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The Slide Carpet By Lago

And more from Lago the Slide Carpet. The concept of the Slide Carpet is founded on the idea of a rectangle cut in two by a diagonal that generates two rectangular trapezoids which can be combined in myriad ways to generate a real multiplicity of configurations.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 2 May, 2012


Crochet Freestyle by lacasadecotó

Located in Barcelona, Spain, lacasadecotó creates bright and beautiful, freestyle hand-knit and hand-crocheted rugs, floor cushions, and stool covers. All items are handmade crochet cotton and are ideal for kids who love to sit on the floor. Perfect for a kids room. (via)

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 13 April, 2012


Empreinte Carpet By Studio Nocc for Tarkett

A fun and functional proposal by Juan Pablo Naranjo & Jean-Christophe Orthlie from Studio Nocc.

“For an architect or an interior designer, to choose a TARKETT flooring is like choosing a fabric when you’re a stylist. That idea of treating floor as a tissue led us to imagine patterns which, once they are put together, come to life. So we have designed pieces of furniture consisting of pre-cut pieces of flooring which form two seats and a lamp, laying next to their mark”.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 31 January, 2012


Plis Rug By Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance for Chevalier Edition

In collaboration with Chevalier Edition, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance got inspired by his conception of the rug as a living space on the floor, as it was originally used in middle-eastem and eastem cultures. Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance came up with a project associating the rug with a folded form that invites one to live in a quasi-horizontal way. Abstract graphics of the rug evoke the presence of the forms that one places underneath it. There are three forms, each one ofering a different comfort. They are playing with volumes in a very scupltural way. Those forms only make sense when associated with the rug. With this project, the rug becomes a living space that goes beyond the object. Every user can compose their own rug and eventually take possession of it.

Rugs are made of hand-knoted wool and forms are made of Corian.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 30 January, 2012


Children Play Rug By Youlka Design

This is just one of a truly innovative collection of rugs by French company Youlka Design.
Each playful design is essentially two layers of wool felt, with the top one laser cut so that the coloured pieces are removable like a giant puzzle. They’re beautifully made and hand-dyed with gorgeous colours and several patterns to choose from. Great for a playroom, they do look amazing and would keep little fingers busy for hours.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 1 December, 2011

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What Do You Think of Rugs?


When you think of rugs, one of the main images that springs to mind is of a big bear rug in front of a roaring fire, somewhere in the mountains. But, this year, the public image of the rug is set to change drastically as they make their big comeback into society. With rugs set to be the latest big thing, here are a few suggestions to help you get the most out of your rugs.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 25 August, 2011

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Sonya Winner Rugs

Sonya Winner rugs designed to suit today’s open plan living, these rugs are not only beautiful accents in any home, they are also hardwaering and  durable. These contemporary designs transform any space and add warmth, texture and vibrancy.

Each design can be adapted to work within your color scheme and room dimensions.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 28 July, 2011



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