Get Inspired : 10 Gorgeous Fireplace Wall Design Ideas

Designed by J. Weiss Design

Many modern homes feature fireplaces in the family room, living room and sometimes even in the bedroom (I want one too!). Contemporary homes, which range from comfortable, high-end designs to sleek, streamlined designs, typically have contemporary fireplaces as well. If you are planning a remodel or are designing your dream contemporary home, you’ll have many types of fireplace mantels and designs to choose from. Here are some  eye candies to get inspired from.

Source - Joe Fletcher Photography

Source – Spark Fires website

Source - Rocal

Source - Modus

Designed by Garret Cord Werner

Designed by Murdock Young Associates

Designed by Sculp(IT) Architecten

Designed by John Maniscalco Architecture

Designed by John Lum Architecture

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  • Fireside Sets
    June 16, 2011

    From the many different fireplace ideas you should first see where in the room you will want to have a fireplace. There are quite a lot of people who prefer the idea of a fireplace being the focal point of a room. For these individuals the fireplace will need to be large, decorated quite tastefully and it will sit in the middle section of one wall face. You will also discover that there are some people who like the idea of a corner fireplace.

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