Mr Perswall

This huge imprint of iconic images of the 50s, 60s and 70s will be sure to transform large spaces and provide a wow factor wherever it is featured. Teamed with blocky 50s inspired sofas or a Saarinen inspired dining suite, this nostalgic collection of portraits will bring the past into your home and make a definite statement. The bright pallet means you have a huge choice of accessories for your room and could redecorate around your feature wall in a multitude of ways.

Liberty’s Spring Summer Home Department

The first time that I heard about Liberty  London was when they collaborated with Target in 2010. I’m not a big fan of floral pattern usually but I must say that it was impressive and I even found myself buying some of their tea cups. Since I moved to London I’ve been to Liberty few times, I love the old building with the tudor style facade and the fresh flowers in the main entrance and the special wood work inside.

The HP & Intel Project Runway Designer Reunion

During NYC Fashion Week we attended the Project Runway Designer Reunion sponsored by HP and Intel at Skylight West. Project Runway Season 11 premiered January 24 at 9/8c. All of this season’s participants seemed to be at the reunion. The evening kicked off with a VIP champagne reception co-sponsored by the Style Coalition and HP. It included a panel discussion regarding the impact and influence of technology on the fashion industry. The entire night was filled with examples of technological and social media interfaces and their applications within the fashion community. After the panel discussion, it was up to the party where we chatted with Project Runway participants past and present. The models and clothes were beautiful and it was all great fun! Here are just a few snapshots of our wonderful evening.