An Easy Guide to Modern Bedroom Décor.

Designed by CWB Architects

Redesigning the bedroom to give it a modern feel does not have to be a costly project. It is important to create a space which is inviting, comfortable and in which you want to relax in. Simple, modern style is easily achieved.

Bed Options. 

A bed is the centre piece of a bedroom. A chic, contemporary bed can be the focal point for modern decoration with the whole room revolving around it.

Beds are versatile possessing numerous options for stylish decoration. By piling on pillows and cushions and mixing up different, daring colourful designs, a bedroom can be transformed. From there; wall paper, bed linen, curtains and furniture jazz up the room further.

A fresh feel in a bedroom is easily achieved. Fresh tones of floral wall paper, floral throws or colourful cushions create a light, crisp feel. Yellow, white and grey tones look great together balancing out bold designs with subtle tones.

Bold stripes of colour create a modern feel in a bedroom. This can be achieved by inserting wooden boarding alternating it with colour or painting the walls in different, bright colours. This combines perfectly with utility looking furniture creating a contemporary edge.

Subtle neutral tones and soft fabrics create an inviting, minimalist style that goes perfectly with a leather bed.

Shelving above the bed creates a homely feel and takes away from lines that may dominate the room. A bed with storage underneath also means the bedroom is de-cluttered. This is essential in the creation of a relaxing, minimalist space. An arty head board could be the main feature of the bed or a simple light-toned bedroom creating drama and space.

Décor Options.

Graphics are easy, modern wall-space fillers; they also go really well with utility furniture. Chunks of bold colour create contrast and impact. Textures also do a great deal in modernizing a bedroom. Velvet or silk bedspreads and textured wall paper all add a feeling of opulence to a bedroom converting it into a luxurious haven.

Small adjustments add a greater sensation of air and space. Paint the ceiling and walls in light tones. These tones go with any style of decoration and make the room appear to have more light. Spotlights on the walls facing upwards add to the height of the room.

Accessories Options.

Whether you have floor boards or carpet; rugs add warmth and a homely feel but can also be a stylish accessory. Curtains reflect the tone of the room adding warmth, colour and style.  The windows are an essential feature. Try to emphasise the amount of light that comes into the room and match the curtains with chosen colour schemes.  Stylish lamps with modern shapes and patterns or custom furniture create a collected yet lived-in feel.

Creating a warm and inviting bedroom with modern touches is simple, stress-free and fun. Keep colours and themes consistent.


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