Dreamy Bedrooms

The bedroom is the most important room in the house. Spending an average of eight hours a night sleeping, why not treat the bedroom to a makeover to start the New Year with a smile!
A personal retreat away from the rest of the hustle and bustle of the home, here are some suggestions on how to create an oasis of calm and comfort in the bedroom layout:

Firstly, de-clutter! A messy room is not the greatest place for relaxing after a busy day. Plus having to navigate through piles of clothes, books and various other items will only make this an added source of stress.

Keep the budget low: storage boxes can be bought for a few pounds and stacked together to make some floor space can transform the room in minutes! Storing clothes away that won’t be needed at the end of each season makes more wardrobe space and saves having to wade through piles of clothes to find a pair of jeans.

The more minimalistic the bedroom, the easier it makes to clean. Dust always builds up quicker during the winter months, so keep housework to a minimum by having a clear layout in the bedroom.

Choose a mellow, cool colour for the walls. Pastel shades of blues and pinks are relaxing and dreamy without being overpowering. For bold colours, consider a bright yellow or a warm orange on just one wall, leaving the other walls a more gentle shade to neutralise the ambience.

For tranquil and dreamy sleeps, pay particular attention to the finer details of the bed! If the bed frame is falling apart or the legs are lopsided it will quickly disturb your sleep. Missing wooden slats on the base of the bed will also disrupt the contour flow of the mattress, so it may be time to invest in a new bed if feels like it is anything but level and well supported.

To keep the room looking and feeling light, consider a metal-framed bed. These lighter framed beds are easier to move around and a bed with legs as opposed to a divan, will allow a few storage boxes underneath it too.

If the bed frame is not old or worn, test out some key points with the mattress. Have any uncomfortable lumps and bumps appeared in the mattress? Has it become less supportive and not as springy as it once was? If so, it may be time for a new one. The time spent asleep should reinvigorate us, and our bodies need to be fully supported. A cheaper mattress can be detrimental to health needs in the long run. There is a huge array of mattresses and beds available online, including at bedstardirect where full information and visual angles are available for inspection and inspirational ideas.

Finally: pay attention to lighting. A bright light is necessary for getting ready during dark winter mornings, but it won’t be pleasant to read by in bed on a night. Choose a bedside light with a low watt bulb, enough to see by but not enough to keep you awake. Generally nightlights are 15watts and a good main light should have a 60watt bulb. Lighting can quickly transform the bedroom into a place where dreams are made.

Just a few changes can make a big difference to the bedroom and quality of sleep. It is easy to have a room that looks dreamy as well as having a bed that is welcoming and rewarding after a long hard day at work. You’ve earned it!

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