It and They Will Come


What began 13 years ago by one of the founders as a class project called, has today become one of the top DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and home improvement online stores. While almost everyone and their brother claims their site to be user-friendly and informative, we at Chic Tip think–ahem–nails it! Here’s why:

1. Products, Products and More Products. With about 700,000 top-notch bath, kitchen, lighting, fan, hardware, appliance, heating and cooling, tools, outdoor and flooring products, the opportunities to renovate, refurbish and re-do are pretty much endless.

2. Specialists. So you’re deciding between a keyless entry system but do you go touch-screen or basic keypad, something with a keyless remote even? Fear not, one of’s 155 product specialists is on-call to help you right then and there. Initiate a chat with any of their friendly–not to mention, patient–specialists and you’ll be on your way in no time. Another fun facet of their site, you can actually click to view an expert profile and you’ll be able to reach him or her on the phone with a direct extension or email. Talk about personalized service!

3. Watch and Learn. So you spoke to the expert, found the product you need, bought it and now it’s time for installation. Don’t sweat it. not only provides informative PDF downloads with step-by-step instructions but they take it to the next level with easy-to-follow videos. It’s kind of like having HGTV on-demand–what could be better?

4. Get Rewarded. So how many e-commerce sites which deal with building/home improvement products actually have a rewards program….yeah, we know., however, not only has a comprehensive rewards system based on purchase amounts but also gives you points for referrals. Levels include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond (invite-only) and features perks like discount codes, members-only savings, exclusive access to special sales, anniversary gifts and even your own dedicated “customer success manager.”

5. Inspiration. So it’s 2014 and of course, everyone and everything is online. has gone ahead and created a spectacular e-catalog for customers to page through to get ideas and inspirations. The catalogs are beautifully-designed and take on the feel of an upscale design magazine which we think is just plain fabulous.

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How to Light a Room for Mood


Everyone has moved into a home that has had less than optimal lighting. Be it a beautiful Victorian home or your first college apartment, lighting can be a tricky issue, particularly if you want to be able to make your home suit your moods. Do you want to light a room for romance or relaxation? What if you want to be energized by your surroundings? You don′t have to cut windows out of your walls for ″natural″ lighting; all you have to do is have an understanding of how lamps and light sources can affect the brain.

The Energy Room
Whenever you look up lighting and energy, the things that you seem to get are how to save money. While this is important, it′s not the major issue for many people. You want to have a room, like a dining room, or a kitchen where you can feel energized. This is the room you go to when you first wake up and begin to face your day. Instead of being assaulted by harsh lighting, you want to feel a gradual push into the waking world. The best way to do this is with lights that slowly get brighter as they warm up.


The effect is easy to achieve with energy saving lights that are a soft, warm color like an amber or orange. Do your best to avoid the harsh halogen lighting that plagues many apartments. This means you may have to rely on a variety of table lamps and shades. Uniform lighting makes it difficult to focus on other people in the room and tasks at hand, according to Feng Shui for Real It′s important to diffuse your lighting or use a variety of lighting sources. This way you′re not going to feel like you′re bathed in exam room style lighting. Try adding shelves to your wakeup room and stacking small lamps on them at different heights. The act of turning them on and slowly waking yourself up will leave you feeling not only in power, but more refreshed.

The Resting Room
When you walk into a spa you will notice that the waiting area is darker than the light outside. This is because softer lighting of a cool color is more relaxing and calming to people than harsh warm lights. You want to use a green shade on your lamps, for example. Try to find bulbs that burn on a cool color spectrum. If you cannot find ones in your price range, try using a light coat of paint over a bulb. This will dim the color and give you the result you′re looking for. Note that you need to use heat-safe paint for this application. Calm soothing colors like green or purple are perfect for your bedroom, according to Home Guides.


Your nest does not have to be completely dim or dark. Again, take notes from the spa. Try using lighting that will not bounce off of your walls. If you can, paint the walls a soft, matte shade that will absorb light more than it bounces back. If your bedroom only has harsh overhead lighting. Placing a nightstand  table lamp purchased from a store like Lumens along with two standing lamps at opposing corners will give you a good mix of lighting. This way you can slowly turn the lights down as you choose to get moving with your day.

If you live in an area where the weather changes, you may notice that your mood dampens as winter approaches. This has very little to do with the chilly temperatures and a great deal to do with the shortened days according to Examined When your brain is getting less light, you are getting less vitamin D. You are also likely to be less happy. When you′re trying to perk up your mood during the winter, don′t focus so much on warm, unless it′s a warm colored lighting arrangement. Try to make sure that you have lighting that is going to ″wake up″ with you. This means that you′re going to look again for lights that get bright while you′re waking up.

Another good thing to try is Christmas lights. Holidays are a stressful time, but the twinkling lights actually can make you happier. If you feel extremely lethargic, try stringing a bright assortment of LED lights around a bed frame, doorway, or along the walls. After you′ve woken up, turn these lights on while you′re home. The colors and the general brightness will help perk you up. If you think that a little pick-me-up is all that you will need, then let the lighting do the work for you. Try different combinations of lamps in your home until you have a place that suits you exactly as it should.