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Mimosa Pendant Lighting by ARETI

The Mimosa Pendant by ARETI presents itself as a large sculptural piece. It is delicate in its proportions, yet solid in its construction and imposing in its size.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 26 February, 2014


Aura Collection by JSPR

The Aura collection by  Dutch furniture and interior design brand JSPR consists of a variety of three circle shaped lighting items in different sizes.

Crafted of Anodized aluminium and fixed with fairground light bulbs these design objects are sophisticated yet playful. It is possible to connect thru the Aura’s; create an immense lighting object by making a range of the same or different sizes offered.

These lighting items ad a luxurious and intense atmosphere to a space, whether it’s in a hospitality facility, in an office, a living room or even in a club. Available in three standard colours: black, silver and gold. Every other colour is available on request.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 25 February, 2014


Tweetie Lamp by Jake Phipps and BOSA for CASAMANIA

Jake Phipps in collaboration with BOSA have designed a lamp system named Tweetie, for manufacturer CASAMANIA. Jake Phipps’s idea of the cage traces the tradition of canary in homes. Canary presence in households dates back to the Egyptian and Roman civilizations; in Middle Ages and in English courts, it was a sign of good manners to have canaries in the sitting room. Thus, an icon of British high-ranking state turns into a CASAMANIA object-lamp. A symbolic figure, enhanced by gold plating and made useful for its illuminating function.

Birds are made in BOSA hand-decorated ceramics, black painted or 24 carats gold plated, the frame is in metal rod, either black painted or gold plated in the total gold version. The LED lighting fixture is mounted in the base of the cage, covered by a double shielding in polycarbonate, that on the one hand lights up the environment, on the other the inside of the cage.

Materials and finishes
Cage: metal rod, either black painted or 24 carats gold plated.
Bird: hand-decorated ceramics, black painted or 24 carats gold plated.

Colours: gold, black.

Small: H. 46 cm – ø 41 cm
Large: H. 56 cm – ø 41 cm

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 21 February, 2014


Eikon Light by Schneid

Change the lampshades and adapt the lighting to your own mood with these adorable pendant lighting from Schneid! Change your room and your living space atmosphere! This lamp is made to live and grow with you for a long time.
The socket of the Eikon, made of certified ash, oak or bamboo, constitutes the minimalist and clean base of the lamp. Attached with magnets, the metal or silicone shade forms a perfect contrast with its beautiful and vibrant colours.

The EIkon speaks a clear form language and stands in a Scandinavian design tradition. It emerged from the idea to create a synthesis of the popular industrial-style and a Scandinavian cozy, familar product tradition with the combination of the materials wood and metal or silicone.

Due to the removable, interchangeable lampshade, the lamp can be installed in all kinds of rooms and living areas. The modular und flexible system can therefore help to rearrange a room again and again, according to taste and requirements.

Also for bigger spaces, like salesrooms and hotels, the lamp offers a high degree of variability since different colors and shapes can simply be exchanged and combined.


Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 19 February, 2014


Leti Pendant Light by Marko Macura and Ingeborg Van Uden

Today it’s all about lighting and this cute pendant light can be also a great gift for Valentine’s Day.
Leti, is a monochrome pendant light with a clipped 3D printed bird around its textile covered cable. These monochromatic pendant lights are available in three colors, black white and red, each supporting a color matching figurine of a wood pecker. The fantastic technique of 3D printing transforms a basic pendant light into an iconic poetic object.

More information about the pendant on Studio Macura site.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 14 February, 2014

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Eigruob lamp by Nendo for Kartell

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its iconic Bourgie table lamp, Italian plastic furniture specialist Kartell invited ten designers associated with the company to create tribute pieces for a special exhibition. For their contribution, Japanese design studio Nendo decided to work with two of the lamp’s most distinctive characteristics – its use of silhouettes and its transparency – rather than touching the original design itself.
Nendo created a new table lamp by inverting and rotating the Bourgie lamp’s silhouette, so that when two of the new lamps are lined up together, the space between them forms the upside-down silhouette of the Bourgie lamp. “Because our homage inverts both the lamp’s figure-ground relationship and our regular sense of up and down, we named the lamp Eigruob” the designers told us.

Posted by Michelle Lesser at 14 February, 2014


Shadows Pendant by Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova for Brokis

Sparked by the imaginings of urban lighting duo Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova, the original Shadows pendant lighting collection offers you a custom look for your modern space. With semi-translucent glass shades and carbon stained ash wood necks, the very modern designer pendant lights from Paris based designers Yeffet & Koldova are something quite special.

Manufactured by high end Czech lighting brand Brokis, Yeffet & Koldova’s latest collection of simple glass pendant lights aptly named ‘Shadows’ casts the perfect diffused light owing to their black-tinted semiopaque glass shades. The 5 unique shade offering allow you to create a look as individual as you are. The Brokis Shadows collection offers modern pendant lighting for your modern space.

Posted by Keren Fathi-Poor at 12 February, 2014



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