The Wrinkle Table and the Tangle Bar Stool by Clark Bardsley

Wrinkle’ – Wrinkle bent steel tube used for furniture range by Clark Bardsley.

Clark Bardsley Design (CBD) worked closely with a specialist tube bender to create the unique wrinkle bend detail that playfully emphasises the plasticity of steel. So far the detail has been used in the ‘Tangle’ range of stools and tables, and a zigzagging low circular coffee table.

Modern Furniture : Lavitta by Poiat

The First member of Lavitta collection by Helsinki-based design studio Poiat is a small chair that draws upon the influences of traditional Finnish outdoor furniture. Now this countryside classic that has the generous combination of two structural parts – the seat, rear legs, back rest and front legs – has been given a new interpretation and more sophisticated appearance in the form of Lavitta chair.

The chair is made of two mould pressed pieces of vaneered plywood and its surface are stained. The extremely simple form and elegant palette of materials make the chair perfect choise for every interior from private homes to public spaces. Just have a seat…

Modern Furniture : Halo by Michael Sodeau

Hypetex, the world’s first coloured carbon fibre brand, is collaborating with renowned furniture designer Michael Sodeau to create an exclusive lounge chair that will be displayed at central London’s leading design show, designjunction this September.

Entitled Halo, the lightweight lounge chair is produced entirely from Hypetex and has been designed to utilise the unique properties of this new composite material.

Thin tapered supports connect the circular back to the rear legs giving Halo its graphic simplicity, and the impression that the back is floating independently from the seat. The exceptionally thin wing-shaped seat sits on three legs, providing it with both stability and a visual lightness that echoes the reflective qualities of the material.

Michael Sodeau said: “Hypetex has opened doors in terms of new design possibilities. Its strength, lightness and vibrant colour options make it an exciting new material for the design industry.”

Hypetex is a high-tech composite material that has been created by leading engineers from the world of Formula One racing, following seven years of research and development. It is light, bright, bold and strong, making it ideal for use in the design world.

Modern Furniture : Mannequin Chair by WertelOberfell

These comfy looking modern chairs were designed by German design studio WertelOberfell. The raw shape of the Mannequin chair is plain, friendly, ergonomic and comfortable. The choice of one of the three ‘quilted dresses’ & bases gives the chair it’s final character.
The inspiration for it comes from our interest in patterns & structures and the concept of changing the appearance of a chair by dressing it in different ‘clothes’.


Up in the Air Side Table by Úbeda & Canalda for Viccarbe

A striking occasional table for home and contract use. The white lacquered cylindrical table is made from a patented environment-friendly resin that contains handmade fish replicas, therefore no need of additional decoration than themselves. The designers explain: Fish that aren’t fish. That seem to float in water that isn’t water. They seem to be suspended in air that isn’t air. Like a dream. A wonderful mixture between minimalism and poetry is the result of this charming project, that is available in different versions of fish compositions and table sizes. For more information go to Northern Icon.


ARKYS chair by Jean-Marie Massaud for eumenes

A comfortable and cosy armchair, the strong personality of Arkys is expressed through its metal mesh shell. Arkys is available in two versions: basic, with epoxy-polyester-painted steel in various colours and outdoor version in zinc-coated and powder-coated steel. There are several ways to customize it: the metal supporting structure comes painted in six colours, which can be freely combined with the seven colours of the seat. Arkys is also provided with a cushion and a backrest-cover in Kvadrat fabric, in various colours. Thus it can be dressed according to the requirements of the setting and the taste of the customer, becoming a protagonist of your interiors, with a rich and enveloping look, or a flashy point in your outdoor.