Luxury children’s boutique, Bambini by Denis Koustic – Vienna

Frivolous fun is to be had by both children and their parents at Vienna’s luxe kids’ shop, Bambini by Denis Kosutic for MB Fashion Gmbh. The design inspiration for this modern store interior was Wizard of Oz-meets-Alice in Wonderland. This 3,875 square foot mecca for minis is a dreamlike place where whimsy meets serious fashion with children’s collections from Armani, Fendi, Gucci, La Perla, Missoni and Cavalli to name a fabulous few.

The intention of Kosutic, who collaborated with Marieke Kuchenbecker and Carina Habert, was to create a fashion boutique which would “allow adults to be kids and kids to be adults.” The multi-tiered interiors are drenched in a monochromatic backdrop of grey, black and white, including floral wall designs, displays, drawers and drapery. The fanciful space enlivens with pleasant pops of color making appearances throughout the customized furnishings–think purple sugarplums, yellow bananas and bright red mushrooms. Nooks throughout the store feature stuffed bears big and small, while fruit-shaped mirrors along walls add sweet charm.

Gleaming copper wardrobe and pint-sized mannequin “cages”, as well as staircase railings, play a joyful juxtaposition to the velvety carpeting which swirls and dots with delight in a sea of grey. Floor-to-ceiling lighting fixtures shaped like pillars glow from within these circular copper creations, while a magnitude of spotlights showcase the designer clothing collections splendidly.

A alcove of shoes replete with built-in cubby displays and plush cylindrical seating also features a frieze of lollipops, pears, mushrooms and flowers all in smoky neutrals, allowing the imagination to add splashes of color.

A visit to Bambini will not only add fabulous finds to a posh tot’s wardrobe, but will become a visual adventure of spectacular, contemporary store design.

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