Design Tip: Installation of Window Blinds Made Easy

If you want to jazz up the interiors of your home, the easiest way would be to use window blinds. The following are steps you can follow to install the blinds easily.

Decide where to Place the Blinds

The first thing you need to decide is the placement either inside or outside the window but usually this depends on your preference. You should decide if the blinds will fit between the edges of the frame and cover the glass or the entire window up to the outer edges.

Frame Measurement

The window frame should then be measured accurately both vertically and horizontally so you will know the size of the blinds you are going to buy. The measurement will determine the length and width of the new blinds so it fit the windows perfectly.

Pick Blinds and Sized

As soon as you choose the blinds you want, get the store personnel to cut them into the right size required.

Read Instructions for Installation

When you buy blinds, manufacturer’s instructions are usually included in the package so you should read this manual before you can actually install the product.

Mark the Frame

Your blinds will have end brackets – which will anchor the edges of the head rail. Make a mark on the frame where the brackets are supposed to be and ensure they are evenly spaced either on the sides of frame or on the face of the window.

Support Brackets should be marked

Keep the line on your frame marks and point the market on the support brackets’ location. The number of brackets depends on the length of the blind.

Make Holes

As soon as the marks are ready, hold the brackets up the frame so you will know where the screws should be. Once you have them marked up as well, get your electric drill and make holes so you can attach the brackets in place.

Installation of Brackets

Once the guide holes are setup, screw one bracket manually and make sure that they are well-aligned so the blinds will work well later on.

Install the Blinds

Referring back to the user’s manual, install the blinds properly but in many cases this is done by inserting the side of the head rail into the right bracket and snapping it close.

Attach the Tilt Wand

The tilt wand is included in the package, which usually has tiny hooks that will easily latch into the head rail so you can close and open the blinds easily.

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