10 Mid Century Modern Decorating Ideas For Your Bedroom

Since Mad Men burst onto our screens the mid-century style, like the hourglass shape is making a comeback. Here are some tips that will add a touch of retro charm to your home without going overboard.

Shape – Think Curvaceous

Like the pin up of the day Marilyn Monroe, this is an era all about shapes and curves. Banish any square thoughts, and replace with the famous ‘egg’ chair. This furniture created by Danish designer, Arne Jacobsen, is the unique contrast between hard utilitarian edges and soft curves that give the egg its distinct shape. They have seen a revival in recent years, as they make great statement pieces and add touch of the retro vibe in your bedroom without being too over the top.

The Studio Couch 

The studio couch wasn’t introduced until the late 1950’s; its revolutionary design put comfort first. Multifunctional design, this piece of furniture can be used as a sofa and also double up as a single guest bed.

Paint A Rainbow/Paint It Black

Think muted when choosing colours to create the mid-century look. There are lots of cool, pale colour ways to create this style in your bedroom; this earthy warm palette includes dusty greens, dirty yellows, strong blues, black, white and rust. There are lots of cool, pale colour ways in this look. These colours are beautiful with all that well-oiled wooden furniture.

Think Warm Wood 

Woody tones are an essential part of this look. Wood can be used extensively by either panelling your whole bedroom or more sparsely through a stylish wooden headboard. By choosing an inexpensive wood you can stain it yourself to suit your scheme to recreate that classic 1950’s look.

Choose A Fun Graphic Print

Graphic prints were used heavily in this era from movie posters to clothes. You can use graphic prints almost anywhere in your home, from a statement wall in your master bedroom, to the tiles in your bathroom or a café tabletop for your kitchen. Graphic designs are used to create a fun looking room.

Add A Painting Or Print

A piece of art or a painting can not only add to a bedroom look but can cement it too. Buying the right piece is therefore essential. For the mid-century modern look you could take a graphic print and turn it into piece of artwork by placing it either on your walls or on your bedroom furniture. This is a great way to experiment with the prints before you create your statement wall.

Nature Inspired Fabric Prints 

Nature inspired motifs and prints are a great way to add a splash of mid-century style to your bedroom. Using bigger and bolder patterns is the best to capture the essence of this classic look. Buying a rug, cushions or daringly upholstering a modular arm chair or a headboard is just the tip of the iceberg for this versatile graphic print.

Showcase Your Quirky Finds

It’s the small quirky vintage items displayed around your room that will cement the mid-century modern style. Go to antique markets, vintage fairs or even car boot sales to get your vintage finds. You can even create a shelf display dedicated just to them.

Choose A Bold Carpet

Having a statement carpet is just as effective as a statement wall to create this fantastic style. Have neutral to really let the carpet speak for itself. If you just want a splash of bold design why not try a rug on neutral floor.

Clear the Clutter

As with most styles, they look best with no clutter. The mid-century modern look is no different. Keep your bedroom simple and unfussy; let the warm wood, graphic prints, shapely furniture, bold foliage designs and colour palettes do the talking.

About the guest author

Nicolas is a home furniture enthusiast and is happy to share her decoration ideas with the community of interior design lovers. She writes on behalf of Wedo Bedroom Furniture, a brand new online bedroom furniture shop.





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