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World Map Wallpaper Collection from Wallpapered.com

In the field of interior design there is plenty of choice in terms of decorating your home. When addressing blank walls, wallpaper has made a huge comeback in recent times due to the advancement of digital print technology. Speedier and offering more customisable options than traditional block printing; it is no surprise that the wallpaper industry has seen a resurrection in the form of modern and innovative designs.

In particular, world map imagery has fast become iconic in the design world. A sense of unifying across all nations, and also aesthetically pleasing, it’s easy to see why maps are so popular today.

Wallpapered.com is a London based company who specialise in digitally printing custom wallpaper. With their print on demand offering, it is now incredibly easy and straightforward to custom print your wallpaper design to fit the exact dimensions of your wall, allowing complete personalisation and no wastage.


Wallpapered’s collection of  World Map Wallpaper designs are stunning and comprehensive. They have a large range of styles to choose from including a sepia and monochrome version of the world map, to satisfy any interior space. Map wallpaper, which covers your full wall, makes an instant and sensational effect when you walk into the room, drawing your focus to the impressively striking wallpaper. It’s also a very interesting and topical talking point when entertaining guests.

The world map wallpaper would also be an ideal choice for a child’s bedroom or playroom. The cartography design would benefit and inspire children of all ages as well as geography enthusiasts.

This collection of world map wallpaper designs by Wallpapered links together education and learning with great design and aesthetics, which is a winning combination and the perfect choice for a unique home decoration idea.


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