A’Design Award: World Design Rankings Announcement

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World Design Rankings has recently announced its Top Ten A’Design Award Winners from across the globe. The United States of America remains at number one, while Turkey and Hong Kong follow closely. Here we’ve gathered a few of the top U.S. award-winning designs for you to enjoy:


WINNER – Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category 2013-2014 Grille Barbecue Restaurant by Yu-Ngok Lo, AIA, LEED AP

Taking a former motorcycle repair shop in northern Macau, the talented Yu-Ngok Lo, AIA, LEED AP transformed the space into a sleek, industrial-vibe barbecue restaurant. Finished concrete walls and flooring contribute to the cool aesthetic, while the natural-toned woods and deep-red seatings adds a definitive warmth for balance.


WINNER – Safety Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment Design Category 2013-2014 Boutique Fire Extinguisher Housing by Cliff Shin

From satisfying an important need in the kitchen to creating an appealing visual for a countertop, the Boutique Fire Extinguisher manages to expertly address the spectrum of this useful kitchen tool. A polycarbonate sleeve houses a small fire extinguisher, while a bursting bouquet delights at it covers the top. By simply pulling the flower ball, a pin is immediately released so this live-saving hardware can be used.


WINNER – Idea Design Category 2013-2014 Maxx Modular Sofa/Bed/Daybed by Despina Souhlas

Modular anything is just downright cool. The Maxx Modular Sofa, Bed and Daybed takes this to the ultimate level. With movable back rests, built-in side tables, hidden mattress topper and even a set of slim vases for decor purposes, this modular sofa made up of low-VOC materials and finishes is ideal for indoor or outdoor use in a plethora of living areas, especially small spaces where maximizing function meshed with form is paramount.

A’Design Award & Competition is an international juried competition which creates a platform for companies, designers, architects and innovators to showcase their works across varied categories while garnering press and publicity to help carry these inventive design concepts forward.

Feeling inspired? Designers still have time to register for the A’Design Award & Competition 2014-2015 which will be announced April 15, 2014.

Bookowski, Bookshop by KASIA ORWAT home design

Bookowski is a bookshop located in CK Zamek – a historic site on the map of Poznan – the former Imperial Castle, today’s Cultural Center. However, the word “bookstore” is not enough to describe the place in its context. Bookowski is as the CK Zamek itself – a multicultural space in which apart from books (and the available selection is huge!) events related to literature are organized; where you can not only read a book but browse through albums and even listen to the music of the vinyl records you’ll find there thanks to the cooperation with the Multikulti association.

Bookowski’s interior was designed by KASIA ORWAT home design. The project’s arrangement was a big challenge as the space had to keep walls and floors finishing, becoming basically a project about finding the best solution for the new functionality of the place. And the limited budget triggered the designers imagination to the highest level.

Photography by Weronika Trojanowska.

Roduit Studio by Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte

Modern concrete painting and sculpture studio designed in 2011 by Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte located in Chamoson, Switzerland.
“The client wanted a painting and sculpture studio of around fifty square metres as an extension to the existing house and studio situated just a few metres away from the land to be used for the new structure.

The narrowness of the plot and local regulations considerably affected the form of the building, which stretches out narrowly along the length of the meadow. Its unusual shape allowed the door and window openings to be placed to give a focus on the valley and on the mountains opposite. Outside, the studio extends over a terrace that is related to its surroundings and creates a visual connection with the existing house. Other rooms, such as the wood store in the basement and the small garden storage area, were added as the project developed. The access points to the building were positioned along the length of the steeply-sloping ground so that it was altered as little as possible. the same applied to the roof, which likewise follows the incline of the plot.

The Inch Hairstudio in Oslo by Inne Design

Beautiful mixture of grey and f bright colours used in this Norwegian hairsalon designed by Oslo located studio Inne Design.

“Shielded from the grimy clutter of the coty centre by Royal Palace Park, Oslo’s Majorstuen neighbourhood features a trendy retail area that rivals the shopping streets of larger European metropolises in terms of grandeur and style. Boutique bars selling limited-run microbrewery beverages rub elbows with vibrant Scandinavian design outlets such as Hay and Acne. Stores and cafes bubbling with bold, youthful verve apparently please even the more conservative passers-by, who find both old and new in an eye-catching hair salon that recently splashed onto this attractive inner-city canvas.

SPAR Supermarket – Budapest, Hungary by LAB5

SPAR supermarket is not your grandmother’s grocery store. Located in the MOM Park mall in Budapest, Hungary, SPAR features innovative modern retail design by edgy firm LAB5. Sticking to a palette of warm woods and soothing greys, the shopping experience here is rather extraordinary.

With various market segments to tackle, the designers sought to create three distinctive areas within the floor plan. One is destined for the quick in-and-out consumer, the other for the brief trip (just need a few things!) to the longer, weekend shopper. As such, various zones were specially designed to provide ease no matter what the purpose of the customer’s trip.

Jaime Beriestain Concept Store and Café Barcelona, Spain

How cool–and rare–is it when you walk into a shop or restaurant and you feel happily at home? This is the vibe of renowned interior designer, Jaime Beriestain’s new Concept Store and Café in Barcelona, Spain. With about 5,300 square feet the modern-vintage restaurant and retail space is divided between a store and an 80-seat restaurant and bar.

Drawing from his native Chilean roots, Beriestain collaborated with his chef on the Café menu to feature dishes which are near and dear to him, those which he personally serves to friends at home. Luxe accents like black marble tables and glamorous Italian crystal chandeliers from the 60s play well the rustic farm tables and distressed, spackled concrete walls–amazing design insight!

FIKA: A Delish Concoction of Sweden-Meets-New York

Since 2006, FIKA [fee:kah] has been serving New York City its incredible coffees, locally-sourced produce for breakfast and lunch, as well as handmade pastries and sinful chocolates. With several locations throughout Manhattan–including its own chocolate factory in Tribeca–this gourmet concept was founded by Lars Åkerlund whose own “coffee-centric” lifestyle served as inspiration.

FIKA serves breakfast, lunch and, of course, a variety of espresso and coffee beverages which are only brewed with the finest 100% Arabica beans originating in Brazil, El Salvador and Ethiopia. The menu is comprised of fresh finds sourced from nearby farms, while the traditional Swedish baked goodies include pastries, cookies and cakes made by Fine Pastry Chef Maria Östeberg at their on-site bakery on Pearl Street.

May we please discuss the chocolate for a moment? Truffles, candy, spreads and nuts are all lusciously wrapped in decadence by FIKA’s Master Chocolatier Håkan Mårtensson. Imagine chocolate truffles infused with goat cheese, cinnamon tabasco, burnt caramel and cactus lychee to name a few. This gourmet shop goes beyond the basic candy bar and features their signature, hand-crafted skull-shaped chocolates–so sweetly sinister!

To indulge in these mouthwatering treats and delectable foods, one can personally visit a shop or go online where the chocolates, coffees, spreads, butters, and gift tins and packages are available for purchase–no trip to New York City necessary…(although we do like any excuse to go there!)

FIKA caters everything from breakfast to dinner and anything in between. They even offer to rent out their chocolate factory for special events and gatherings. Customized corporate and specialty gifts are also part of their personalized service.

With New York savvy paired with Swedish heritage, FIKA is making its mark in the gourmet world one scrumptious little shop at a time.