Concreate Flooring – The Benefits Of The Latest Flooring Innovation

Floor design is often something that is overlooked. Whilst not as obvious as new furniture, a fresh lick of paint, or new lighting fittings, a new floor can breathe a new lease of life into any interior and it would appear there is a new alternative on the market.

In this modern age, interior design takes many forms, from rejuvenating the past to the completely new to combining exciting style. Over the years, vinyl and laminate flooring has been a popular choice due to its durability and stylish finishes. Other people have opted for more natural floors, such as solid wood or natural stone tiles to create a look that is truly authentic. But there’s a new contender on the scene…

Concreate floor may look like a misspelling, but it is the latest in flooring technologies. Acting as an alternative to conventionally poured concrete and floor coverings, Concreate flooring is perfect for a whole host of domestic and commercial uses.

The concrete floor panels used offer a strong, durable and beautiful finish that creates a modern twist for any floor. Make sure you acquire the expert knowledge of a wooden floor specialist for a full product break down. Their experience and expertise will help you discover a new way to enhance your interior design.

Neon Art – Neon Letters Numbers and Shapes from Seletti

Designed by Studio BADINI with technical fittings from Selab this collection of Neon Letters, Numbers and Shapes can help you make your statement!

Stefano and Miria, the brother and sister team at the helm of Italian based Seletti, have brought us this malleable Neon Art. When compared with traditional neon systems, this product allows you to create your own neon art at an affordable price. The secondary benefit is that these letters are not in a fixed pattern  and can be reordered as your needs change. The font style was developed from that of a typical American Typewriter and redesigned to meet the requirements of neon tube construction. The adapter for the lights and each letter is sold separately, but when combined to create your statement, they lend a decorative ambient light.

Drops Tiles by Mut Design Studio + Atelier

What beautiful tiles by Spanish collective Mut Design Studio + Atelier. The concrete tile concept was for Valencia- based manufacturer Entic Designs and was showcased at Salone del Satellite, 2012. The tiles are a depiction of a Japanese pond patterned by raindrops on the surface. It comes in four styles: one with only the circular droplet pattern, and the others with goldfish, lotus blossoms, and water lilies. They fit together in a variety of combinations, making each decorated floor an individual process.

The structure is 2 cm (0.8 inches) thick, and is made as an encaustic tile meant to resist wear. (via)

We would love to see these tiles on a balcony. We’re sure it would look fabulous.


City Map Tiles by Renata Rubim

We would love to see these unique map tiles in a tourism store. Brazilian designer Renata Rubim has created City Map; a set of floor tiles display an aerial view of a city, complete with streets. It is minimalistic and modern, and the view it showcases is stunning. Different tile combinations can create different patterns, offering options when it comes to decoration. It can even be used as wall art. Not only is it a contemporary style, but also the thought behind it is spectacular! (via)


Plaid Room Divider by Form Us With Love for Abstracta

Plaid is a sound absorber that can be manipulated depending on the needs of an office and its workers. Whether draped, suspended, folded desks, or folded into a sort of tent, Plaid combines functionality with design and allows for a quiet, aesthetic work environment.



The Goccia Tiles by Kravitz Design and Lea Ceramiche

The Goccia three-dimensional tiles, an incredible new wall décor, are the result of the collaboration between Kravitz design and and Lea Ceramiche. The tiles are used to create different 3D shapes that employ mediums such as the concave and convex and make a mesmerizing accent for any room. Lights and shadows are often used in these designs to create the effect of the rippling water. These tiles are beautiful on the walls and reflect light from both lamps and windows in a way that is absolutely dazzling.


Nola Star Design it Yourself Wall Paneling

Nola Star has various functions: as a curtain, as wall paneling, as a room divider or as a transparent accent element in large and small rooms. With multi-functional variations Nola Star dictates no rules allowing for individual assemblage in different heights, widths and colors. Nola Star is a building block system that invites creativity. Nola Star is a true quick-change artist that bathes the window and room with light and color even on the gloomiest day.
The basic module of Nola Star is a 0.5 mm strong plastic panel in a 20 x 20 cm format. The small plastic squares with rounded corners have wholes on all four sides through which they are easily connected with metal rings.