Kids Bean Bags

Universal fact: kids love leaping into piles of leaves. Something about the sight of a pile of brown, red, and yellow leaves sends kids into a frenzy of energy that begins with a run, builds to a flying leap, and ends with a cushioned collapse, leaves exploding everywhere. Even reading the previous sentence may bring a child into a sudden urge to leap onto something reminiscent of a pile of leaves. Unfortunately for parents, most of today’s rigid furniture doesn’t allow kids to burn off energy with such entertaining leaps.
But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With bean bag chairs for kids’ rooms, no child has to be left without a landing pad for their attempts to beat gravity. Plus, there are countless types of bean bag chairs to choose from, so you always have one that works best for your specific needs.

Nylon Bean Bag Chairs: Let’s be honest for a minute: kids can be messy. They drop food, spill drinks, track mud in from the outside – it can seem like a never-ending battle against the muck. With nylon bean bag chairs, though, cleaning up after a child is a breeze, because the bean bag chair’s nylon cover protects against wear and some stains, and it’s durable enough to withstand numerous energetic leaps. And with so many colors to choose from – warm beige, fuchsia, magenta, indigo, white, brown, and many more – you can easily pick the color that complements the kids room’s existing aesthetic.
Plaid Bean Bag Chairs: Kids rooms are reflective of a child’s personality, and not all kids want to fall into the “solid color” category. Instead, some feel that plaid-colored bean bag chairs work best for representing their personality. Why? Well, plaid’s a complicated image. It can represent the casual urbanite or the rugged lumberjack, the sophisticated engineer or the inquisitive artist, all perfect archetypes for kids to imitate. Now, simply having plaid bean bag chairs for kids rooms doesn’t mean the child will grow up to become a successful urbanite or an intelligent engineer – but it doesn’t hurt, either. Best not to take any chances.
Faux Leather Bean Bag Chairs: All right, now we’re moving into the longevity territory for bean bag chairs. Let me explain: a young child may now love the eye-blinding color of sunset pink, but come their teenage years, they may think differently – so differently, in fact, that they may want to get rid of the bean bag chair. You don’t get that with the faux leather variant, because faux leather is sophisticated and classy, perfect for both children and teenagers. Plus, the earthy colors balance out any room. And like the nylon, these too are easy to clean.
Teardrop Bean Bag Chairs: Okay okay, we’ve talked about the different kinds of covers for bean bag chairs, but let’s actually talk about the shape of the chair. When imagining a bean bag chair, most individuals imagine them as the typical bag variant, just a big lump with an indentation from where the last sitter sat. But teardrop bean bag chairs are shaped somewhat like a banana, with an upwardly slanted back that supports as much as it comforts. It’s the epitome of relaxation, honestly.
Limited Edition Bean Bag Chairs: Lastly, there’s the special limited edition bean bag chairs for kids rooms that require an extra touch of uniqueness. These chairs come with patterns exclusive to the retailer, giving your child’s room a piece of flair found nowhere else. It’s highly, highly recommended that you check out the limited edition bean bag chairs before making a final purchase.
Whether you’re a parent or a pursuer of all things entertaining for your child, bean bag chairs for kids rooms are absolutely necessary. They’re comfortable, affordable, designed to match your child’s personality, and – best of all – replicate the childish excitement that comes from leaping onto a leaf pile. Your child will love it.

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