Plant the Future

You have been invited to a house warming and don’t know which gift to bring? these cute mini gardens from Plant the Future are sure to help you solve that problem.
Plant the Future is an art and design gallery where the plants are the stars. Terrariums, desert gardens, orchid arrangements, airplants,and a wide variety of cacti are among the items that can be found here. Plant The Future utilizes only live plants (no cut flowers) in its creations, offering a “green” alternative to traditional floral arrangements. Plant the Future, Inc. was founded in 2008 by Paloma Teppa, industrial designer and artist. Paloma’s passion is to fuse art, design and nature, constantly pushing the barrier of her artistic expression through new and innovative creations. The first Plant The Future store opened in 2009 in the Wynwood Art District with new locations opening up in Miami in 2012.

The Art of Staging a Home

I found this post in one of my daily reads a while ago and re-discovered it and just had to share it with you guys.  The images speak for themselves – what a difference staging make! Want to make your own home magazine ready? Add some fresh flowers and food, strewn magazines for a lived-in look and textured throws for interest, and you are almost there.

ChicTip is one year old, here’s a look back at the top 5 articles from our first year on the web

ChicTip is excited to celebrate our one year anniversary. In 12 short months we have provided you with 852 posts, contained within 28 categories with 3,610 tags. You are also a big part of our success, our wonderful community contributed over 2400 comments to our articles.

To celebrate this occasion we wanted to share our top 5 articles, as chosen by our community, based on the amount of views each article received.

It is clear that the community loves the tips and ideas aspect of our posts, as all of our top 5 articles contain ideas, tips and inspiration. Three of the top 5 articles focus on the bedroom or items within the bedroom, which points out the importance of this room to the modern chic designer.

Drum roll please…
In 5th place, representing our Get Inspired category is this gem:

Get Inspired Master Bedroom – These bedrooms are awe inspiring, any of them would suit our editorial team just fine.

4th place sees us staying in the bedroom, and more specifically, in the bed… representing our Design Tips and Ideas Category with wonderful, whimsical, sometimes sexy and always Chic Headboard Ideas

The 3rd placed article takes us to somewhere unexpected… Under the staircase!!!
No, no, we haven’t given up talking Interiors in favor of scary bedtime stories – this article will help you clean up the mess you doubtlessly have brewing beneath your stairs and turn it into a veritable storage-ready delight.

It is only fitting that 2nd place will require us to look up. Up high for Ceiling Design Ideas
It is amazing how easy it is to neglect something like your ceiling. Floors, as we all know, have to maintain their flat shape and feel so we don’t all fall over. With ceilings, pun not intended, the sky is the limit! If you can dream it, why not create it? Obviously you thought so to, judging by the popularity of this article.

Now, for the moment of truth, envelope please…
If you are as good in math as we are in design, you probably figured out the topic of ChicTip’s #1 article, yes, it’s in the bedroom once again. We love this selection, since it represents everything we are building ChicTip to be: a place for inspiration, dialogue and practical interior design guidance. Our staging category aims to provide that for every room in the house, and your favorite was Home Staging – The bedroom with 5 tips for staging the bedroom prior to a house sale in these tough economic times. Staging the bedroom is creating a retreat that anyone can relate to. This means focusing on the paint, bedding and accessories to make a potential buyer feel, well, at home!

That’s it, our top 5 articles from the past 12 months. As we close out ChicTip’s first year on the Internet, we are looking forward to bringing you another year full of tips, inspiration and most importantly, Chic Design.

Home Staging Tips – The Bedroom

We’ve covered other essentials when it comes to staging your home for sale in this challenging economic climate, and this week we’re really getting to the bones of your home – staging the bedroom. This is a place where size really matters. When people move, they’re looking for more space, and the bedroom is no exception.

So how do we achieve this? Some easy tricks to make it seem bigger are key. First off, get rid of the clutter! Not only will this help you with your own impending move, but by eliminating extra lamps, or side tables, you naturally free up space giving the illusion of more room. Get to work on your closets next, storing or packing as much as possible – this will make your closet appear larger.

Next item of business – making your bedroom their bedroom.
Let them see the potential of the room by employing a neutral color of the walls and by sprucing up your bedding with throw pillows or brightly colored blankets. This is luxury we all benefit from! The potential buyer sees a comfortable relaxing bedroom, and you’ve got an excuse to buy new bedding! 

Get out of there! We know you love your family, but maybe move their pictures into your office for a bit. This should be an opportunity for the buyer to see your bedroom as their own, which is pretty hard to do with Auntie Anna staring them down. 

Staging the bedroom more than anything else is creating a retreat that’s relatable to anyone. Luckily in the bedroom you don’t typically need to worry about appliances or the like, so this is about your paint job, your bedding, and picking the choice accessories to make a potential buyer feel, well, at home! 


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Home Staging Tips – The Bathroom

Okay, so you’ve staged your doorway indoors and out – where to go next? That’s up to you, but today we’ve picked the bathroom, having compiled a set of tips to start you off on the right foot.

Clearing off counters, the back of the toilet, the floor, and shelves is a very important part of staging your bathroom. This is true of any bathroom, but when it comes to smaller bathrooms it’s even more crucial as clean surfaces give the illusion of more space.

After you’ve got your surfaces sparkling, don’t neglect your fixtures. If your handles or spigots are outdated, replace them with sleek and modern fixtures. Stay away from brass fixtures — they bring the 1980’s to mind in a big way, and while retro is fun in clothing, it’s a big ‘No’ when it comes to Bathroom fixtures.

Don’t forget those seemingly lux touches, you can look for affordable bathroom decor such as candles, rolled towels, fragrant aromas. For many of us, days at the spa are few and far between. If you can create a spa-like illusion at home in your bathroom, you’ll have something that will really appeal to home buyers. By the same token, upgrade the space – display a new matching towel set and upscale bathroom products – appeal to their sense of aspiration.

As a final touch, don’t forget wild life. Plants add a freshness & softness to bathrooms. Buy healthy bathroom loving plants that are appropriate to the space you have. In larger bathrooms palms can work well, in smaller bathrooms ‘Ivys’ and ‘Peace In The Home’ may work better. Whatever the plant they must remain in tip top condition, dead leaves will have the opposite effect of the one desired.


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Setting the Stage For a Perfect Staging: The Entrance.

The current real estate crisis has many homeowners feeling the pinch. Selling a home, not ever an easy feat to accomplish, can now seem like an impossibility. This does not have to be the case, not if you know how to properly prepare your home, making sure it is completely stage for potential buyers and their agents. It is not uncommon for homeowners to hire professionals to stage their home for them, however staging your home is something you can definitely take care of if you break it down into manageable sections. In fact, at the end, the sell will be that much more rewarding, and who knows – maybe your wallet might be a little heavier.

We’re told to never judge a book by its cover, but let’s face it, sometimes the cover counts, and first impressions are paramount. First Impressions, a concept we’re all familiar with, and it applies to your home. “The outside of your home is the first thing guests see,” says Christopher Breining, owner of HomeStagers, Inc., in San Francisco. And like it or not, the outside speaks volumes about what’s inside — and about its owner. A welcoming entry, helps set the tone for the rest of the house. Don’t neglect the details: potted plants, a clean new welcome mat, these are the first things a buyer’s going to see and they are by far more appealing than a bare entryway. 

In addition to this, Breining suggests a quart of glossy paint in a bold, cheerful color for the front door (we suggest red – a classic but perpetually bold choice.), new hardware (or a little elbow grease) to clean and polish the existing knocker, lockset, porch light, house numbers and mailbox). It can help to view your home as an outsider would. What makes you feel welcome? Cascading pots of ivy? A freshly swept walkway?  Do it! It’s an investment in your home and as such, your future. When looking at your entryway, don’t forget to look down. Is your welcome mat a joke? Chuck it, and invent in a fresh coir or seagrass mat, and a trio of seasonal potted plants on the landing to dramatically brighten and refresh your home’s entry and make visitors feel welcome. 

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