My Favourite Menorahs


Chic designer Jonathan Adler created this delightful menorah. Consisting of a happy family of nine modular pieces, each piece is reversible with a hipster on one side and an older character on the other. If you look closely, you will see a Jewish star necklace around the women! The shamash is slightly elevated.

Black Modern Menorah by Ariel Zukerman.

The Hanuka 21 menorah from EightDays Design is an active octahedron, symbolizing the interactive and celebratory qualities of Hanukkah. With each new day of the holiday, the menorah must be turned to a new side, rendering it an active and dynamic object. Each of the eight sides has a corresponding number of Hanukkah candle holders for each of the eight nights of the holiday

Celebrate Hanukkah with this playful Elephant Menorah by designer Jonathan Adler.

In honor of its centennial, The Jewish Museum commissioned world-renowned designer Karim Rashid to design this unique menorah. Created in his signature colors, forms and materials, this bold statement brings a contemporary look to a traditional ritual object. It is a fitting celebration of Hanukkah for the 21st century. The menorah includes 45 coordinating Hanukkah candles, as well as removable metal candle inserts for easy cleaning. The menorah is also available in orange and blue. (the green menorah)
The Tangram Menorah is a playful, modular menorah for Hanukkah. Nine menorah pieces can be configured into any shape you can imagine. Or, try to put the puzzle back together into the included tray. The square piece is designed slightly taller to be used as the shamash. Raised brass candle cups hold traditional sized Hanukkah candles. Each Tangram Menorah is handmade by Studio Armadillo in Israel.

Cork Menorah.

All those beautiful menorahs and much more you can buy on the Jewish Museum store.

Main Street Makeover in Hoboken by Susan Swimmer


Small Business Saturday celebrates its fifth anniversary and kick-off the holiday season for small, independent businesses. Held each year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday is a day for communities to come together and celebrate the businesses that keep their neighborhoods thriving.
This year ,my small home town of Hoboken, was selected for a ‘Main Street Makeover’, how lucky are we? Celebrity designer, Susan Swimmer, has selected a Nautical theme to honor Hoboken’s rich waterfront history. This Nautical theme has a traditional Christmas spin to it using red, white, silver and bright blue accents.



Ideas for Decorating Your Windows this Christmas

The festive season is almost upon us, so you’re no doubt thinking about how to decorate your home, and to out-do last year’s efforts. If you’re after something a bit different, why not spruce up your windows and create a unique and classic window display? Especially if you’ve recently replaced your windows from Anglian Home, or other reputable companies, you may want to draw attention to your new and improved home. We’ve come up with a list of some of the best tips in which you can delight the family and the neighbours with dazzling window displays.

Tsuchinoco Designs for Kids


I admit I am a little behind the holiday season with this great product I just stumbled upon, but I am so enchanted with this concept for children’s play and storage structures I could not help myself. Tsuchinoco‘s  products certainly go beyond the holiday season and are so lovely, they are sure to spark the imagination and creativity in every child. This line of children’s products has been created by Masahiro Minami Design in Japan. Although the concept of reinforced corrugated fibreboard is not new in and of itself, this is a very functional design. They have taken the concept to the extent of developing outdoor playground equipment. The cardboard used for the products is not your normal corragated cardboard and it does not contain petroleum products or result in deforestation. It can also be easily recycled at the end of its life unlike many other plastic toys. Currently items can be purchased via the internet from here, but hopefully these and other similar environmentally sensitive items will become increasingly available at a store near you. We determine demand in the market by where we choose to put our dollars and this kind of inspirational design stands to benefit our children and future generations in many different ways.