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Float Table by PINCH

London-based design studio PINCH have created a series of side tables named Float.
A series of side tables of varying shades and combinations inspired by fishermen’s floats. Hand turned and individually stained in a selection of colours.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 24 June, 2014


Tabu Chair by Eugeni Quitllet for Alias

Barcelona-based designer Eugeni Quitllet’s ‘Tabu’ for Alias reinterprets the hand-crafted tradition of chair-making using digital fabrication, digitally carving and assembling FSC certified wood to create a series of contemporary chairs with various seat backs. There are five different versions/generations of ‘Tabu’, from full back rest to one that doubles as an occasional table. The most striking, a version with a plexiglass backrest. “To synthesize nature in order to naturalize industry. To recover the sense of Authenticity, Beauty and Goodness, ‘Tabu’ is a metaphor of truth.” says the Catalan designer.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 23 June, 2014


3LEGS by Studio Nomad

David Tarcali, a member of the Budapest-based Studio-Nomad, designed a coffee and side table collection called ’3LEGS’. The three different types of tables are inspired by geometric patterns and architectural shapes. The name 3LEGS reflects the simplicity of how these forms work. Each table is folded from a single sheet of 3-millimeter-thick steel that gives it the characteristic abstract appearance seen from different perspectives.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 13 June, 2014


Bounce by Véronique Baer

The BOUNCE collection by Netherlands-based product designer Véronique Baer is a foam sculpture, which transforms into a soft and comfortable chair at the moment when someone sits down. It adapts totally to any kind of body shape and bounces back up, after its user left. The symmetrical shape of the chair invites to sit in it from every side and in every position.

The design is defined by simplicity. Only two foam plates are glued together by their ends to build the body of each chair. Covered by the flexible furniture fabrics of the dutch brand Febrik every chair gets its unique character.

It is fascinating how materials are able to change shape and transform their functions again and again. With BOUNCE the designer shows in how many ways normal furniture foam can be used. A chair can be much more than the usual seat surface with back support and legs. The BOUNCE family consists of three members Anton, Christine and Olaf. Big Anton will surround its user with back and side support when someone sits in it, while Christine is a soft comfortable chair and little Olaf has the function of a stool. They make a lovely picture when standing together.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 12 June, 2014


Modern Furniture : Lift Shelf by Staffan Holm

Swedish designer , Staffan Holm, was intrigued when he was challenged to develop a shelf system, minimal in transportation size with no hassle assembly and a modern timeless appearance. The inspiration immediately turned to extendable scissor lift trucks. The genius construction lets the shelf become fully extracted in a matter of seconds and gives the shelf its special appearance.

The system can be freestanding, built in all directions or hung from the wall, making it a formidable resource when planning a home, office or restaurant.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 11 June, 2014


Affordable Furniture – Zero Compromise

In the hospitality industry, furnishings weigh in at an extremely close second to the space itself. So when it comes to filling these lobbies, restaurants, hotels rooms and patio spaces, the type of furniture, its presentation and the service behing it are all key. Let’s face it, places like these are indeed judged by their “covers,” so exceptional looks and style are imperative.

Whether for a hotel, restaurant, bar or cafe, finding a supplier which delivers the following is crucial to your success, whether renovating an existing space or delving into a brand new one:

  1. Timing: The task of filling any given space in a timely manner can be the difference between a grand opening and, well, a not-so-grand one. Seek a company which is tried, true and trusted for their reliability in fulfilling the given timeline–no exceptions.
  1. Quality: Because your clientele is discerning, you need to be as well. Timeless designs which provide the aesthetic and comfort your guests are seeking is simply what will set you apart from the competition.
  1. Budget: The above said, it truly all comes down to numbers. Being that these industries are driven by appearances, it could be tricky to factor in competitive pricing without sacrificing stylish finds or high quality furnishings and decor.  Eclipse Furniture make this all possible with one-stop-shopping, so seek them out to guarantee you’re getting the best product for not just you, but your target clientele as well.

Bottom line, when furnishing your hospitality space bring in a professional furniture company who has the experience, know-how and affordable offerings which mesh seamlessly with your company’s goals. The mix of these elements not only creates a perfect environment for guests to dwell, linger, live and laugh, but for you, ensures long-term loyalty.




Posted by Suzanne at 28 May, 2014


Alfred Magazine Rack by Seaton Mckeon

A true utility item, the Alfred magazine rack offers a convenient, yet stylish way to organize and store magazines or books. Its design is focused on lasting durability and functionality, with the central handle allowing for versatility in where it is displayed. You can find it here : DesignByThem

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 21 May, 2014



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