A’Design Award & Competition Winners: Interior Design


A’Design Award & Competition is an international juried competition which creates a platform for companies, designers, architects and innovators to showcase their works across varied categories while garnering press and publicity to help carry these inventive design concepts forward.

We at Chic Tip have gathered our ‘Top Ten’ A’Design Award Winners for the Interior Space/Exhibition Design category:


Aix Arome Cafe

This coffee bar and cafe situated in a Shenzhen theme park was designed to mimic the feel and colors of the ocean. A touch of space-age, the cashier is located in a silver and white orb while the seating is arranged in a sea of tonal blues and greens. Suspended from the ceiling are a random collection of blue rod lighting fixtures which are said to mimic the motion of the ocean’s ripples. While the materials of Corian, glass, stainless steel and timber provide a mix of textures, the appearance happens to remain smooth, almost calming, like the sea itself can be.

P & T – a Tea Company by Fabian von Ferrari


P & T’s mission is to make fine teas and tea culture more accessible and rewarding to a broader audience.

On freestanding presentation cubes outfitted with sliding drawers the individual teas are displayed in a practical fashion with accompanying information, logically organized according to their degree of oxidation.


A High-Flying Office for High-Flying Customers

If you’re a high-flying, jet-setting, thousand dollar suit-wearing businessman, you’ll understand just how important a good office is.
In the thousands you’ve wandered into, few have the ability to inspire passion – in fact many are about as clean as a tramp’s hovel.
Untidy, uncoordinated or even just plain miserable looking workplaces are a blight on productivity everywhere. There’s even a name for them; unhealthy buildings.
So, if you’re looking to impress high-flying visitors, what should you do to give your office some kick?
A warm welcome
In so many cases, the welcome you’ll get at an office entrance will be less trumpet swelling grandeur and more like a fizzled out balloon at the end of a long and disappointing party.
But the ideal entrance doesn’t have to be as grand as a Viscount’s tea party. Work out the basics – entrance mats, a comfortable seating area, plenty of magazines to while away time spent at reception – and you’ll already be a step ahead of most businesses.
To really gild the lily, you could even install a greeter at your door to give a warm and friendly hello to any guests or major players in your industry. Naturally, this would only apply to those with frequent visitors, but it could add that grand trumpet swell to your company.
A dose of personality
So many offices have about as much personality as a faceless head atop a non-specific shape. And not only will this lead to a deflating feeling in visitors, but it’ll make employees slump through their day like they were working in a modern-day gulag.
The problem here largely lies with bosses who lack the creative imagination for interior design. But office workers don’t want to be living in black and white, so give the place a splash of colour with paintings that inspire you.
With any luck, that inspiration will trickle down to employees, creating a sprightlier workforce.
Give it a break
While your office itself should be in ship shape, where your workers are having their lunch should be equally classy.
Many workers spread germs by simply eating at their desk, allowing crumbs to spread everywhere in the office and causing any number of food-related bacteria to multiply. But with a high-end staff room to lure them away from their desks for half an hour, your workplace will be far cleaner.
Install the basics – kettle, toaster, microwave and the like – along with a few fun activities like a pool table or dartboard to give workers adequate downtime to freshen up.
More than this, a staff room kitted out with decent kitchen appliances will leave your employees with fuller stomachs and quenched thirsts – ideal for facing the rest of their day.

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Wieden+Kennedy’s New York City Offices by WORKac

WORKac has designed and developed a new office environment for renowned advertising firm Wieden+Kennedy in New York City.

Renowned advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy has developed a global reputation for innovative work dating back to their early Nike campaigns in the 1980s. The agency’s Portland headquarters designed by Allied Works cemented Wieden+Kennedy’s position as a patron of architecture and continues to influence the design of their offices around the world. WORKac’s design for the agency’s 50,000 sq ft New York office embraces urban density as its motto: a minimal compression of individual work spaces that opens up room for a gradient of diverse collective spaces.

The design for Wieden+Kennedy New York moves away from the office-as-playground to put work back at the heart of creative work. After a foray into the history of the workplace, research revealed that while advertising agencies have always been at the forefront of cutting-edge office design, no single workplace trend has replaced those that came before. Rather, the ways that people work have continued to evolve, layer and multiply.

Custom Decals Dazzle GoGo squeeZ’s NYC HQ

When Luca Andrisani Architects were tasked into turning the new 8,380 square ft. offices of GoGo squeeZ, known for their on-the-go nutritious pouches of fruit & veggies for families, into a modern, lively office playground for its employees, the firm approached web-based printer Signazon in order to complete the space’s aesthetic. After installing glass enclosed conference areas, created for audible privacy while maintaining an enjoyable view of the city landscape, the design team applied custom decals from www.Signazon.com.

The result is a translucent, circled green and fuchsia pattern that gives the illusion of pixilation, or even cherry blossom trees, while allowing natural light to penetrate through and keep the office upbeat.

Considering the exposed layout of the office, the custom vinyl decals allow for creative privacy yet still invite open cohesiveness for GoGo squeeze team members wanting to create ideas and inspire ingenuity in a fun, attractive environment.

These detached “pods,” as GoGo squeeze calls them, also allow views through the glass and out to New York City’s vast urban landscape.

Often overlooked, glass decals can provide the perfect final touch to your home or office design. Cost effective, easy to install, and versatile, decals can turn your space into a gorgeous oasis.

Kessalao Take Away Restaurant by Masquespacio

This colorful and fun design take away restaurant named Kessalao located in Bonn, Germany and designed by Spanish design company Masquespacio.
Spanish creative consultancy Masquespacio presents their last project realized in the city of Bonn, Germany. The project consists in the brand image and interior design for Kessalao, a new take away establishment of Mediterranean food in the city of Beethoven.

Everything starts from the brand image and it’s naming that forms wordplay of the German “Kess” and the Spanish “Salao”, both traduced as cool and amusing boy. Being a play of words in two different languages combined by an s, a capital S needed to distinguish both words. On the other hand the brand symbol was inspired by olive oil, as the basic and principal product of the Mediterranean food, represented here by the drop that interprets the natural product’s richness.

SingTel Contact Centre by ONG&ONG

ONG&ONG have designed the interior of the SingTel Contact Centre in Singapore.
The project brief was to upgrade SingTel’s existing contact centre. For this project, the idea was to create a balanced workplace where excellent customer service could be delivered whilst also ensuring the wellbeing of SingTel’s employees. Given the challenging nature of work at SingTel, it was only natural to include areas for relaxation and recreation within the workplace itself. With this in mind, huddle areas were included in the design to serve as places for effective collaboration as well as spaces where employees can unwind and reenergize.

A common walkway was created to serve as a ‘road’ that would link the different spaces within the contact centre. This road brings employees and visitors alike on a journey where they can experience the various themed huddle areas, which were inspired by the fact that SingTel is an indispensable part of everyone’s life, whether they are at home, in the office, working out at the gym, or spending time outdoors. The huddle areas serve as places of interaction and collaboration as well as venues where everyone can gather together to conduct special events.