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Eco-Luxe Prefab Mallorca Retreat by EcoDesignFinca

The Eco-Luxe Prefab Retreat on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca embodies over 4,300 square feet of refined, modern architecture and unconventional passive design. Created by EcoDesignFinca, this dream home sits on acre upon acre of green land in a rural setting.

It’s quite astonishing how far prefabricated homes have actually come. This particular one-story villa was constructed in Germany then brought to its current home in Spain. Having low-energy elements paired with luxurious beauty, this modern retreat features four-bedrooms and three baths. It’s unique H-shaped design lends itself to vast outdoor living areas which, frankly, rival the engaging interior spaces.

Posted by Suzanne at 21 August, 2013

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Green Cube Home – Denver by Re.Dzine

The Green Cube Home in Denver, Colorado is a shining example of what a LEED Platinum-designated building should be. This single-family dwelling designed by Re.Dzine is 1,900 square feet of sustainable, recycled, solar-efficient and low-energy design in place.

Sitting on a small lot, this three-level show home portrays an utterly contemporary facade, a delightful mix of alternating brick, steel, timber and concrete. Brown-grey pops against lime-yellow and bold red window framing, making this remodeled structure immediately eye-catching.

Posted by Suzanne at 16 August, 2013


Hover House 3, Venice, California – Glen Irani Architects

Tucked into a small, narrow lot along the historic Venice Canal in Los Angeles, Hover House 3 epitomizes the eco-chic, modern dream home. Designed by Venice-based Glen Irani Architects, this 2,500 square foot, vertically-oriented structure is actually one in a series of thoroughly sustainable abodes.

With a targeted focus on green finishes and materials, solar power and wind energy, this stacked box offers three levels of multifunctional spaces: a ground floor of a seamless indoor/outdoor lounge and garage, a second story containing light-filled living spaces and the third level which features the three bedrooms and home offices.

Posted by Suzanne at 16 August, 2013


HOK Self-Designed London Offices

Global architecture and planning firm, HOK, self-designed their new London offices in the Qube building in the hip and bustling Fitzrovia district. With just over 18,000 square feet, this innovative, modern commercial design amazingly fell within the set budget.

An open plan, the office embodies such a level of sustainability that it received the highly-coveted LEED Gold certification–the first in the entire UK. Materials such as recycled glass, FSC-sourced timber, lambs’ wool insulation and low-VOC paints, finishes and office furniture were all implemented. Natural light is everywhere, with huge windows and glass rooftops providing a low-energy source to the sprawling office space.

Flexibility meets function, with shared work desks unifying staff and enhancing collaboration. So striking is the lime-green focus color–from mod chairs to smooth painted floors–with yellow, red and white enhancing that bold hue throughout the space.

This can be replicated by entrepreneurs and companies looking to reinvent their office space and show off their existing office collections in all its grandeur from  a completely re-imagined perspective.

Posted by Suzanne at 16 July, 2013


New Forest House – Southern England by PAD Studio

The New Forest House is an eco-gem, a modern dream home nestled within preserved woodlands, heaths and open grassy spaces in southern England. Hampshire-based architects PAD Studio was assigned this project which maintains a restrained footprint on the vast, verdant landscape which embraces it.

At just under 1,300 square feet, this modern dwelling replaces a former cottage, and sits on 18.5 acres of the New Forest National Park. Three bedrooms, a living room, dining room and kitchen seem plentiful, especially with the uninterrupted views of the rolling land appreciated from every space. A basement with media room and utility storage, as well as separate guest quarters, are also incorporated into this humble floorplan.

Posted by Suzanne at 9 July, 2013


Eco-Friendly Meatpacking District Loft by Design Development NYC, wUNDERground and Damon Liss Design

A true collaborative effort by Design Development NYC, architecture firm wUNDERground and Damon Liss Design, the Eco-Friendly Meatpacking District Loft is a 3,600 square foot space which has been entirely transformed from two separate lofts sitting one floor apart. Now a two-level modern dream home, this duplex provides plentiful space, bright light and functionality for the young family of five living there.

Downstairs, the main living area encompasses a shared living room and dining room, playroom and sizable eat-in kitchen. Upstairs the master suite, children’s bedrooms, workspace and laundry room can be found.

Posted by Suzanne at 20 June, 2013


Stacking Green House – Saigon, Vietnam by Vo Trong Nghia Co.

The Stacking Green House in Saigon, Vietnam is an exemplary modern dream home which embodies the very essence of eco-conscious design. Envisioned and executed by acclaimed Vietnamese architect Vo Trong Nghia for a young family and grandmother, this structure wows with innovation and simplicity.

The natural materials (concrete, granite, wood and plants) utilized to create such a stunning home resonates with me. Based on a typical “tube house” traditionally found throughout the country’s architecture, this white concrete dwelling goes beyond. Clad with a facade of 12 magnificent levels of cantilevered planters which ascend vertically, this structure ultimately reaches a grass rooftop blossoming with flowers and small trees. This dense greenery graciously acts as a “living” screen to the dwelling, deflecting the harsh sunlight of this tropical climate, as well as the noise and air pollution of the crowded city.  A system of irrigation pipes adequately waters the flora at the touch of a button.

Step inside where matte wood flooring and linear granite walls create movement and a spacious feel to the otherwise modest rooms. I also respect the ingenuity of the four-story layout which encompasses 2,368 square feet on a lot a mere 13 feet wide by 30 feet deep.

The ground floor houses one bedroom and a small courtyard, a special feature desired by the residents. A straight, narrow wooden staircase becomes sculptural with uplighting on one side. The other three levels house the main living area, kitchen and master suite. The master bathroom is an enviable space with a huge soaking tub and bowl basin with suspended vanity. The child’s room rests at the top.

Wood-framed glazed walls with doors act as optional partitions between the planters and the home’s interior. A central light shaft topped by a skylight penetrates all four floors creating a free space for daylight–and moonlight–to bounce. When sunlight peeps through the greennery, mesmerizing organic shadows and verdant hues are cast upon the living spaces.

This Stacking Green House is a modern, eco-dream house, brimming with beauty plus efficiency, inspiring not only today but for many future generations to come.

Photography by Hiroyuki Oki.

Posted by Suzanne at 30 May, 2013



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