The Cube by Spark Modern

Spark Modern Fires announces a dynamic new outdoor fire element called The Cube.  As its name implies, The Cube has a modern box-like shape which makes it a striking contemporary feature and a focal point in any outdoor environment. When not in use The Cube projects as an art object worthy of illumination.  When in use, the Cube’s flame creates its own light and warmth.

The Cube is available in stainless or powder coated red, and is 34.5” square X 28.5” tall. It can be ordered for natural gas or propane and comes with a cover to protect the firebox from the elements when not in use.  Options include safety screen and mat plus four choices of decorative fire objects – black glass, clear glass, small basalt stones or lava rock.  “The Cube is truly a unique fire element that infuses outdoor living with contemporary design”, says Tom Healy, co-founder of Spark. “Form and function share equal parts in this sculptural play.”

Kap by Francesc Vilaró for LEDS-C4

The Catalonia lighting company, LEDS-C4 present a new collection,Kap, the new chill out light for outodoor use, designed by Francesc Vilaró. The product comprises a piece of matt white polyethylene, manufactured using a rotating moulding technique to provide an original and unique 60 cm by 60 cm shape.  It is a large lamp that generates a kind of general diffused light.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

And beautiful fences make a beautiful garden. While fences serve many uses that range from keeping the toddlers and Spot near home where they can be safely watched, do not under estimate what they can bring to your yard aesthetically. There are so many different types of fencing available that matching and look and style with a specific purpose (even if look and style is that purpose) can always be done with a little planning and shopping.

The actual reasons for a fence range from legal requirements in the case of swimming pools in most areas, to purely decorative as is the case in simple rail fencing used at the back property line as a way of giving a visual reason not to trim the brush from the woods behind the property you do not own. The key to selecting the best fencing option is in determining what is needed to do the job and how that can be adapted to blend and complement your property rather than be an obtrusive eyesore.

Rejuvenate Your Garden This Summer


Your garden really is made for the summer and there is no better way to spend your weekend than relaxing in the garden. It really is the perfect way to unwind after a long week at work. However, to make it the perfect place to relax, we have to spend some time upgrading it. Here are some tips on how to turn your garden into the perfect relaxation area:

  • Make sure that you have all of the equipment you need before you start:

People often start trying to change their garden without checking that they have the correct tools for the job. It is unsafe to use non-garden equipment in your garden. Checking that you have everything ready beforehand will allow you to progress through your rejuvenation quickly. There’s nothing worse than getting mucky and then having to go to the hardware store!


  • Have a clear out of unnecessary plants and other objects:

Always get rid of dead plants and flowers before starting any new jobs. It is only when you have removed these that you can get a true idea of the space that you have left. As well as this, it may be that soil needs replacing- don’t waste time planting new plants first!

  • Always have a plan:

This is undoubtedly the most straightforward of all the points in this blog. However, it is one that many people forget!

You need to plan your own time as well as how your garden will look. As I have already mentioned, remodelling your garden is a time consuming job, so when you plan what you want to do then make sure that you have the time to do it!

Kiga by Hurbz

KiGA by Hurbz Vegetable Spirit is an urban gardening solutions which designed as a kitchen garden for urban homes. The KiGA design has been elaborated to fit perfectly on your terraces, balconies or even in your gardens. This contemporary looking kitchen garden retails for $299.

Decorating Tips for a Beautiful Summer Conservatory

The sun is attempting to shine and the weather is getting a little warmer in the UK, despite the unheard of event of snow in Cornwall last week. One thing that the sun does for us, is make us feel brighter and happier and guns many of us into action, especially when it comes to making the most of the sun at home.

The premium part of a property at this time of the year to think about will be the conservatory, the one room in the house that allows you to really make the most of the sun.

Spring may have brought on the need to scrub the house, but summer is the time when we want to see the house looking bright and clean. With this in mind, what better room to start brightening up the house than the conservatory.

With a conservatory, there’s no hard and fast rule to say you have to fill it with rattan furniture and cushions. Like any room, it should reflect what you use it for, along with the family’s personality.

Furnishings – sofas, tables and blinds

The shape and design of the conservatory will have to be considered before you begin planning out the furniture, as well as what use the extra room will have. Does it have to be child and pet friendly? Or will it be used for quiet periods reading a book or watching catch-up TV? Will it be used as an informal dining room, perhaps?

Considering these things first and putting in a little planning before you begin will be helpful in the long run.

When it comes to choosing furniture, you can opt for the traditional rattan, of which there are a huge amount of styles and colours to choose from. Alternatively, you could of course use a sofa that’s in the living room section of the store, taking care to choose one that doesn’t sit directly on the flooring, so that air can circulate even when the room’s not in use.

There are some beautiful sofas on the market and with a little shopping around, you can find bargains. Try eBay as well as the main stores as the bargains that can be found are well worth it.

Flooring will have been installed with the conservatory, but you can brighten it up with colourful and durable rag rugs, to match other accessories.

Colours, accessories and plants

Conservatory colour schemes are down to individual taste, but some people buy neutral colours so that it’s a simple matter of changing accessories to alter the look of the room. This means going for furniture that complements the design of the conservatory too.

Of course, there’s nothing to say you shouldn’t go bright and bold, choosing furniture to suit, but this will limit you in the future should you want to change it. Go for neutral bases and then liven up with colourful cushions and throws.

Tables and accessories that don’t cost the earth will mean that you can change them easily and cheaply when the time comes.

As it’s a conservatory, add some foliage. Why not try planting herbs and placing the pots in various locations around the room. These will look pretty, are useful for those who like to cook and will smell wonderful when the sun hits them, especially fragrant herbs such as rosemary and mint.

Other plants that are extremely well-suited to a conservatory include:

  • Bougainvilleas – these flower for 10 months of the year and come in a range of vibrant colours to complement accessories
  • Clivia come in different varieties and include bright and rich orange, yellow and cream
  • Jasmine are great for conservatories due to their fragrance and ability to climb. These attractive flowers are usually white and bloom all throughout the summer. The ‘lady of the night’ variety will scent the room at night with a sweet, floral smell.

The beauty of a conservatory is that most indoor and outdoor plants will thrive, so you can mix the floral and leafy and even grow subtropical plants, such as Aloe Vera, which has great medicinal properties for burns and abrasions to the skin.

Grow plants on a variety of levels, with the leafy plants on the floor, climbers supported by a trellis and flowers in hanging baskets or high shelves to gain a trailing effect.

If you’re considering having a new conservatory fitted, why not visit the Anglian UK website and see what they can do for you, from design, to planning and everything in between!

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Outdoor Entertaining

With the spring and summer entertaining season on us it is time to consider the furniture on the deck and in the garden. Well-furnished outdoor areas not only add elegance and functionality, they add lots of room for larger gatherings with your family and friends. Maybe your dining room only fits a half dozen, but the deck or lawn can fit many more usually.
When choosing garden furniture, consider what you will be using it for and the amount of space you have available. If you have a large deck or patio then you can choose between a dining or grouped pieces for conversation and beverages or with a casual design of well-spaced loungers and chaise recliners.
For the lawn or garden a mix is best with a 6 to 8 piece central sitting area and several small groupings with 2 or 3 chairs and a small table. This is ideal for larger parties. Think like a casual bar or restaurant with an area in center for the large group but places where guests can sit slightly apart to comfortably chat when they grow tired of sports talk.
If there is not a canopy or ample shade trees the liberal use of appropriate sized umbrellas is a good idea. A large umbrella over the central area is a must if there is not a canopy but smaller ones at each pairing of chairs or loungers around the outskirts add both usefulness and distinct elegance.
For aesthetic purposes, get complimentary colors and styles for each setting area instead of exact matching. Varying the size of umbrellas, and perhaps the shades of color on them and a tasteful mix of solids and prints for cushions on the furniture is much more attractive than identical sets. Think of the difference between a fast food restaurant and your home. Do you want to look like McDonalds or a relaxing home?
Having the BBQ grill and a bar or buffet set up slightly away from the sitting area is convenient. It prevents people from having to interrupt conversations to pass through or have things passed to them and will allow you as the hosts to mingle and enjoy your guests instead of simply serving them. It also allows guests to feel more comfortable simply helping themselves to a beverage if they do not need to ask for it each time.
For Furnishings choose things with adequate padding that invite people to relax and stay for a while. Hard while plastic and folding chairs with nylon webbing are okay for taking to watch the kids’ softball game but are not great for home entertaining. The rattan garden furniture is available in virtually every style and color and is durable enough for outdoor use and elegant enough to be brought inside for use in the sunroom or spare rooms during winter months.
There are different materials available in garden furniture. For shaker style or wood slat real wood looks better than resins but will require paint or stain every couple seasons. For rattan if you do not have covers for every piece then the resin is a better choice as painting rattan is a big chore. Cushions are replaceable but it is cheaper to get covers and keep them covered when not being used than to replace them due to sun fading and weather wear every other year. Umbrellas should always be down when not in use and taken down completely in severe weather like thunderstorms.
A well-arranged lawn or deck with suitable furnishings will provide hours of enjoyment and endless opportunities for entertainment. Often, during half the year it will become the most popular “room” in your home.