Get Inspired : 10 Cool Playrooms

Source : TikTock2U

My son just turned 4 and we decided it was time to convert our guestroom to a cool playroom. Designing  an inspiring and joyous playroom is a fun home decor project. A well designed playroom offers ample storage space for games, toys and books. As well as incorporating areas for creative play, artwork and relaxation. I found these inspiration photos on the net and thought they would make you smile..

Designed by Cherie Zucker

Designed by Coburn Architecture and Interiors

Designed by Elliott Kaufman

Designed by Judith Balis

Designed by Mimolimit

Designed by Sarit Shani-Hay

Designed by Eisner Design

Designed by Montalba Architects

Sorce - Southern Living

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  • Sylvia Huebbe
    January 28, 2012

    I like your designs very much, but miss a list of suppliers for each room design so I can purchase items featured, i.e. the storage unit in Judith Balls’ playroom.

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