World map wallpaper


What a gorgeous collection of wall map wallpapers from Murals Wallpaper that can fit any room in the house (just think how cool it will look in you powder room).

Murals Wallpaper has always had the desire to help you put your home décor on the map, and now they can with one of their wonderful World Map wall mural ideas! Whether you’re interested in world travel, have wanderlust, are a keen geographer or simply love their beautiful aesthetic there’s a world map to suit each taste and every interior need.

Murals Wallpaper’s World Map collection takes in vintage and antiquated styles, gorgeous children’s map ideas and classic atlas designs that are all full of minute detail and superb colour to brighten up your home with a feature wall that is as engaging as it is unique.

Their extensive World Map collection is available through the Murals Wallpaper website, and your favourite design can be tailored to your exact specifications to create a beautifully bespoke piece that will fit your chosen wall perfectly.

Pictures via Murals wallpaper blog.


Ultrawood Eco-Friendly Wall Décor

Rebel of styles is very delighted to introduce its newest eco-friendly wall décor product: ULTRAWOOD.

Ever dreamed of a Aspen or Alps chalet style in your house? Then choose for Ultra Wood 3d wall panel. It creates a warm, relax, harmonic, and authentic look in your house.

Ultra wood is made of highest quality of European beech wood and it’s made of 100% natural materials. The 3d panels have a smooth and sleek surface, so no more splinters.
Furthermore, these amazing panels offer so much more; it adapts to its natural situation and it’s creates pleasant warmth, rich and a cosy atmosphere.
A pleasant detail is, it only weights 4.2 kilos per square meter and the installation of these 3d panels is very user friendly.
Therefor already recommended and used by various international well-known architects, designers and remodelers.

Ultra Wood is suitable for almost every wall surface. It will be an original, extraordinary and authentic focal point.
Beside the various patterns in the panel, it will also create a natural shadow & light effect and blend in with the various interior colours.

So, for an authentic, relaxing and original look at home, or even better summarised: Get the chalet Aspen or Alps style in your house.
Ultra wood is the best and unique option out there. It is everything but ordinary!


Custom Decals Dazzle GoGo squeeZ’s NYC HQ

When Luca Andrisani Architects were tasked into turning the new 8,380 square ft. offices of GoGo squeeZ, known for their on-the-go nutritious pouches of fruit & veggies for families, into a modern, lively office playground for its employees, the firm approached web-based printer Signazon in order to complete the space’s aesthetic. After installing glass enclosed conference areas, created for audible privacy while maintaining an enjoyable view of the city landscape, the design team applied custom decals from

The result is a translucent, circled green and fuchsia pattern that gives the illusion of pixilation, or even cherry blossom trees, while allowing natural light to penetrate through and keep the office upbeat.

Considering the exposed layout of the office, the custom vinyl decals allow for creative privacy yet still invite open cohesiveness for GoGo squeeze team members wanting to create ideas and inspire ingenuity in a fun, attractive environment.

These detached “pods,” as GoGo squeeze calls them, also allow views through the glass and out to New York City’s vast urban landscape.

Often overlooked, glass decals can provide the perfect final touch to your home or office design. Cost effective, easy to install, and versatile, decals can turn your space into a gorgeous oasis.

Sissy + Marley New Wallpaper Collection

I fall in love with this beautiful animal print wallpaper collection by Sissy + Marley, it super cute in a kids bedroom or a tiny place like a powder room.


Resin Animal Heads by WFT

Have you always wanted to mount a wild animal head on your wall for a decorative effect? Of course you have, it makes for great ambiance and speaks volumes about your aesthetic taste and courage.

Resin animal heads do not have any actual animal parts. Rather, they are handcrafted artistic pieces that are made to look like animal head mounts. These modernistic taxidermy specimens do not involve a carcass. How are they made, considering that no animal was harmed in the making of these head mounts?

These mounts are crafted using detailed photos and measurements of an animal. (Sometimes the animal is stored and then released after measuring and photography; sometimes the creator simply acquires the photos and specifications). From that point, the faux taxidermist creates a resin or fiberglass sculpture of the chosen animal, whether that is a deer, a bear or an elephant.

Yes, these fake animal heads are quite trendy today, as they add a lot to an interior design and can enhance space in a room. They are also excellent conversational pieces and “show stoppers.” Ceramic taxidermy is actually very popular today, and all the more so since crafters are capable of making anything. Not just bears or elephants, but even strange creatures like dinosaurs, unicorns and even mermaids for the truly adventurous.

Geometric Wallpaper by Rachel Parker

Rachel Parker’s work explores digital print and hand embroidery combining the flexibility and immediacy of print with the slow simplicity of stitching by hand. Cross-stitching, grids and symbols are big influences in her work; she paints, draws and photoshops, but most of all she stitches. A graduate of Norwich University of the Arts Rachel describes her creative process as ‘Digital Craft’, combining the handmade with digital technology and describes her designs as “geometrics with a difference”.

This wallpaper created for CAMAC’s 2012 Design Competition. Inspired by the formalised structure found in the work of renowned architect and designer Augustus Pugin, designs for this collection were built from contrasting areas of flat colour, crafted together through a form of digital collage. Pattern is organised into architectural shapes that cut through the wallpaper. I was awarded two work placements; one with prestigious design studio Zoffany, and one with CAMAC Design to assist with the competition in 2013, one year on.

Bee Apis : Faceted Wood Tiles for Wall Decor

Bee Apis by Spanish design studio Monoculo, are beautiful wood tiles, 100% handmade & eco-friendly designed to decorate your walls. The facetted tiles are one of a kind and that make every composition unique. You can choose between cedar or beechwood.

You can fix them with double face adhesive tape (included) or mounting adhesive for a better fixation.