A’Design Awards Call for Submissions 2014-2015



A’Design Award & Competition has announced its Call for Submissions for 2014-2015. This is a prestigious international juried competition which creates a platform for companies, designers, architects and innovators to showcase their works across varied categories while garnering press and publicity to help carry these inventive design concepts forward.

The grand jury panel is comprised of academics, press members, fellow designers and industry experts who cast their votes independently of each other to ensure fairness and equality across the board. Entrants have until February 28, 2015 to register and submit works for the next A’Design Award & Competition.

Design Award categories are varied and plentiful. Some of the most popular include:

Winners of the A’Design Award & Competition receive an extensive PR campaign, press releases and distribution to magazines and blogs, mention in the official newsletter, a winner’s certificate, inclusion in the annual yearbook publication, award trophy, gala-night invitation, feedback notes by jury, options to sell winning designs, inclusion in both designer and world rankings, invitation to prime events, translation into 20+ languages and more!

Deadline for the A’Design Award & Competition is February 25, 2015 so register today!

Winners will be posted and published on April 15, 2015 so stay tuned…

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A’Design Award & Competition Winners: Interior Design


A’Design Award & Competition is an international juried competition which creates a platform for companies, designers, architects and innovators to showcase their works across varied categories while garnering press and publicity to help carry these inventive design concepts forward.

We at Chic Tip have gathered our ‘Top Ten’ A’Design Award Winners for the Interior Space/Exhibition Design category:


Aix Arome Cafe

This coffee bar and cafe situated in a Shenzhen theme park was designed to mimic the feel and colors of the ocean. A touch of space-age, the cashier is located in a silver and white orb while the seating is arranged in a sea of tonal blues and greens. Suspended from the ceiling are a random collection of blue rod lighting fixtures which are said to mimic the motion of the ocean’s ripples. While the materials of Corian, glass, stainless steel and timber provide a mix of textures, the appearance happens to remain smooth, almost calming, like the sea itself can be.

The Schaller Studio Hotel in Bendigo,Victoria, Australia

Located in the heart of Bendigo, Victoria, The Schaller Studio is the latest addition to the Art Series Hotel Group’s collection of innovative stays for the creative traveller.
The Art Series celebrates artist Mark Schaller as their most recently acquired hotel namesake. As one of Australia’s most prominent working artists, Schaller’s work spans decades and disciplines with his pieces found in major public and private art collections around the globe.
With large edgy communal spaces, rooms filled with original artwork, large scale sculptures and mosaics across the landscaped gardens, guests can fully immerse themselves in the creative process. For a multifaceted art inspired experience, regular art classes, art tours and artisan markets will be on offer at the boutique Bendigo accommodation.

Kale Café by YAMODesign Studio

The beautiful garden café designed by YAMODesign Studio is located on the second floor, due to the limited height of ceiling, several tree lights are scattered into the space, reflecting the theme repeatedly, at the same time, meeting the needs of lighting of the space. Mini-houses become another design element in the space, by changing its form, it mini-houses become the entrance, bar, showcase, toilet and booth, dividing the space. Together with tree lights, mini-houses create a natural building community space. Sitting in here is like sitting under a tree in the side of village.


Peggy Guggenheim Cafe by Hangar Design Group

On June 4 the new Peggy Guggenheim Café was inaugurated at Palazzo Venier dei Leoni in Venice: a redesign project inserted in a unique museum context such as Peggy Guggenheim’s home.
The history of Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, the extraordinary unfinished 18th century building overlooking Canal Grande in Venice, is interwoven with the history of 20th century art. From 1948 to 1979 it was the home of the great collector Peggy Guggenheim, who welcomed artists, collectors and art lovers. In 1980, a year after her death, the building was transformed into one of the most precious museums dedicated to 20th century art.

Working in such a stratified architectural context, full of historic and artistic references, requires entering on your tiptoes. Therefore, the museum café renovation project, designed by Hangar Design Group, started from the need to reorganize the museum layout that leads the visitor to the café. A design premise based on the in-depth study of a benchmark and the need to harmoniously join retail and museum functions, considering the particular location of the space in the building.
Inside Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, the Peggy Guggenheim Café is situated on the veranda facing the internal garden – the green heart of the building – and in front of the museum wing dedicated to temporary exhibits. An obligatory passage, perfectly integrated with what still remains of the coziest and most intimate museum wing, also in terms of volumes.

Reorganizing the space revolves around the dual purpose of, on one hand, emphasizing access to the temporary exhibits through a more rational layout and a portal housing a digital poster, which is also visible from the outside, and on the other, making the space leading to the café and adjacent bookshop more fluid.
This is how a new zoning was redefined, according to the different uses of the space, from a fast lunch at the long counter overlooking the garden to a private lunch in a more concealed space, to a relaxing break in the more intimate room inside. The transition to the exhibition area was highlighted by a large white portal that is inserted in the 18th century architecture, underlining its proportions and articulating the space.
Subsequently, the furnishing was chosen. The formal leit motif is the stylistic essentialness that characterizes the interior design. The minimal counter, custom designed by Arclinea to combine functional efficiency and formal rigor, stands out in the bar area. Tables and chairs, by Desalto, meet the same criterion of light elegance, almost vanishing away. Square shapes were favored to optimize the modularity of the private areas, while round tables elegantly furnish the tearoom, the coziest part of the internal area.

The color scheme consisting of white for the walls, with travertine marble and Istrian stone inserts, or yet again for the furniture, is essential to the choice of exploiting natural light as an element of continuity with the open space of the sculpture garden, an integral part of the exhibition space. The sole concession of color is dark green on the window frames, which introduce the greenery of the outdoor space.
Lighting the space is the “Peggy” light installation, a lamp specifically designed for this space by Hangar Design Group and made by Vistosi. With shapes and black and white inspired by modernism, “Peggy” evokes the spirit of Calder’s mobiles, incorporating the levity and lightness of a rational and elegant mark.
On the walls, large black and white portraits of Peggy show the great collector in her home, commemorating her artistic heritage and giving visitors an unmistakable image of the star of the 20th century. An identity-making memory and iconographic call, also highly visible from the garden across the veranda, the image of Peggy invites the visitor to enter and linger in her rooms.

Project: Peggy Guggenheim Café – June 2014
Designer: Hangar Design Group
Place: Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, Venice
Furnitures companies: Arclinea, Desalto, Vistosi, Mapei, Hausbrandt

Achieve An Extraordinary Beach Vacation In Barbados

To most people the Caribbean evokes images of perfect beaches, sunny weather, and crystal clear water. However, these need not only be images and there are many destinations around the region that can bring them to reality. Barbados is one and the attractions of this beautiful island will ensure that visitors enjoy a Caribbean vacation to remember.


The bays, inlets, and beautiful stretches of sand around the 100km coastline of the island are top reasons why it is favored as a vacation destination. There is absolutely no doubt that a Barbados holiday is perfect for holidaymakers or globetrotters who want to spend countless hours lazing by the beach and enjoying the Caribbean setting. Visitors can choose popular locations that offer all the facilities to just relax or try some beach and water activities. Alternatively they can search out secluded bays and coves that let them enjoy the peace and quiet of some solitude.


The accommodation available on Barbados runs from inexpensive to luxury and everything in between. The island is a premier tourist destination that looks to welcome all visitors and this means that anyone should be able to find somewhere to stay that best suits their finances. Options available include guest houses, self catering apartments, hotels, resorts, and lavish villas. These are available in the cities and towns around the island although there is also plenty of accommodation in the beautiful countryside and right on the beach. This provides a wide range of choices to make a Barbados vacation a possibility for anyone.


The warm evenings on Barbados provide the perfect conditions to enjoy the island’s vibrant nightlife. A quieter, more romantic atmosphere is available on dinner cruises along the coastline, with both scheduled and private rentals available. For a more upbeat time visitors can take in the live bands that play at nightclubs. These typically offer local reggae and calypso beats although some bands will effortlessly turn to other styles. Another popular nighttime attraction is dinner shows. These provide limbo, fire eating, steel band music, and other entertainment along with a buffet meal of local delicacies.

Barbados is one of the gems of the Caribbean for holidaymakers. Its beaches, attractions, and facilities are set up to ensure that visitors will have the time of their life. This makes it the perfect choice for anyone interested in an exotic vacation in a paradise location.

The Standard Spa in Miami Beach

This is exactly what I’m looking for in a hotel when I’m taking a vacation with my husband or a bunch of girlfriends- absorb South Beach’s bustling nightlife and cultural wonders from a luxe spa retreat that mixes European charm with cool design.

André Balazs’ third link in his Standard collection sits on the aptly named Belle Isle, a lush residential island in South Beach, Miami’s Biscayne Bay. It opened in 2006 in a building originally constructed in 1957 to house The Lido Spa. Balazs transformed the antiquated property, maintaining allusions to its origins—the wholesome, organic restaurant is referentially called Lido. The hotel’s general aesthetic scheme is something of a juxtaposition of the authenticity of an old world European bathhouse and the sleek, coolness of Scandinavian design. Its 105 guestrooms are graced with a minimalist feel and cool slate-colored walls, lending an air of calm and refinement. After a long day of yoga, lounging by the pool, swimming laps, being pampered at the full-service spa, or sitting in the hamam, guests can enjoy the best in health-conscious, Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and biodynamic wines.