Albizia House – Simbithi Eco-Estate, South Africa by Metropole Architects

Well-appointed, dressed in sophisticated finishes and soaring with sleek cantilevered roofs and angled planes, Albizia House by Metropole Architects is a contemporary dream home presiding over one acre in the Simbithi Eco-Estate along South Africa’s Kwa-Zulu-Natal coastline.

The progressive architecture is stunning, a very subtle take on the renowned American architect, John Lautner’s futuristic and mod “Googie” architecture. The two-story estate captivates with its wide range of materials of wood, stone, steel and concrete. Surfaces and textures run the gorgeous gamut from smooth cladding to rustic stacked stone and undulating steel. Elevations excite with geometric configurations becoming balconies, terraces and living zones. Interiors unify with the environment, portraying a blurred differentiation between indoor living and outdoor relaxation.

Urban Coffee Farm & Brew Bar – Melbourne, Australia by HASSEL

At the core of the 2013 Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, the Urban Coffee Farm & Brew Bar was designed by HASSEL. The modern retail design of this outdoor eco-exhibit was configured in Melbourne’s popular Queensbridge Square and integrated into the city’s massive Red Stair amphitheater.

Resembling a coffee farm, pallets upon pallets of 125 seedlings were shipped in from a retired plantation in New South Wales and organically arranged across the various levels of steps and terrace landings. Tropical plants and trees were also injected into the program, creating an urban jungle to be discovered by city dwellers as they walked along this pedestrian plaza on the Yarra River.

‘Green’ Binh Thanh House – Vietnam by Vo Trong Nghia and Sanuki + Nishizawa

Drawn from a traditional Vietnamese architectural method utilizing ventilated concrete blocks, the Binh Thanh House, a “green” modern dream home, was created on a tight urban plot. Designed by architect team Vo Trong Nghia and Sanuki + Nishizawa, this six-level townhouse was built for two families and resides in Ho Chi Minh City.

The vertically-driven building features volumes stacked with staggered precision, forming distinct garden terraces on varying floors, which allow for breezes, sunlight and greenery to be enjoyed despite its populated city location.

The Wall House – Singapore by Farm Architects

When two houses are harmoniously fused by way of layered green roofs, you know an architectural masterpiece has just been created. The Wall House in Singapore by Farm Architects is such a place, a modern dream home embracing Chinese tradition.

With virtually 12,000 square feet, this two-story green retreat sits in an urban setting, yet feels none of the hectic pace. Conversely, this zen-like ambiance soothes with lush greenery blanketed upon two separate granite-clad boxes unified via one generous central courtyard entrance. Delicate trees are planted from within the foundation, sprouting up through one of several freeform oculi. These treetops reach beyond the second level of the home sprouting through a cut-out in the shallow rooftop pool. Various other water features stream throughout the meticulously landscaped compound, wrapping the structures in an almost moat-like manner.

Eco-Luxe Prefab Mallorca Retreat by EcoDesignFinca

The Eco-Luxe Prefab Retreat on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca embodies over 4,300 square feet of refined, modern architecture and unconventional passive design. Created by EcoDesignFinca, this dream home sits on acre upon acre of green land in a rural setting.

It’s quite astonishing how far prefabricated homes have actually come. This particular one-story villa was constructed in Germany then brought to its current home in Spain. Having low-energy elements paired with luxurious beauty, this modern retreat features four-bedrooms and three baths. It’s unique H-shaped design lends itself to vast outdoor living areas which, frankly, rival the engaging interior spaces.

Green Cube Home – Denver by Re.Dzine

The Green Cube Home in Denver, Colorado is a shining example of what a LEED Platinum-designated building should be. This single-family dwelling designed by Re.Dzine is 1,900 square feet of sustainable, recycled, solar-efficient and low-energy design in place.

Sitting on a small lot, this three-level show home portrays an utterly contemporary facade, a delightful mix of alternating brick, steel, timber and concrete. Brown-grey pops against lime-yellow and bold red window framing, making this remodeled structure immediately eye-catching.

Hover House 3, Venice, California – Glen Irani Architects

Tucked into a small, narrow lot along the historic Venice Canal in Los Angeles, Hover House 3 epitomizes the eco-chic, modern dream home. Designed by Venice-based Glen Irani Architects, this 2,500 square foot, vertically-oriented structure is actually one in a series of thoroughly sustainable abodes.

With a targeted focus on green finishes and materials, solar power and wind energy, this stacked box offers three levels of multifunctional spaces: a ground floor of a seamless indoor/outdoor lounge and garage, a second story containing light-filled living spaces and the third level which features the three bedrooms and home offices.