Mood Board for Maya’s Room

Inspiration Board

(1. Round Flokati Rug , 2. Plastic molded rocking chair , 3. Pillow – Jonathan Adler , 4. Crib (my son’s crib) , 5. Digital Art by MissTiina , 6. Wall Decals , 7. FL/Y Lamp Kartell , 8. LouLouThi Fabric)

It seemed like last year was a Baby Boom year for many of the leading sites and blogs in the Architecture, Interior Design and general design arenas, and I was no exception with the arrival of an adorable baby girl named Maya late in 2011.

To share the occasion with our audience, ChicTip partnered with several leading product makers and suppliers to undertake remodeling what was a convenient Bedroom-level Laundry room; converting it into a nursery for our bundle of joy. The Laundry room, for reference, has been relegated to the basement.

All room designs have their point of inspiration and Maya’s soon-to-be-Nursery was no exception, with the inspiration for her room coming from a wonderful piece of fabric that I serendipitously found one day while browsing in the fabulous Rock Paper Scissors store in my hometown of Montclair, NJ, just a few miles drive outside of New York City. The fabric immediately caught my eye and “voila!”; I had determined the color scheme and the mood of the room, with a whimsical blend of style, warmth and color that gave the cheerful and welcoming feel required for a baby’s room.

Now, living in a home over 100 years in age, we are still in the process of installing new floors, as well as coaxing the baseboard, crown moldings, paint, etc. into working with walls and floors that can barely boast a right angle among them, but I thought we would provide a glimpse of what I had in mind in terms of the Baby Room design. Time and patience willing, we will complete Maya’s Nursery in the next couple of weeks and I will be able to showcase the end result here on

As well as the initial design / mood board, there is also a ‘before’ picture of our old Laundry Room. I have shown this to provide some thought-provoking inspiration for others, as the room is quite small at only 9’X10′ and thus brought with it a number of challenges. It’s easy designing when you have large, light-filled rooms on TV Design shows, so to have a ‘real’ room, in a real home, with real challenges, is far more useful to most people looking for ideas and inspiration than showroom-styled rooms that would look good with almost any design elements added in.

So, wish me luck with the sewing machine (I’ll be making the curtains myself from the fabric, as being a mother first and Interior Designer second, I wanted to ensure there are as many ‘personal touches’ in the room as possible), paint, caulk and filler and I’ll keep you posted as we turn this Baby Room from design to reality. I hope you enjoy the design I’ve put together for this Nursery / Baby Room and let me know what you think!

Special ‘thank you’ to the following partners for sponsoring products to our new nursery : YLiving, Evinco Design, SmileyWalls






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