Redesign: Pantries with Panache

Pantries have come quite a long way. Gone are the days where a small narrow folding door opens to a crawl space-type of closet with barely enough shelves to store your canned goods. Today’s cooks demand so much more and modern pantry redesign delivers with plentiful storage, shelving and space-savvy ideas.

No More Doors: While doors are necessary, pocket doors make the ideal entry to the pantry. Whether a single or double-door, the pantry space is immediately within view and allows the visitor to comfortably step into it. This design also allows for maximizing square footage and utilization of storage shelving within the pantry itself, without that annoying door to block space.

Basket Case: Pull-out baskets–deep or shallow–are ideal for anything from utensils, gadgets, table linens, barware, candles, and just about anything you can imagine. They act as drawers but can be easily viewed allowing for easy access.

Bar None: Ok, admit it, having your own barista-style bar would be heaven. The modern pantry features a counterspace suitable for that gourmet coffee machine, coffee selections, cups, spoons and sweeteners. If caffeine isn’t your calling, then this counter can be used for prep work or even desk-type organization.

Shelf Life: Open shelving is a dream when you need to reach for something quickly. Wide, deep shelves are ideal for serving platters making entertaining a cinch. Built-in shelving with indented racks for wine bottles are also an excellent alternative to the more expensive wine refrigerator. And of course, who wouldn’t appreciate a mini-library for all of those cookbooks which seem to take up all of your counterspace?

Light Bright: A simple yet functional idea is to install recessed lighting within the space, whether underneath shelving or within the ceiling. The bright light will shine on all of your kitchen goods making finding what you need a snap.

Today’s pantry redesign portrays easy-to-integrate concepts which will make cooking and entertaining that much more fabulous!

Walk-In Showers

Normally, for the pure aesthetic, I would choose a bathtub over a shower. And, especially a stand-alone bath, as it gives that romantic feeling to a bathroom. But, having seen these gorgeous walk-in showers while surfing the web, I am open to changing my mind completely.

What makes this collection of showers we compiled here so special? To begin with, they all have the look and feel of showers from a luxury 5-star hotel, or a zen spa – and who doesn’t need a little pampering?  Factor in that some of the hottest design trends — large and spacious showers with no doors, boutique tiles, wooden accents – fit right into these designs and you have a very modern,clean lined and current look for your shower. Add in varying angles of shower sprays, for an invigorating shower experience, or a seating area for comfort and relaxation, style and function have really seldom worked so well together.

A shower space need not be limited by its function, you can achieve an elegant minimalist look yet warm by using wall niches instead of storage shelves, or use rich-colored accessories, such as woven baskets, candles and scented confetti on trays, to warm up the space and have a spa-like atmosphere at home.

So… did I manage to change your mind as well with these eye candy showers?


Monolith by Geberit

Proven technology, contemporary design
The Geberit Monolith sanitary module has been recognized with several international awards and is already a hit with designers and homeowners. All the working parts, including tank and fill and flush valves, are hidden inside a sleek metal-and-glass housing, available in wall-hung or floor-standing models.

Designed for ease of installation
Monolith upgrades the look of any bathroom, with minimal effort. The floor-mounted model is designed to replace a standard tank and toilet, attaching to existing supply and waste connections without structural modifications. Installation can be performed by a plumber alone without raising much construction dust or noise. The toilet can be ready to use in just a few hours.

Pareo Hood from Faber by Samuel Codegoni

Minimalism and Japanese elegance inspire furoshiki, the refined technique of wrapping objects in silk cloths and fabrics to conceal, protect and at the same time enhance the contents of the package. Designer Samuel Codegoni followed the same principle for Pareo. He transformed a sheet of stainless steel, used for wire cloth, into a telescopic hood. Using Faber’s up&down technology, the product gently moves close to the burners. The cylinders which make up the appliance are operated by simple remote control. They slide into each other, closing or opening the telescope, like a cloth folded and refolded on each occasion to create the most appropriate garment – or silk-wrapped package.

VIIVA by Angeletti Ruzza Design for Omikron Design

Conceived by Angeletti Ruzza Design, VIIVA is a wall lamp which also functions as a shelf and has been specifically designed for installation on mirrors of various sizes. Its goal is to provide a linear product that suits any environment and ensures optimal color rendering by using two LED sources, for both direct and indirect lighting. Available in two sizes, it can be installed either symmetrically or off-centre.