How to Make Moooi’s Random Pendant Light For a Fraction of the Cost

Pendant lights are one of the most popular illumination options.   These modern style chandeliers give a room an instant air of sophistication, due to their versatility and contemporary aesthetic.  Moooi,  the avant-garde Dutch design firm, creates one of the most celebrated styles in this type of lighting, with their gorgeous Random pendant lamp. Well on its way to becoming a classic, Random is formed from resin drained yarn that has been coiled around an inflatable mold, creating a translucent globe of fabric. Gorgeous but pricey, the Random light by Moooi can set you back six or seven hundred dollars.

If you’ve ever lusted over this ingenious chandelier, but found the cost to be a bit off putting, #5) has a solution for you. Led by assistant design editor Kathryn Bala, they offer, step-by step, a simple to follow do it yourself instructional video to create your own custom “Moooi style” light. Bala demonstrates how to make the funky, “Do It Yourself” pendant light, using yarn, string or ribbon.   Customize the size, shape and color to suit your space using simple, inexpensive products which you most likely already have lying around the house.

Check it out and you can create a one of kind pendant light for a fraction of the cost.

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