Top Picks: Modern Interior Doors


Petra by Acem

“PETRA” is the name of the new collection created by Brizzi + Riefenstahl Studio.

The language of this new door is simple and straightforward, the styling is extremely clean, and the material used – wood – is proposed in truly unprecedented combinations: wood is mated to cement finishes and the colour scheme relies on brilliant, translucent hues. Finally, the conceptual idea behind the new models is aptly conveyed by the name of the collection: “Petra, inspired by the past and looking to the future”, an approach that is fully consistent with the start of the second half century of life of Acem.

Losa Ghini Collection

These artful modern styled doors will liven up even the most boring spaces. 

Planar by Tre-P Tre-Piu

Planar, thanks to the perfect coplanarity “at millimeter”, can easily match with the new processing Scultura and, as a modern paint, it is still more elegant when it is without frame.

Tekno by Foa Porte