Crystalline Serie by Niche Modern

New York-based lighting brand Niche Modern, has launched the Crystalline Series of geometrical lighting which features four glass pendants – Axia, Calla, Delinea, and Trove. Each of the pieces is beautiful on its own but a combination of them all is a total winner!


Pestrin Pendant Lighting by Nicolò Zavagno

Pestrin,pendant light by Venice-based young designer  Nicolò Zavagno whose name derives from the Venetian dialect indicating the place where milk used to be distributed. The shape of the lamp remembers in fact the container used to carry the milk from the “pestrin” back to the house. The use of porcelain and wood takes back to ancient traditions that melt with a minimal and contemporary design whose finish in different colors, diffuses warmth in your environments.



The Drop Top Lamp by Plumen

The Drop Top Lamp Shade by UK based Plumen is a hand-blown tinted glass shade that softens the brightness from side views, whilst allowing the unique Plumen bulb form to be seen and enjoyed. Surfaces beneath are still illuminated fully, making this a beautiful, yet practical shade for countless applications.

Tull Lamp by Tommaso Scaldera for Incipit

Italian designer  Tommaso Scaldera created a beautiful minimalist lamp for Milan-based design brand Incipit. The Tull Lamp, is a lamp of simple and refined design, available in two models, floor or pendant. Its design is a contemporary reinterpretation of the old lamps that are usually found in workshops. Thanks to the metal cage, the light creates spectacular shadow effects.

Modern Lighting : Swirl by Le Klint

Even with a clear reference to the classic design and craftsmanship of LE KLINT, SWIRL is something new. The transparency and shape of the lamp with it´s spiral panels disperses light suitable for all lighting needs while the lamp itself becomes aesthetically pleasurable in the room.

The beautiful closure at the bottom of the lamp also makes it ideal to hang high in any room. SWIRL was designed with the intention to prevent unpleasent glare from the light source.

“Woodspot” by Alessandro Zambelli

 “The Empire of Light” is all about light and its power. Shadows and reflections, darkness and sudden flashes stretch the imagination to its most surreal limit. Magritte’s visionary genius also offers the starting point for our latest design story. Alessandro Zambelli has conceived “Woodspot” for Mantua-based furnisher Seletti. The item is one of the previews of the Mantua-based company’s presence at the next edition of Maison et Objet, scheduled for 5 to 9 September 2014.
Zambelli’s new work is a table lamp assembled and varnished entirely by hand. Joined to the moulded support are a base and a light diffuser, both in pine with a natural finish. The diffuser itself is available in ivory white, flesh pink or pastel green. The base rests at an angle, like the prop of a photo frame. It supports a light diffuser with the unexpected look of a three-dimensional frame, projected to the boundary of unreality. The object’s highly unusual profile stands out. This is an iconic shape, which imposes itself on space. The emerging beam lightens the solid materiality of the wood and casts a warm and compact pool of light in the surrounding darkness. It may seem a figment of the imagination, yet it remains firmly anchored in a quintessentially material reality.
There is nothing schematic about Alessandro Zambelli’s new design, for this is a tale of the unexpected. Woodspot simultaneously surprises, fascinates and enchants, because it conceals something mysterious within itself. This visionary synthesis of material, light and shade blurs the boundaries of everything. Like the Magritte painting, it is a recomposition by different rules which sidestep convention. The result is a new and unusual ideal of beauty.

MIKA 350 Pendant Lamp by A/STUDIO

A/STUDIO have designed MIKA 350, a pendant lamp made from granite and wood.

Designed by A\STUDIO, the MIKA 350 is a pendant lamp inspired by the pallozas houses of the ancient Celtic forts that were built in Galicia from 6th century BC.

The design pays homage to the architectural tradition by using the same granite and wood composition.

The result is a minimalist yet organic object that easily compliments both traditional and modern interiors.