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Panic Software Office Renovation – Portland, Oregon by Holst Architecture

Panic Software of Portland, Oregon sought out a renovated office space which sang to them with open spaces, amenities and not only a view but a place to enjoy it. Holst Architecture delivered that and more when creating this modern office space which is brimming with cool color, tasteful fun and flexible work-social zones.

Interestingly, Panic Software’s offices sat in a converted wood-framed warehouse space–not exactly exciting. But the architects and designers changed all of that. The renovation featured additions of a trio of large skylights, a concrete and steel staircase, family room, kitchen and huge rooftop deck Mario Bros.-style–more on that later.

Posted by Suzanne at 23 December, 2013

0 Comments Offices – San Francisco, California by Rapt Studio’s new offices in San Francisco, California were envisioned by global design group Rapt Studio to enhance openness, offer gathering places and evoke the genealogy firm’s brand. These modern office spaces are bright, spirited and shy away from the typical, over-the-top quirky elements that far too many office designs are succumbing to.

With vibrant pops of orange, yellow and green, these wholesome work zones are rooted in earthy tones of brown and grey with bold white accents. A section of one wall is dedicated to blackboard space allowing staffers to foster creativity and ideas. Live greenery injects a fresh energy in work and social sections and ties into the “family tree” symbolism in the firm’s logo. Concrete ceilings are left exposed, while a huge garage door separates a lounge from a meeting room–how fun!

Posted by Suzanne at 16 December, 2013


Jive Software Headquarters – Thames Valley Park, Reading UK by Office Principles

Jive Software’s UK Headquarters just received a fresh pulse of modern office design. The new 12,000 square-foot space in the Thames Valley Park business center in Reading, Berkshire was envisioned by Office Principles.

Specializing as a mobile business platform company, Jive Software sought out a workspace that would enhance productivity and collaboration amongst its staff, while offering a welcoming atmosphere for clients and visitors. These light-filled office and meeting zones are colorful, bright and incorporate elements like glass and timber throughout.

Posted by Suzanne at 10 December, 2013


L’Oreal Headquarters – Lima, Peru by 3g Office

The business of beauty just got more gorgeous with the modern office design of L’Oreal’s new headquarters in Lima, Peru. Created by global corporate architectural services firm 3g Office, this work environment showcases each of the company’s beauty brands in a light-filled, vibrant and open-flow space.

The glass door entrance is emblazoned with the L’Oreal logo in brushed gold and leads to the reception area. A lush living wall is featured along this hallway, where a variety of plants add texture and an immediate fresh energy. Pops of purple, magenta and orange are vivacious against the chic grey and white backdrop. Furnishings are mod and minimalist, arranged in scattered ensembles of sofas, round ottomans and occasional tables. Across the floor, custom shelves are set up as counters with high-chair seating promoting an interactive work space.

Posted by Suzanne at 21 November, 2013


Zazzle Headquarters – Redwood City, California by Studio O+A

What is most admirable about the modern office design of Zazzle’s new headquarters in Redwood City, California is that it portrays a cool, understated sophistication versus kitschy, quirky elements. Designed by San Francisco-based Studio O+A which has a knack for stylish work spaces, there is not a putting green or twirly slide anywhere to be found.

The custom-manufacturing company encompasses two floors of open office space, extraordinarily blurring lines between work and social zones to enhance collaboration and idea-sharing. Flooring throughout consists of polished concrete, geometric carpeting and herringbone-patterned cork board. Painted white ceilings with exposed ductwork help reflect the abundant natural light from surrounding banks of steel-framed windows. Hand-glazed tiles in mustard and black sheath one of the dining lounges, while graphic wallpapers create artistic visuals in meeting rooms and small offices.

Posted by Suzanne at 13 November, 2013


BarentsKrans Law Offices – The Netherlands by HofmanDujardin Architects

Starting with a historic building can sometimes be tricky when it comes to modernization. Amsterdam-based Hofman Dujardin Architects succeeded at this task when designing offices for the well-established law firm of BarentsKrans, The Netherlands. By renovating The Hague, a renowned 1950s-era Dutch building, this modern office space is fresh, elegant and progressive.

With five stories and just under 56,000 square feet, the project was no small feat. The existing double atrium was converted to one core unit which houses the four upper stories of offices and meeting rooms. This interactive, light-adorned area is striking, bathed in layers of rich, creamy neutrals which entirely encompass the minimalist interiors and portray a degree of tranquility. Surfaces are bathed in pale oak from flooring, walls and bespoke desks, including the sophisticated reception bank.

Posted by Suzanne at 1 November, 2013


Landet Järna Wild Flower Shop – Stockholm, Sweden

Landet Järna is a charming wild flower shop in the Hornstull neighborhood of Stockholm, Sweden. First spotted on Emmas Deisgnblogg, this modern retail shop is a far cry from a traditional flower store with unique blooms and botanicals sourced from forests outside of the city.

The all-white interiors are fresh, allowing the richly-hued merchandise of branches, bulbs, dried flowers and green plants to hold center stage. High, ceilings with exposed ductwork and walls of windows create a bright, airy and quite inviting aesthetic. So beautiful are the dried flowers, gracefully suspended from the ceiling, create a soft contrast against the industrial elements.

Posted by Suzanne at 28 October, 2013

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