How to Shop for Your New Whirlpool Tub


If you’ve inspected your bathroom and decided that it’s time for a home improvement project, you may want to consider adding a whirlpool bath so that you can relieve your stress at the end of the day in an elegant setting. It’s important to keep notes throughout the process, so buy a notebook, fill it with ideas about what you like and what you don’t want, and remember to have it with you when you begin shopping for your new tub. There are some guidelines that you should follow as you narrow down your choices, so grab your notes, pay close attention, and follow the tips listed below so that you will be completely satisfied with your new tub.

Remodeling the Kitchen: Tips, Tricks, Inspiration for Summer 2015


Why do we “spring clean”? It isn’t just because our homes deserve at least one incredibly thorough cleaning every year. It’s because, after being cooped up inside all winter, we’re all really bored with our surroundings. We’re sick of the same walls and the same decor and the same smells. Spring is just as much about flinging open the windows and letting in the light as it is about giving our homes as big of a makeover as we can afford (and deal with). The world is having new life breathed into it. The same should be done to our homes.
In many areas of the house, this is pretty straightforward. You fling open the windows, maybe switch out a couple of pieces of furniture and hang some different art. You might even paint or put up some wallpaper. In the kitchen, though, things are a lot more complicated.
The reason remodeling and redecorating are so much more complicated in the kitchen are because you aren’t just dealing with fashion. You are also dealing with function. Unless you’re prepared to totally gut the space, you have to work around your plumbing, electrical and sometimes even gas lines.  This is the part of the home that requires the most advanced and detailed planning. Here are some tips and tricks to make it easier.

A Basin with a twist – the Mac Wheel by QS Supplies


Would you ever consider a wheel as a basin? Talk about a creative ride, its distinctive, surprising and your guests will never forget it. Although unusual, it could make an interesting conversation started as a basin in a sports bar, a restaurant, a powder room with a twist, a office bathroom and not to forget a garage.

This basin on wheels with the bottle trap is created by the UK company QS Supplies. The inner bowl is made from a round kitchen sink and the outer rim is actually a recycled tire, how edgy!!! There is also a towel rail on the bottom. The bottle trap ensures excellent hygiene and gives it a neat finish. The set includes a chrome tap and a mirror that eliminate the need for purchasing any additional items and will appeal to your green sensibilities.

I always find it interesting when creative minds find a way to repurpose items from one world in another, and bringing the road into the bathroom is as creative as it can get.


Looking For Inspirational Home Taps

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Taps are one of the aspects of building a house that is often overlooked and yet they such an important part of our homes. We interact with them on a daily basis for washing our hands, cleaning our dishes, brushing our teeth, drinking some fresh water and filling our kettles to make our favourite hot drinks. In a country like Australia where the summer can get really hot, access to cold water is an essential part of our daily life. But which kind of tap should we install in our house?
A variety of different taps
Taps come in all different shapes and forms. The most commonly used ones are called compression water taps. Those come in the form of two separate hot and cold taps which use a washer covered nut which spins to control the flow of water. A tap using a single tap for hot and cold water rather than two taps is known as a mixer tap. A common example of mixer tap is called the ball tap. This is a single tap where a leaver placed on a ball can be rotated left or right to control the water temperature, as well as up or down to control the water flow. A disk tap is another mixer tap, using a handle which can be turned left or right to control both water flow and temperature, making it really easy to use. Finally, the other commonly used tap is called a cartridge tap, where a single tap is controlled by either one or two spinning handles. Commonly, those models are found with two handles; one for hot water, the other for cold water.

Dreamy Double-Sink Bathroom Vanities


One of the most simple ways to update any bathroom is to install a new vanity. Many times the old ones need to be ripped out, but the installation process for a new vanity can be both quick and economical as a package deal. Many luxury bathroom and kitchen design home stores offer a plethora of designs, models and varieties. Double-sink styles are hands-down the most ideal, especially for master bathrooms. Most of these outlets offer both showrooms and easy online shopping, such as Decor Planet.

The true beauty of installing a new vanity is that it’s offered in a pretty, one-stop-shop package. Choose from vanity cabinets, marble countertops, porcelain sink styles, mirrors and faucet design to round out your sophisticated selection. Whether your personal preference is clean-lined classic or more contemporary, these luxe double-sink vanity additions are a perfect match for your modern home interiors.