Radiators – Beauty In Disguise

Nobody looks at untreated radiator and thinks, “That, my friends, is a truly glorious sight.” But how do you cover up such an eyesore without seeming obvious? Put a plant in front of it? Not likely – with all the heat those things generate even the heartiest ivy will probably fade away. Less canny options  - how about standing in front of it while entertaining? Warm bum aside, your guests are bound to notice something is amiss.

While prowling our resources for ways to help you out of this predicament, we couldn’t help but notice a thrilling trend – radiator covers so good at what they do they become the focal point of the room. Like any good piece of furniture you’ll be aching to show these wonders off.

Some of our examples seemed Zen-like in feel with bamboo-esque coverings making the rooms feel more like a retreat than ever! In some children’s rooms, these covers are actually adapted to provide shelf space for books and toys – tres chic! With proper insulation of course, you’ve got the foundation for the window seat you’ve always craved! They key, as always, is an open mind. With that, and a little hard work, every challenge becomes a possibility! 


  • karima
    August 30, 2009

    wow. those are all gorgeous. where did you find all of these?

  • Geraldine
    September 15, 2010

    Hi Those are beautiful. The only radiator covers I found that I like are at Fichman Furniture. Where are these radiator cabinets from?

    I just like the white decorative covers and I don’t want to go to home depot and make our own. I would love to buy from Fichman and the prices seem good.

    Are those ones wooden or metal? Thanks.

  • Nick
    March 26, 2011

    The first one looks great, but very expensive! Looks professionally crafted and installed IMHO.

  • Marisa Farmer
    August 23, 2011

    Thanks for the photos and the fichman recommendation for radiator covers – they’re lovely!

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