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Skidmore Passivhaus – Energy Efficiency Home by In Situ Architecture

This eco friendly house located in Portland, Oregon design by In Situ Architecture firm.

“Located in an existing neighborhood of post-war houses, Skidmore Passivhaus merges contemporary design with the highest level of energy efficiency. Providing a true live / work condition, two separate buildings address the program requirements while creating a unique indoor / outdoor space between. High levels of insulation, extremely airtight construction (tested at .32ach50), high performing triple glazed european windows, and a super-efficient heat recovery ventilator allow the structure to meet the stringent requirements of the German Passivhaus standard. Generous amounts of south facing glazing (.5 shgc) maximize the solar gains for most of the year, while motorized exterior aluminum shades can be lowered to block unwanted summer heat gain resulting in extremely comfortable temperatures year round. An extensive green roof helps manage all stormwater on site, while a roof mounted 4.32 kW PV array provides enough electricity to result in a near net zero and truly sustainable building”.

Photography by Jeremy Bittermann.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 3 July, 2014


Bioclimatic House – Brittany, France by A.Typique Patrice Bideau Architecte

Literally built from the outside in, Gulf of Morbihan House by A. Typique Patrice Bideau is an eco-chic modern dream home rooted in sustainability. Situated in the south of Brittany, France, the exterior gardens and freshwater pool were first designed, allowing the low-energy structure to be built around it.

The approach to the five-bedroom home features basic wood posts linked together by a metal wire fence. This dwelling is evocative of a rural farm house with its pitched roof, arched zinc cladding and timber siding. Taking a closer look, one notices the schistose roof tiles which unify the other natural stone elements seen in the conservatory terrace, rocky burms and intricate landscape design with meandering pathways. An adjacent pergola frames the other opening which joins the kitchen.

Posted by Suzanne at 27 November, 2013


AWeber Communications Headquarters – Chalfont, Pennsylvania by Wulff Architects

When AWeber Communications, an e-mail marketing software company, desired a new modern office space for its headquarters, little did they realize that Philadelphia-based Wulff Architects would not only create an innovative environ, but one that would garner the prestigious LEED Gold certification.

With 71,000 square feet, the offices located in Chalfont, Pennsylvania were especially designed to reflect AWeber’s core values regarding collaboration, innovation, sustainability and, last but certainly not least, fun.

Posted by Suzanne at 24 October, 2013


Green Screen House – Saitama, Japan by Hideo Kumaki Architect Office

Green Screen House in Saitama, Japan is a modern dream home designed by Hideo Kumaki Architect Office. The focal point of the structure lies within the draped “living wall” which follows the entire curve of the structure along its rear exterior.

Providing the obvious shading, this lush green blanket is also a passive cooling system for the home itself. In fact, it was noted that the area underneath it registers ten degrees cooler than the outdoor climate. The foliage connects from the home’s roofline, down to the earth which joins the courtyard, previously a prized rose garden of the owner’s mother.

Posted by Suzanne at 24 October, 2013


Albizia House – Simbithi Eco-Estate, South Africa by Metropole Architects

Well-appointed, dressed in sophisticated finishes and soaring with sleek cantilevered roofs and angled planes, Albizia House by Metropole Architects is a contemporary dream home presiding over one acre in the Simbithi Eco-Estate along South Africa’s Kwa-Zulu-Natal coastline.

The progressive architecture is stunning, a very subtle take on the renowned American architect, John Lautner’s futuristic and mod “Googie” architecture. The two-story estate captivates with its wide range of materials of wood, stone, steel and concrete. Surfaces and textures run the gorgeous gamut from smooth cladding to rustic stacked stone and undulating steel. Elevations excite with geometric configurations becoming balconies, terraces and living zones. Interiors unify with the environment, portraying a blurred differentiation between indoor living and outdoor relaxation.

Posted by Suzanne at 21 October, 2013


Urban Coffee Farm & Brew Bar – Melbourne, Australia by HASSEL

At the core of the 2013 Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, the Urban Coffee Farm & Brew Bar was designed by HASSEL. The modern retail design of this outdoor eco-exhibit was configured in Melbourne’s popular Queensbridge Square and integrated into the city’s massive Red Stair amphitheater.

Resembling a coffee farm, pallets upon pallets of 125 seedlings were shipped in from a retired plantation in New South Wales and organically arranged across the various levels of steps and terrace landings. Tropical plants and trees were also injected into the program, creating an urban jungle to be discovered by city dwellers as they walked along this pedestrian plaza on the Yarra River.

Posted by Suzanne at 8 October, 2013


‘Green’ Binh Thanh House – Vietnam by Vo Trong Nghia and Sanuki + Nishizawa

Drawn from a traditional Vietnamese architectural method utilizing ventilated concrete blocks, the Binh Thanh House, a “green” modern dream home, was created on a tight urban plot. Designed by architect team Vo Trong Nghia and Sanuki + Nishizawa, this six-level townhouse was built for two families and resides in Ho Chi Minh City.

The vertically-driven building features volumes stacked with staggered precision, forming distinct garden terraces on varying floors, which allow for breezes, sunlight and greenery to be enjoyed despite its populated city location.

Posted by Suzanne at 26 September, 2013



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